Saturday, November 14, 2009

Did you miss me?

I guess it has been a few days since I last posted. I have missed keeping up with all my bloggyland friends. However this mom has been busy. So busy in fact, that I have not been home one night this week and when I do get home, it is a late dinner and "beddyby" for this worn out mom. Today, I would have the day off, but of course my house calls out for attention after a week not at home.

However, as I am "taking a break" and eating a breakfast bite, I thought I would chat a little...after all I've earned that much at least. What do I have to talk about, who knows?! But I am just going to pretend that we are having breakfast together and start telling you about my busy week. I apologize in advance...heavy rambling on is due to occur.

So here I go...

I started the week out on a good note. Love Sundays! Although I had a Sunday School class of 10 little kindergartners by myself, they make me smile. They are so very cute in their enthusiasm. When Jesus said "Let the children come unto me..." I can't help but think He needed some smiles and hugs among a busy day. Worship was good too. My hubby was part of the praise team this week and of course I ALWAYS love hearing him sing. It didn't hurt that "Revelation Song" was on the list to be sung. LOVE that song!!! Then we took the "guest speaker" out for lunch, who by the way was wonderful. You know someone is a good speaker with a great heart for the word, when they preach from their Greek Bible and your daughter "listened and held on to every word." We went to the new pizza joint for lunch and I had probably the best slice of pizza I have ever had...baked potato. We are talking yummy!!! Then I had my women's Bible study, youth meeting and a deep conversation with my daughter when I got home. Don't worry, she wasn't in trouble, it is just some "hot" topics are floating around and I'm in this Bible study on how to help her and, well it was all good. Hard, but very good. She already knows about the "birds and bees," but unfortunately there is so much more a young teenage girl has to deal with...It brings me to my knees just thinking about it.

Whew! That was just Sunday!!! Are you still with me?

Monday, I started my diet. I am determined to fit in my pants, with out having to hold my tummy in to get them zipped. I REFUSE to go up a size! Anyway, I have stuck to it all week. I have lost 4 pounds this week. Woo! Hoo! Of course I tried to work out a little too and then got so sore, I could not even move the next day. Then I hurt my the diet is still on, but exercise is out for now. How many calories do you burn again, when doing housework?

The reason I have NOT been home every night this week is because of a little sport called SOCCER. Jordan had a game Monday. Kayla had one on Tuesday. Church was on Wednesday. Thursday they both played. and Kayla had one last night. I am worn plum out, not to mention that it gets "chilly" here after dark. My kids love soccer. I love watching them play soccer. But soccer season is already suppose to be over, so we are all just buying time till the last game arrives. (We didn't get to play for three weeks in October because of rain and the putting up of lights on the field. Why they didn't do that in the summer, I shall never know!) I am realizing that the older my kids get in the league the harder the game is. We have a team that Kayla has to play against that is just MEAN. Pushing, shoving, talking smack... I miss it when they were four, running crazy all over the field...too cute.

Kayla has been working hard on her piano. Her teacher is one of our musicians at church. HE has decided she will be playing in church soon. She has been practicing the SAME song forever. IT is turning out beautiful, and I think he will be playing with her, but I am ready for a NEW song. A Christmas carol maybe? She is very nervous about the whole playing in church thing. She is her mommy's child at times. But as for the music part...a beautiful gift from the Lord, passed down by way of her dad. I'm excited to hear her play, although very nervous too.

Our football team is undefeated. Have I told you that my hubby is the chaplain of the team? HE stands on the sidelines for each game and makes a highlight film, which he then shows to the football players on Thursdays. It gets him in the door... He shows his film, gets to know them, prays with them and even gives a short devotion every week. It is a wonderful ministry. So many of those teenage boys just need a listening ear and some support. So while I was at the soccer field, he was once again on the sidelines last night with his camera in hand.

I'm a widow today. I am also missing a child. Hunting season is among us. So my menfolk are hanging at the camp with the rest of the menfolk of the family. I'm hoping that will help me on my housecleaning adventure. Although I am going to take off a little bit of time to go shopping. Starting in October, I start my Christmas shopping. I have to... I can't stand the crowds or have the extra cash laying around to spend all at the last minute. I'm happy. I already have all of Kayla's teacher gifts, my gifts for my Sunday School class and four gifts for family members. (Because the family reads...can't say what or who, but I'm excited!) I LOVE Christmas!!! Of course I love Thanksgiving too! I am rewarding myself Thanksgiving day, by having a free day on my diet. Can't wait!!!

Well, if you are still "hanging on to my every word," I will let you off the hook. This rambling mom is going to check up on all of you and then find her mop. Have a beautiful weekend friends!!!


Angie said...

Whew! You made me tired!!!

Jim said...

WOW! You need an additional 24 hours in each day, don't you? Of course, most of that, you'd need to sleep, huh?

With soccer winding down, what's next on the fields of play? Your sis is running about every night as well. And as young as the kids are, both of you don't seem as though are looking for free time, anytime soon.

Praying for you.
And looking forward to seeing you all over the holidays sometime.

Love you,

Kristin said...

I enjoyed reading about your week! I need to start Christmas shopping too, but I have no idea what to get anyone. I did get my girls a few things last weekend. Good luck on your diet! I really need to start one too. I've been just eating whatever I want and it's catching up with me!

Amber said...

We've been wondering where you were!!!

Glad you've started on your Christmas haven't even touched mine. At all.

Love ya.

He & Me + 3 said...

You have been so busy! Wow. That is so cool that your husband is the team chaplain. Awesome. What a ministry.
I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. I will be one of the crazies trying to get it done on Black Friday:)
Yes, soccer will keep you busy...this I know. Enjoy your time with just Kayla...while the boys are hunting. keep up the diet too. Great job.

Andrea said...

A teenage girl drama and a diet. I could hardly bear to read more. GOD BLESS YOU...I suppose soccer was a break from the other daily stuff.

Yes, we missed you!
Blessings and hugs, andrea