Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day! Tales From The Deer Camp...

Every other year I have Thanksgiving with hubby's family.
The smells are of burning leaves, musky deer hunters, pine trees and the aroma of some of the best cooking ever. In other words, Thanksgiving dinner is in the middle of the woods at the family deer camp. A little rustic, but as I look around and see the beauty in all that my Heavenly Father created, family included, it is a wonderful place to be.

Pictures were taken (you know I always have my camera!!!), stories were told, laughter filled the air, four wheelers were ridden, all as the campfire crackled. I've decided that my husband has a beautiful family and I am thankful for time spent with them.

Happy Turkey Day!
I would like to make a note that the winner of the Christmas Card showdown was #4. I have to really cherish the sibling hugs and smiles these days. However, Mom and Aunt Jo, I will make sure you get a copy of #1 just because...
Mom, Dad, Amb, Kirk, Keaton, Sawyer, Tate and the rest of my beautiful family, I love you all to pieces and thank God everyday for you. I'm sorry I missed out on Thanksgiving with you, but Mom, have the taters ready for I will be there Christmas!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

In Search of the "Perfect" Christmas Card Picture...

While I was staying in the little cabin in the woods, going to the beautiful family wedding, (both of which I will post about next)I took a few pictures of my kids in hopes of taking "the special one" that will go on my Christmas cards this year. Always a hard choice... I have a favorite, but thought I would see what you guys think.
Photo #1 (above)
Photo #2 (above)
Photo #3 (above)
Photo #4 (above)
Let me know which picture you like the best.
Here are some of the other pictures taken...

Celebrating this week of Thanksgiving with a very thankful heart for the beautiful family the Lord has blessed me with.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What A Weekend!!!

Thanks to all who lifted a prayer to the Lord Most High on behalf of my hubby's uncle. He is doing well. He had open heart surgery last Thursday and is recovering very nicely. There has even been talk of him going home next week. Doing a happy dance...

The wedding also went very well. I remember looking around and missing dear family members who were with Uncle Zeke at the hospital, but was so glad to be one of the ones there to represent the family. Right before the wedding started, my hubby called the hospital and then laid the cell phone on the podium. The family gathered in the hospital room all got to hear hubby's words and the vows spoken as the wedding went on. The bride was even going to stop by the hospital, on her way to her honeymoon, for a surprise visit with her grandpa. (Boy! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall, and saw his expression when she walked in his hospital room.) God is good...

As for right now, I am tired. Unfortunately I am one of the ones that has to work till Wednesday. So the bed is calling my name. I promise to post wedding pictures and trip pictures soon.

Thanks friends, for the prayers.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prayers for Hubby's Family...

This weekend we are going to a wedding. (Maybe.) Kevin's cousin's daughter's wedding...does that make her his second cousin? I always get confused about the whole cousin thing.

Anyway, my hubby is suppose to perform the ceremony. It was going to be a fun get together of all his family...

Until Tuesday, the bride's grandpa, who is also Kevin's uncle, had a heart attack. They are going to do open heart surgery on him tomorrow. Please pray for this wonderful, Godly man. He is dearly loved by his family and his church. It is breaking his heart that he will not be able to attend the wedding of his only granddaughter.

As far as I know the wedding will go on. It is hard not to, when everything is reserved and paid for. (I will know for sure tonight.) However, there will be a little sadness on a day of celebration. For a very important man to the bride and the rest of the family will be missing from the wedding party.

Please pray for my hubby's dear family. It is the time of the year that we say our "thanks" for the special people in our lives, and Uncle Zeke is definitely one of those individuals.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yes. It is Possible to be Sad and Extremely Happy at the same time.

Now that I have your attention...

No, I am not depressed...although I have a craving for a bag of chips right now. Willpower, Mich. Willpower.

No, nothing bad happened...although work was a bummer today. But then what is new, right? "This is the day the Lord hath made. I will be glad..." Trying hard.

No, I didn't miss out on was actually my scrapbook night. Had a fun girl's night out.

But wait, I lied.

I did miss out on something. But I feel kind of bad. You see, I have been complaining about this little sport called soccer. Last week I was out every night but Wednesday on the soccer field sidelines watching my babies play. Tonight the good 'ol Dad gives me a break, so I can hang with the girlfriends and do you know what I missed?!!!

I missed my son's team getting clobbered by the "blue" team. It is five to zero at the half. They put Jordan in as goalie (HE hates it, but he really is good at it.) In the whole second half he only let one ball slip by. He said he caught 5 balls in the goalie. Yep! That is my son. They didn't win, but they came back to score five to their six. Not a bad comeback. Maybe Jordan should have played goalie the whole game...


And then my daughter's team was ahead by several points, so the coach moved the defenders to offence, which just happens to be all the girls. And would you believe that Kayla, my powerhouse kicker, strong defender, scored a goal? SHE SCORED A GOAL!!! Kevin said the excitement was crazy...


But, I did have a good night scrapping with friends and I'm really happy for my kiddos.

So, YES! It is possible to be sad and extremely happy at the same time...

Of course there are no soccer pictures of the highlights of the evening, because Daddy was in charge and doesn't want to fool with my camera and of course I WAS NOT THERE...

OH WELL. More games on Thursday.

Monday, November 16, 2009

And They Said I Couldn't Do It...

I am on a diet.

I know, I know...wrong time of the year to be cutting back. But seriously, I refused to go up another jean size and I needed to be able to breathe. So I have took action. The hard way.

I cut the carbs out.

Believe me, for this bread lovein', pasta eatin', potato cravin', individual, it hasn't been easy. When I took my kids through the Wendy's drive thru yesterday, I thought I would die smelling the french fries. But did I eat even one little tinsy winsy bite? No. Because I am flat out determined...this time.

I have told myself I will treat and reward myself with the actual holiday meals, and at an occasional party I might nibble, but here on the home front I am taking it all very serious.

I think by even posting this, I have to keep it up, right?

Anyway, the good news is that in one week I have lost 7 pounds. Woo! Hoo! A pound a day! I am so excited...


I need prayer.

for I really am craving that french fry.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Be Still My Heart...

OK, so it like this...

I'm participating in this bible study, dealing with "5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter" by Vicki Courtney. Great study. I am enjoying the fellowship with other moms as well as the questions the study makes me ask myself.


IT IS HARD, too!!!

It is like having the "birds and bees" talk over and over....sometimes it is just that uncomfortable. However, in order to protect, love and shelter my little princess, this mom is trying her hardest. As a student minister's wife, it really is easier talking to other girls about the subject... I just have this fear in the back of my head, that if I admit some of my shortcomings in my youth to my own daughter, that it sort of "gives her permission." Yet, I know without any knowledge, without communication, without unfailing support and love, my daughter and others like her will not survive their teenage years in tact and whole.

We have discussed issues in the study like God's plan for marriage, the problems that premarital sex leads to, self esteem issues, modesty, growing up too fast, etc.. etc.. etc... it has all been good.
Last week however was rough. The media builds up the attractiveness of premarital sex, never showing how tough one split minute decision can lead to in life. They attempted to show a young girl dealing with teen pregnancy this past year on TV. But even then, it was glamorized. After all, the one thing television and the media can not do, and that is live your life. They have no way of knowing how guilt, low self esteem, hurt and fear look on the individual girl. Unfortunately, without the saving grace of the Lord Almighty, there is never a "happily ever after," or a "perfect prince."

That being said, last weeks discussion in Bible study was about whether you would hand out birth control if you found out your child was having sex. (Taking a deep breathe right now.) I don't know how you feel, but I am going to be honest, I wouldn't. So many people are worried about the "baby" issue. Frankly, I wouldn't want to be the grandmother raising her grandchild either, but I would do what I needed to do to help my little girl. Truth is, it is so much more than about whether a baby is born. It is about self esteem, love and total forgiveness. My child has been taught right and wrong...if she messes up, we will deal with it in a loving and supportive manner. Kids need to be taught that there are consequences to every action. When you choose to act like an adult than you will need to be prepared to make some very adult decisions. But they also need to know that their parents are there at every turn, ready to help, even if it is uncomfortable.

I think because we get so caught up in putting a mental "band aide" on the problem, by handing out birth control, agreeing to let teenagers have an abortion, being ignorant of what our children are doing, we just add more problems, never really dealing with the real issue at hand. We need to talk to our kids, support our kids, shower them with the word, and if they still fall short, then we shower them with grace...just like the Heavenly Father bathes us in everyday.

Believe it or not kids crave rules. They need guidance. They want to know you care enough to put up boundaries to protect them. They need a little independence, but they need to know that you are never far away either. What has happened to the family unit?

Now that I have got on my soapbox a little, I am going to come down a little. For it is very easy to "TALK," yet very, very hard to sometimes practice what you preach. Last Sunday night after church, my daughter started asking me some very hard questions. Taking a deep breathe, I answered...honestly. It is always hard for a parent to share their weaknesses with their children, to admit things they feel great guilt over, to try to be the example and role model they need you to be, only for them to find out that you fall short. Yet, what an awesome way to teach the love of the Father.

I survived. Training for many more conversations to come, I know.

Then Monday came. I was told about a "good" girl and boy in our community. They both go to church, come from Christian, church going families... they went all the way, so to speak, in their relationship. BE STILL MY HEART! 8Th graders. About the same age as my daughter. My heart broke just a little, when told by this mom how they regret the decision, live in fear that the kids will find out, suffering from guilt. Not so glamorous now, huh?

Then Wednesday night my daughter, who knows nothing about the above situation, proclaims that she thinks that "Bob" is cute. Who is Bob? None other than the boy from the situation above...

Get on your knees everyone. We are living in a scary world....our children need us and our Heavenly Father like never before.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Did you miss me?

I guess it has been a few days since I last posted. I have missed keeping up with all my bloggyland friends. However this mom has been busy. So busy in fact, that I have not been home one night this week and when I do get home, it is a late dinner and "beddyby" for this worn out mom. Today, I would have the day off, but of course my house calls out for attention after a week not at home.

However, as I am "taking a break" and eating a breakfast bite, I thought I would chat a little...after all I've earned that much at least. What do I have to talk about, who knows?! But I am just going to pretend that we are having breakfast together and start telling you about my busy week. I apologize in advance...heavy rambling on is due to occur.

So here I go...

I started the week out on a good note. Love Sundays! Although I had a Sunday School class of 10 little kindergartners by myself, they make me smile. They are so very cute in their enthusiasm. When Jesus said "Let the children come unto me..." I can't help but think He needed some smiles and hugs among a busy day. Worship was good too. My hubby was part of the praise team this week and of course I ALWAYS love hearing him sing. It didn't hurt that "Revelation Song" was on the list to be sung. LOVE that song!!! Then we took the "guest speaker" out for lunch, who by the way was wonderful. You know someone is a good speaker with a great heart for the word, when they preach from their Greek Bible and your daughter "listened and held on to every word." We went to the new pizza joint for lunch and I had probably the best slice of pizza I have ever had...baked potato. We are talking yummy!!! Then I had my women's Bible study, youth meeting and a deep conversation with my daughter when I got home. Don't worry, she wasn't in trouble, it is just some "hot" topics are floating around and I'm in this Bible study on how to help her and, well it was all good. Hard, but very good. She already knows about the "birds and bees," but unfortunately there is so much more a young teenage girl has to deal with...It brings me to my knees just thinking about it.

Whew! That was just Sunday!!! Are you still with me?

Monday, I started my diet. I am determined to fit in my pants, with out having to hold my tummy in to get them zipped. I REFUSE to go up a size! Anyway, I have stuck to it all week. I have lost 4 pounds this week. Woo! Hoo! Of course I tried to work out a little too and then got so sore, I could not even move the next day. Then I hurt my the diet is still on, but exercise is out for now. How many calories do you burn again, when doing housework?

The reason I have NOT been home every night this week is because of a little sport called SOCCER. Jordan had a game Monday. Kayla had one on Tuesday. Church was on Wednesday. Thursday they both played. and Kayla had one last night. I am worn plum out, not to mention that it gets "chilly" here after dark. My kids love soccer. I love watching them play soccer. But soccer season is already suppose to be over, so we are all just buying time till the last game arrives. (We didn't get to play for three weeks in October because of rain and the putting up of lights on the field. Why they didn't do that in the summer, I shall never know!) I am realizing that the older my kids get in the league the harder the game is. We have a team that Kayla has to play against that is just MEAN. Pushing, shoving, talking smack... I miss it when they were four, running crazy all over the field...too cute.

Kayla has been working hard on her piano. Her teacher is one of our musicians at church. HE has decided she will be playing in church soon. She has been practicing the SAME song forever. IT is turning out beautiful, and I think he will be playing with her, but I am ready for a NEW song. A Christmas carol maybe? She is very nervous about the whole playing in church thing. She is her mommy's child at times. But as for the music part...a beautiful gift from the Lord, passed down by way of her dad. I'm excited to hear her play, although very nervous too.

Our football team is undefeated. Have I told you that my hubby is the chaplain of the team? HE stands on the sidelines for each game and makes a highlight film, which he then shows to the football players on Thursdays. It gets him in the door... He shows his film, gets to know them, prays with them and even gives a short devotion every week. It is a wonderful ministry. So many of those teenage boys just need a listening ear and some support. So while I was at the soccer field, he was once again on the sidelines last night with his camera in hand.

I'm a widow today. I am also missing a child. Hunting season is among us. So my menfolk are hanging at the camp with the rest of the menfolk of the family. I'm hoping that will help me on my housecleaning adventure. Although I am going to take off a little bit of time to go shopping. Starting in October, I start my Christmas shopping. I have to... I can't stand the crowds or have the extra cash laying around to spend all at the last minute. I'm happy. I already have all of Kayla's teacher gifts, my gifts for my Sunday School class and four gifts for family members. (Because the family reads...can't say what or who, but I'm excited!) I LOVE Christmas!!! Of course I love Thanksgiving too! I am rewarding myself Thanksgiving day, by having a free day on my diet. Can't wait!!!

Well, if you are still "hanging on to my every word," I will let you off the hook. This rambling mom is going to check up on all of you and then find her mop. Have a beautiful weekend friends!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adding a little Bounce...

Here lately I have felt like a fudy dudy. That is where you feel kind of out of sorts, you look in the mirror and don't really like what you see, you are trying to mentally get through the first three days of a new diet, etc... etc... etc...

Anyway, I'm finding out that when I am already in that "mood" then my patience is thin, my feelings get hurt easily and I am struggling to just stay afloat in this busy, crazy world of work, church activities, piano lessons and soccer games.

In other words "I'm having one super duper bad hair day!!!" So what did I do? I added a little curl. My hair has a lot of natural wave, so instead of starting my day fighting with my hair and a straightener, the last few days I've embraced the wave.

It isn't permanent. In fact tomorrow I just might go back straight. But this weekend through today, I needed a little "pep in my step."

Maybe there really is something to that whole "hair day" scenario...
(As for the picture...I think I might need to find my friends the tweezers. Ouch! Just keeping it all real...)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Update to Post "Deer Me!"

I stand my son shot his second deer. He killed a button buck last year.

Actually, he went back out this afternoon and shot a nine point. He is one happy little hunter. he sat around in the recliner tonight holding his rack in disbelief. His daddy is super proud too!

As for me?

He came in and said, " Dad told me that since you aren't a hunter, that you have a hard time getting excited about my deer." Hmmm...

I responded with "Baby, I am excited that you are excited. Seeing you happy makes this Mommy's heart smile." He left the room happy.

Here's an updated picture... my little deer hunter with his trophies.

Oh! Deer Me!!!

I remember as a child watching Bambi. I even remember having a book and maybe a color book of the beloved cartoon character. I always loved the cute little cartoon movie. Then I met my hubby and he HATED it. He would tolerate Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, but Bambi? No. Why? Because in Bambi, "man" who is really a hunter, is the bad guy. My husband doesn't want to ever be considered the "bad guy."

I had grandparents, uncles and cousins who all loved to hunt for sport, but my dad was not a hunter, so I guess I never really thought about it before I got married. But when I started dating my husband, I soon realized that hunting was a big part of his life. His family, in which there are four brothers, his dad being the oldest, have their own hunting camp. Every fall the men gather and have their own mini reunion next to the campfire. We even have Thanksgiving dinner out there! So if you consider that my hubby is the youngest grandson out of seven grandsons, well you know that "going to the camp" was among his first thoughts, for sure.
So this "city" girl married her a country boy at heart, who loves to fish, hunt and spend time in the great outdoors. And although I don't always share the excitement over hunting and hanging out in the woods for long periods of time, I do get family, family traditions and enjoying a hobby or two. So although I don't hunt, have only shot a gun once in my whole life, I have learned though the years, to be excited over new camo boots and prize "racks."

And then I had a son. All of a sudden I found my baby boy wanting "to go to the camp," wear camo and hang with the "menfolk." I soon learned to hold my tongue and "trust" God and my hubby when knives, guns, four wheelers, etc.. were all brought into the picture. After all, he just wants to be like his daddy. And that is the way it is suppose to be. Isn't it?

So every fall, I say my usual "be carefuls" and hug real tight and pray. I pray for safety. I pray that my baby boy "listens' at all times to his dad and other relatives. I pray that he will have a good time, being with his family. I even pray that maybe just maybe, that he will see "the big one." Because, after all, that is the desire of his young hunting heart.

Well, today, I came home from the store to two very excited hunters. Jordan shot his first deer, an eight point. He was soooo EXCITED!

I have a picture. If you are not a hunter or belong in a hunting family, or the idea of hunting "grosses you out" you might want to pass on the rest of my post. I totally understand. Just know that our family might enjoy the sport, but they also eat everything they kill. In fact if you were to ask my kids, venison is one of their favorite meats.

So here he is, my proud little eleven year old with his "big one..."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"It Blows My Mind!"

As I was sitting at the soccer field, freezing, and a little frustrated because the darkness and the new lights were not working with my camera, I looked up and saw this...

In the words of my dear Dad, "It blows my mind!" how someone can look at something so incredible, so beautiful and not believe there is a God.
From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea
creations revealing your majesty
from the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring
Every creature unique in the song that it sings
All exclaiming...
Indescribable, uncontrollable
you placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name
You are an amazing God
all powerful, untameable
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are an amazing God.
Who has told every lightening bolt where it should go
or seen Heavenly storehouses laden with snow
Who imagined the sun and gives source to it's light
Yet conceals it to bring us the coolness of night
none can fathom...
- Song written by Laura Story, sung by Chris Tomlin
I am so thankful that when the days get busy and long, and we get caught up in all our many activities, that if we take a moment to look around, God has placed many reminders of His greatness. Then you realize the busyness doesn't seem quite as important. The little frustrations and worries, seem insignificant. That everything seems "little" when compared to the magnificence of our creator.
Take a moment today and...
"Be still and know that HE IS GOD." - Psalm 46:10

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Guess I Can't Complain, Can I?!!!

Sorry friends! Mich's fam has not dropped of the face of the earth. We are all still very much alive and kicking...

actually that is what we are spending most of our free time doing these days...KICKING.

My kids LOVE soccer. Kayla started playing when she was five and Jordan started when he was four. Eight years now I have spent time watching a ball being kicked around. I have invested in more cleats than I can count... Our family likes soccer. So why am I complaining?

Thanks for asking. I'm not happy because this has been a blowout season. Meaning that we started playing in September, yet my kids have only played two or three games a piece.


Reason 1... the rain. They have been rained out. I can understand that part, after all, I know that the soccer league has absolutely no control over the weather. But when the older teams miss two weeks of soccer for lights to be put up (and of course those weeks the sun was shining), this mom gets a little agitated.


Because now there is a NEW schedule and we are playing soccer till Thanksgiving, at night, IN THE COLD!!! Has anyone around here heard of flu season? Nothing like sweaty kids running around in the cold night air to stay healthy. Or mom sitting on the sidelines freezing their toes off...

Kayla has three games this week, Jordan has two... UGH!!!

But then, I signed them up for this sport. Guess I can't complain, can I?