Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm Back! A December Review...with pictures.

Oh friends, as I sit here typing I look back at the past month and wonder where it went. I think this has been the busiest December EVER. And even though there were a few lows, some lessons learned along the way, I LOVED IT! My only regret is that I haven't had much free time over the past few weeks. Therefore I know all of you thought I was lost, but never fear, I was not lost just too busy to type. Hopefully I can make up for that today...
Let me back up to Thanksgiving... I went to my parent's for the turkey holiday. Had a beautiful time with the family I adore and love. I went shopping on "BLACK FRIDAY" with my sister, which I still think deserves a whole post of it's own. I will have to do that one day soon. Anyway, just know that the holiday race started there, with my energy tank starting out on "empty." We had fun, but oh was I ever tired later.
Life at the parent's house is always an adventure, especially with these cuties all together under one roof. Poor Kayla is slightly outnumbered. We make up for it, treating her like a young adult and the "princess" of the house.

I took the opportunity to take pictures of my kiddos while at my parent's house for the Christmas cards. This is what I ended up with...

When taking this picture, Kayla had just whined about wanting a sister so they could take cute pictures... I think this one is pretty funny and cute.

The Christmas card pose.
My little man.

My baby girl.
The kids with their "Pooh-pa" and "Grammy." (My parents.)

The first weekend in December is our annual fundraiser for what us Southern Baptists refer to as our Lottie Moon Christmas offering. All offerings collected during the night go to missions. This year we had a Mexican theme. We even had a mariachi band come and play during the meal. After the meal we had two missionary "guests." William Carey and Lottie Moon herself came for a visit and to tell their stories. If you look real close, you might see the uncanny resemblance to my parents. (wink. wink.)

The next week would be practices to get ready for the Christmas musical at church (sorry, no pictures), school events, the Christmas dance at school AND the Christmas tea. This year I was one of the moms in charge of an annual Christmas party held for girl's in Kayla's class at school. It started as a few moms and their daughters getting together when the girls were five. There were about ten of them at the time. Nine years later the group of girls has grown to almost forty names and the moms take turns hosting. This was my year. We ended up having a blast and pulled the event off, but this was a learning experience for me. I will have to tell you about it one day soon, but for now here are a few fun pictures from the day.

The kids before the Christmas dance. I wanted to cry when i dropped them off. This was not Kayla's first dance, but it was Jordan's. Something about dropping my "baby" off... Am I ready for all of this?!!!

I was in charge of the chocolate fountain at the tea. It did not want to work right. I kept having to thin it up. Although it was "clumpy" at times, the girls said it still tasted "yummy."
Kayla had no problem with "clean up" duty on the fountain. :)

The girls that came. Aren't they pretty?

These cans were a project that Kayla and I gave the girls at the party. Each bucket was personalized with the names of all the girls. Inside was candy and notes from the girls that hosted this year. The girls were then encouraged to write notes to each other. They loved it. I need to take a moment and thank my sister and my dad for helping us during the Thanksgiving holiday with this project. They turned out CUTE!

The next week was full of basketball (no pictures of Jordan YET!), work, Christmas parties (I went to FIVE in December!), school programs and Papa's birthday.

Papa (my father-in-law) turned 79 on the 16th. We went over that night to take him a cake and a few goodies. He is plugging along. He has some good days and some bad days. Chemo does that to a person. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. These pictures were taken on his birthday.

Finally, Christmas arrived. Here are a few Christmas memories...

Kayla's favorite cartoon character when she was little was Minnie Mouse. She had a doll that was a favorite for a very long time. This year we teased her about reverting back to her younger days, for she Loves Minnie Mouse again. I got her these pjs.

Jordan got an ipod.

Me trying to get a Christmas kiss from my little man.

Kayla with her cousin.

Kevin with his mom and brother.
The Monday after Christmas we headed to my parent's house for a late Christmas celebration.

Monday night we opened gifts and I got exactly what I asked "Santa" for, a painting. I have always wanted a painting painted by my dad. I asked and received. Thanks dad!!!

My parents with all their grand kids...
Well, I guess I had better wrap up this review, not because I want to, but because we have a New Year's Eve youth event to go to tonight. The fun of December is still not quite over. This month has been jam packed with "stuff," but at the end of the day, that "stuff" just serves as a reminder of how blessed we are. Freedom to come and go, enjoy family and friends and most of all celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world. Yes, friends, we are blessed.

I pray you and yours had a beautiful holiday celebrating the "REAL" reason for the season.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't Give Up On Me!!!

Oh friends, how I have missed chatting and reading what is going on in your lives. But my life has been CRAZY the past few weeks. Don't give up on me please. I will be back next week with stories to tell, my second part of my Thanksgiving ADVENTURE and lots of pictures.

Hope you are all well.