Sunday, September 25, 2011

Band, Band and more BAND!!!

You might get tired of the band pictures, but that is where I am in life right now...smack dab in the middle of band season. Kayla is in high school band this year. It is exciting, fun, hard and stressful. The roller coaster of emotions that band is causing my baby girl this year, is certainly keeping this mom on her toes. Her brother, who is in seventh grade, is in advanced band, which means he plays trumpet at the junior high games with the 8th grade. I have had to work concession stand the two games he played, but I will have to get pictures of him soon. Any given night, you can hear the music of "Bon Jovi" (high school band music) coming from the living room and "Thriller" (junior high music) coming from the kitchen. CRAZY!!! From working concession stand, to watching football, to listening to the halftime shows, we are wrapped up in the football/band season. Hating and loving every minute of it at the same time!!! :)

Here are some pictures of my sweet girl playing at the game Friday night...

Till next week...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's a Parade!!!

My little girl marched in her first parade as a member of the high school band. She was so nervous. However, she did a great job. The Fair was in town, so of course in the south, you have to have a parade. The family all showed up to watch our blonde headed flute player.

Dad is all smiles.
Her brother looks really happy to be there, doesn't he? :)

Way to go, Kay!!! Mom and Dad are proud of you!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Other Football...

I went to high school in Asia at an International School. We did not have American football. Soccer was our football. I guess because I grew up watching it, I love watching my kids enjoy the sport. They have both been playing since they were very little. Although Kayla will tell you she is getting slower the older she gets and they both have had their good and bad years at playing the sport, they both LOVE it.
They are both on the same team this year.

Today was their first game and they won...

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Need Assistance on checkout lane #5...

I was unloading my cart at Wally World, ready for the cashier to scan my two boxes of light bulbs, case of waters, six pack of toilet paper and my jug of milk, not thinking of anything in particular... it was just another day. Only, when I went to pay, the machine refused my debit card. I didn't panic, for I had had trouble at this store before with this card swiping and I knew beyond a shadow of doubt there was money in the bank...

I swiped the card again.


I said "try it as a credit card."


I asked the lady if she would wait just a minute for me to go to the ATM around the corner.

The ATM refused my card.

"SAY WHAT???!!!"

I paid with a credit card, totally embarrassed and left quickly. I was on my lunch break, so I didn't have much time. I hurried home, pulled up my account online and discovered I HAD THE MONEY!!! Makes me want to go back to Wally World and yell at the top of my voice; "I HAD THE MONEY, People! IT IS NOT MY FAULT!" Don't you hate the looks people give when something goes wrong at checkout?

I called the bank.

Someone stole my debit card number.

Someone tried to charge 20.00 to my debit card, but the bank caught it (how I don't know!!!) and put a hold on the card. (Thanks for letting me know, friends at the bank.)

So, I am debit card free for a while. I didn't realize until today how much I depend on one little card. Scary. (There is probably a lesson in all of this, isn't there, Lord?)

I am thankful the bank caught it before they withdrew my thousands... (HA! HA!) Actually, when the frustration over not having a debit card subsided and my anger at the big mean person who did this to me (Why me?) wilted away, I did have to thank the Lord for looking out for me. It could have been much worse.

The bank says it has been a problem lately, not just with my bank or my little town. So dear friends, the next time your card doesn't go through and the old man in line grumbles behind you, you might want to check with your bank. The "BIG MEANY" might have struck the card in your wallet. I am told it can really happen to anyone, these days, no matter how cautious you are.

Alright, You Big Meany, whoever you are, I am going to say a pray for you tonight... Wouldn't want you to lose any sleep over all of this. But really, I would have handed you the twenty if you had just asked.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Closet Cleanup...

OK, before you turn my name into the show "Hoarders Buried Alive," I have a reason for my mess. Or do I? I have been busy. My family uses my space too. The thought of buying new clothes sounded so much more appealing than cleaning... :)

Actually, I have no excuse. It simply got out of hand and as you know, one small pile ends up growing on it's own until you have one HUGE mess.

I finally couldn't handle the mess anymore. So while Kayla was spending the day with a friend and the guys were out at the camp, I labored on Labor Day.

I worked all afternoon on my dressing room and closet. Although still not perfect, I think it looks 100% better than it did. Of course the room needs a paint job, the old wallpaper is dated and I hate the doors on the closet, but at least now I can find my favorite pair of shoes and my jacket when cooler weather ever decides to show up.

Most of all, it is just a space full of all the things I love. To some it might still look a little cluttered, but I love having all my pictures and keepsakes close by, mixed in with the hairspray and makeup.

This is BEFORE...
(Remember, don't judge!)

(Just celebrate with me!)

(Scripture on the mirror starts the day with me. if you look closely you can see me taking the picture.)

(Pictures remind me to pray for loved ones or treasure happy memories.)

(I found this while cleaning... a note from Kayla, written in the fifth grade. This one is a keeper. Might have to find a frame.)

OK, one room organized. Now I just have several more to go, plus a few closets. Can we have Labor Day every weekend? :)

Hope you had a beautiful day!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Grandma's dress...

My daughter has ALWAYS "beat to her own drum" when it comes to fashion. She does NOT like wearing the same Aeropostale shirt that everyone else has. And although she does wear the occasional pair of American Eagle jeans or a cute t-shirt from Old Navy, she LOVES going to thrift stores, shopping on ebay and anywhere else she can find something a little different, maybe a little retro or vintage.

This summer, her and my niece decided my Mother-in-law's closet was the place to shop. Number one, it was free. Number two, her closet was crammed full of old outfits and styles that have made it back around once more.

One of Kayla's favorites is what I call "The Little House on the Prairie" dress because of the print. Grandma made that dress and Kayla LOVES it. Who would have thought it? Kayla adds her boots, a belt and some jewelry and off she goes. Grandma beams with pride every time she sees her wearing one of her old garments.

(Please excuse my messy carport, it was raining so it wasn't the best picture taking day.)

My heart smiles because when I look at the pictures, I see more than my cute blue eyed daughter smiling for the camera. I see family history being passed down and all the love that goes with it. One day she will have her own stories to tell about Grandma's dress...

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come..." Proverbs 31:25

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday night Football...

Friday night was hot. It was colorful with all the blue and white (and the band in their black shirts.) It was spirited. It was exciting.


Whether we showed up to play in the band...

(Kayla is the blond with the ponytail, playing the flute.)

Filmed and cheered as Team Chaplain...

Be the cutest water boy ever...

was just a blue/white wearing, camera toting, bleacher sitting MOM,
And they won. :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

When Life Happens...

We would like everything in this world to be all "hunky dory." (Good 'ol southern gal term for ya.)

We would like our house to always be clean.

We would like our spouse to know exactly what we need, when we need it, without telling them or giving a hint.

We would like our children to be loving and respectful at all times, eager to please their mom, whatever the cost.

We would like our boss to understand our point of view at all times and feel our daily frustrations.

We would like all the people we work with to have a servant's attitude, always thinking of the other person, never giving in to bad mouthing or gossipping.

We would like to always have more money than we could ever think of spending.

We would like to have the perfect pair of jeans fit even on a bloated day.

We would like to never have another zit, have to worry about extra pounds, PMS or headaches.

We would like the dog to never have another accident in the house.

We would like to have "alone time" when taking a shower or using the little girl's room.

We would like...

We would like a lot of things. Wishing for these things are not wrong, but what if we change the "we would like" to "God wants?"

I remember being frustrated one time. I was young and in college, living with my Nanny one summer. I can't even remember what bothered me that day, but I remember her words like it was yesterday...

"Michele, you can plan your life the way you want. You can organize, dream and schedule, but just remember, at the end of the day LIFE HAPPENS."

I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person. I like a plan. I don't like surprises. I want to know what is going on and I want in on the planning session. I want everyone and everything to follow my plan too. Taking life one day at a time is hard for me. I feel the need to worry. I need to always have a plan and a backup plan. But, I know in my heart that my Nanny was right. Too much planning can lead to much frustration, for around every corner in life there will be a surprise or two, something unplanned. The good, bad and ugly in life will happen, whether I am ready of not. My house might be messy, someone at work might frustrate me, I may stay busy to the point that even going to the bathroom is considered "me time."

As I look at my calendar for the next two to three months, WE ARE BUSY. I can look at the calendar, worry over plans, get caught up in being tired before it even happens OR I can look forward to every turn, finding blessings in all we are able to go and do. My family is busy, but I am blessed with healthy kids who are active, enjoy people, sports and music. I am blessed to be a part of a church ministry that keeps us busy doing the Lord's work. I am blessed to be able to just...

let life happen.

I am blessed with the knowledge of my Lord's saving grace, that provides daily strength to work my way through that calendar, one day at a time, with peace.

***sorry I have been out of touch, but life has been happening, full speed ahead. Football, band, soccer and church activities have us running these days. What is keeping you busy? Love to hear from ya! Blessings.***