Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears...???

Every time my husband leaves for an overnight trip, my son begs to sleep in my bed. When he was really little I hated it because he would toss and turn and kick me in the head. He has gotten better so most of the time I will let him.

The other night when I went to bed, he was already asleep. I had just gotten settled with my head on the pillow when he sat straight up and had the strangest face, his mouth was twisted in fear he was shaking and although not yelling he was crying a loud "no!" I realized he had a bad dream, or so I thought...

I said his name and he seemed to recognize me which led me to believe he was awake. I soon discovered he wasn't. He would look at me, I would talk to him, he would calm down for a moment and then freak out again. Over and over he did this. He was having night terrors. He is asleep like someone sleepwalking, yet he is in a nightmare. He has done this before. and just like before he would recognize my presence when I talked to him and it would have a calming affect. Yet, also like before he would switch between calm and terror. It is like he can't wake up and get out of his dream like state, even though he hears me calling.

He hasn't had these, that I know of for a few years now. Last time the terrors invaded our world he was nervous about taking the Benchmark tests in the 2nd grade. Why last night? I have no clue. School is officially out and he has the summer ahead of him. He isn't sick, that I know of. We didn't watch anything scary on TV... unless it is because his daddy has been gone, but he doesn't usually have that reaction. Puzzling.

After about 20 minutes of this terror, I finally got him to calm down and go back to sleep peacefully by patting his back, praying and finally singing softly. It was probably off key and a little squeaky, but since this mommy has been singing to him since his birth, he doesn't know any better!!! I sing the same song every time. It is my "fear" song. When I am afraid these are the words that come my way;

"You are my hiding place

you fill my heart with song

with songs of deliverance

whenever I am afraid

I will trust in you

I will trust in you

let the weak say I am strong

in the strength of my Lord.

You are my hiding place."

I typed those words from memory so maybe they are correct. Either way the song served it's purpose last night. Jordan went to sleep within a couple of minutes of me singing. It is moments like this that are heartbreaking as a parent. My little man was terrified, and I couldn't stop it. But God could. This is an example of how when we are afraid, the comfort of the Lord is there, even when we don't realize it!

How many times do we hear the Lord's voice, yet can't seem to shake the crushing reality we are living in? How many times have we chosen fear over peace because we don't want to let go of what haunts us? How many times have we told God we wanted to do things our own way only to feel so weak without Him? When the lions, tigers and bears come out, do we run for cover or do we stand strong, like David and show them where true strength comes from?

Last night Jordan's fear reminded me of the fears and panic attacks I have while awake. I can hear the Lord's voice softly calling, but often I can't seem to let go of the fear. Amazingly, He doesn't give up on me. He continues to call me back safely into His comforting presence. I am so overwhelmed at times, at the depth of His love and strength.

What more can I say? I serve an AWESOME God!!! He can close the door on the ghosts in the closet, get rid of the boogie man and take care of all those monsters under the bed.

He IS our hiding place if we just learn to trust...

Friday, May 29, 2009

God's sense of humor...

I made a comment the other day that I would like to elaborate on. The reason is because many of you were probably going "What? She is a minister's wife!" The comment had to do with me stating that I had to lead small group at camp this year and that I was scared to death. In order to explain this statement I need to go back and tell you the whole story.

You see, I am a minister's daughter. I was born when my dad was in seminary. I have been "dragged" all over the world as my mom and dad followed the calling to do God's will. I say dragged because I never really felt like I had a choice. That was the life God gave me and I had to live with it. As a child, there were days I loved it and there were days I hated it. The fishbowl life is never easy. And unfortunately I never really appreciated my parent's sacrifice to do what they were doing when I was a kid. I sometimes saw it as a pain, effecting "MY" life in ways that were many times out of my control.

I was a rather shy child anyway. When I was in 3rd grade they discovered I had scoliosis. I was put into a back brace of metal and leather and became even more reserved. Add to that, my father being a minister and changing schools MANY times, moving to the mission field and being paraded in front of people, well I withdrew a lot. I would come out of my shell for family and friends, but was considered very quiet and shy.

I got better in high school. I had a strong group of friends and a big missionary family that helped me feel safe, but I never really could say I was comfortable with my life. I hated as the preacher's kid, being the one that was made to do everything. Remember the old LIFE cereal commercial? "Let Mikey eat it, he'll eat anything?" That is how I felt growing up...let Michele pray, read, sing...she will be there for sure, she will do anything. Truth is I never felt comfortable doing any of it. Not because I didn't want to pray, not because I didn't like music, not because I wasn't a good reader. I have a fear of public speaking. Sunday school, youth group, etc...became hard for me, because I never knew what I would be asked to do.

In school when I had to do a report, I would feel sick all week. I became over absorbed with what people thought. I would even over analyse comments that were made. As the years went by, it got worse. In fact in college I started having a nervous stomach, almost failing a class because of how the professor did his class. I started to hive up on my neck whenever I had to give a report or tell about a project. As the years passed, I continued to get worse.

The thing is, I was good at hiding it. The only thing I couldn't hide was the blotching on my neck. Pretty soon, I started worrying so much that my neck was turning red, that it made the nervousness even worse.

Here is the tough part. I met my husband in college. HE was a MINISTRY student. When I was a young girl, I always said I wouldn't marry into the ministry. I had already been there and done that and frankly didn't think I had enough strength to marry into it. That is until I met Kevin. We started as friends, because like I said, I had a hang up about marrying a minister. But I fell in love and I fell hard. I eventually thought "Happily ever after!"

Until I realized one day that I was a minister's wife and did not fit the profile. I did not like the limelight. I did not sing. I did not play the piano. I did not lead women's Bible study. I hated praying aloud...still too caught up in appearances.

And then one summer God dealt with me in a big way. For years I was feeling sorry for myself and not appreciating what I had been given. I looked at all the negatives of my life instead of enjoying the beauty of my experiences. I went all over the world and didn't appreciate the adventure it was. I was raised in a beautiful Christian home and did not give a thought as to how thankful I should have been. I met the love of my life and married my best friend and wanted to wallow in self pity. God grabbed me and changed my heart.

I realized that He was the one that gave me my life and made me the person I am so HE had a PLAN for ME! In other words, God does have a sense of humor. HE doesn't always have a rhyme or reason in OUR eyes, but he certainly has a purpose in His own.

I started finding out what I was good at as a minister's wife instead of dwelling on my shortcomings. I started taking more chances. I found out I was good at organizing events and teaching children's Sunday School and organizing VBS. I realized that I'm the hugger, the listener, the encourager... I realized it was OK not to fit the mold society made for minister's wives. I needed to concentrate more on the mold God set for a godly woman, wife, mother and friend. I needed to stop worrying so much about what people think and concern myself more with what God desires.

I am still a work in progress. Every year I find myself doing a little more here and there, although public speaking, the stage, etc...still terrify me. However, every once in a while I will be thrown a curve ball that will throw me off course, making me want to revert to my old self.

This summer's curve ball is youth camp. I go with my husband every year. In the beginning, he would get me out of the "teaching" part for he would always have enough leaders without me. Last year I broke out and led a small group, but it was my own group of girls. This years camp is different. I am going to have to lead, with another lady a group of girls and boys from different churches. UGH!

This is so not in my comfort zone. This is bordering on fear. I can feel my skin blotching just thinking about it. I have a week to prepare myself for this madness, not to mention study the material. I have a fear and I can't seem to control it. I know God will see me through and I really do believe that, but it doesn't stop the panic attacks from threatening.

Please pray for me. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, this is not the UNSPOKEN request from a few days ago. Just something else that my heart is battling over. Pray that I can allow the peace of God to flow through me and calm my nerves. Fear is a powerful thing and I do NOT want it to get in the way of my Savior's message and the group of teenagers I will be with.

I truly believe God has a plan and that there is a reason why I am asked to do this. I just need to let go and allow God to work His miracles. Thanks so much for walking through this with me. I appreciate your listening ear and the strength and encouragement your prayers give.

And please do not get me wrong. I love my life. There are days that the fishbowl lifestyle is still frustrating and I am learning day by day how to help my children through some of those experiences I had as a child. I also appreciate so much what my parents did throughout my life. They set a wonderful example of how to follow Christ, even when it isn't easy.

That being said...

Do I tell the kids upfront that I will be a blotchy red before devotionals are over or do I let them think I'm dying from an allergic reaction to something? Can you wear turtle necks and survive in the heat of the summer? Should I take a paper bag with me? Anyone have a Xanax I can use?

God does have a sense of humor...a shepherd boy is king, a rock thrower sees the light, changes his name and becomes a great missionary, our savior is born in a stable...

Truth is I guess I am a perfect choice to be used by our Mighty One. I am even a little bit excited about the thought. I guess I will hold tight to two of my favorite verses 2 Corinthians 12:9 and Zephaniah 3:7 and TRY to enjoy the ride.

Thanks for the prayers.

I got mail!!! Special Delivery.

I have two mailing addresses. I can receive mail at home and I also have a P.O. Box. Today, I looked outside my front door and there it was. A big package from Old Navy. My flip flops had arrived!!! (Amb it was ten pairs, not six.)

Cool huh? I may not be ready for bathing suits and shorts, but my feet are ready for summer!!!

Now for my other package. As much I love the flip flops (they made me smile) this gift to myself made me cry (in a good way.).

A week ago Kayla asked for me to order her a book from Lifeway. Being the summer was coming up, I agreed. While I was on their website I ran across this;

Being the American Idol fan that I am, I have been a longtime follower of Mandisa. Loved her on the show, loved her first album and totally admire her for her talent and her faith. So I ordered it. WOW! I hit song number 5 and cried.

Someone wrote that song just for me. It was as if someone had wrapped it up, put a stamp on it and mailed it my way, knowing I needed it. Knowing we all need it...

Truthfully I haven't even got through the whole CD to even recommend it, because I replayed the song three times while driving. In other words the whole CD is worth getting just because of song number 5. But it should come with a warning label, for if you love Jesus... Whew! Make sure you have a Kleenex close by.

(Sorry, I tried to put the song in for your listening pleasure, but it would not work for me today.)

So here are the beautiful words...

Not Guilty

I stand accused
There's a list a mile long

of all my sins
of everything I've done wrong
I'm so ashamed
there's nowhere left for me to hide
This is the day
I must answer for my life
My fate is in the judges' hands
but then He turns to me and says

I know you
I love you
I gave my life to save you
love paid the price for mercy
my verdict not guilty

How can it be?
I can't begin to comprehend
what kind of grace
would take the place of all my sin?

I stand in awe
now that I have been set free
and the tears well up
as I look at that cross
'cause it should have been me

My fate was in the nail scarred hands
He stretched them out for me
and said
I know you...(chorus)

I'm falling on my knees to thank you
With everything I am I'll praise you
So grateful for the words I heard
You say
I know you...(chorus)

I pray as you are knee deep in kids, suntan lotion, "flip flops" and summer plans that you will remember how loved you are. And the best delivery ever, was the one of grace.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

News Feed...

Kevin left for the senior trip this morning with seven kids. They have a weekend planned full of Six Flags, the water park, a baseball game, putt putt and who knows what else.

Jordan had his awards assembly yesterday. Mommy is smiling big. He received a blue ribbon for straight A's. And he was also given an art award.

Kayla had her assembly today. She received an award in band and one for her accomplishments in social studies. Who knew?!

Kevin has been feeling a little better. It comes and goes. Still not sure what is wrong. Please keep on praying.

Jordan insisted on staying home today from school. I wanted him to go, daddy let him go to grandma's. I got him after lunch. Thanks dad!!! HE IS GOING TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school.

I'm working on my 80's party. Did you know that the chocolate fountain was invented in the 80's? I think we are going to have one at the party.

Kayla has painted her nails three times today, but her toenails still need some work. Can anyone explain that to me?

Jordan is already bored...

I have two t-shirts to chose from for the 80's party. Air Supply or "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Still deciding...

Oh no, it is summer. I'm still hoping that "pale is the new tan" and that a little "plumpness" is considered the new muscle.

I have tomorrow off work to catch up on my life and work on the upcoming party. But I am going to get up early because...did I tell you I am making Jordan go to school?

My goal is to have a totally clean house by the time the hubby returns.

Oh so much to do and so little time...

Did I tell you I have to lead a small group at camp? I'm terrified. Totally out of my comfort zone and a story for a later post.

I received the sweetest card from a friend today. A wonderful little pick-me-up.

I feel blessed because of the sweet comments left my way the other day.

God is so good. Why he puts up with me I will never understand, but I am so thankful he does.

Our family is calling it a night...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Something to ponder...

I read a quote the other day and I am still mulling over it...

"What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which obedience and work flow. "

- Martin Luther
Powerful words.
God bless you as you go about your "work" this week, no matter what it may be.

Thanks friends!!!

It is Wednesday night,I have just gotten home from a little last minute shopping for Kev and the big senior trip. Thank you for your prayers. He had a GREAT morning, woke up feeling Marvelous. However, as the day progressed he got a little wore out and a little stressed and... is there ever really a good time to not feel well. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

I am so blessed to have such beautiful prayer warriors in my corner. God is so good!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Spoken and the Unspoken

I have a prayer request or two today.

The first one is for my husband. Now before I go any further, I want my dear family to know that I will call you if there is a need for real concern, but for now I'm just asking for prayer.

Kev just hasn't felt too great lately. A couple of weeks ago he went to the doctor, which he never does and had an EKG done. Everything seemed fine. He was given a prescription and sent on his way. He is still not himself. He is going through the motions, doing all the normal stuff, going above and beyond like usual, but I'm his wife...I can tell he just doesn't feel too great.

He is a big guy. He knows that the answer to a lot of his health issues would be to lose the weight. It just isn't always as easy as it looks on paper. Finding the time to be healthy, to "think and plan" what he eats, to exercise, well it all takes time that he doesn't have unless he makes it.
Please pray that he will want to try and that he will have the determination to follow through.

He also has a high tolerance of pain. I have seen him go to church Sunday morning in his house shoes because the pain in his foot from gout was so severe. He just keeps going and going, even when he doesn't feel well. This past weekend his blood pressure medicine ran out over the holiday...scary. HE spent all of Monday with no meds. He never complained although I know it bothered him. Please pray that he will just feel better or that we can get to the bottom of what is wrong.

What makes me nervous the most is that he has a big Senior trip planned this week. So when you are saying your nightly prayers if you could just remember to add a little prayer for Kev, I would appreciate it.

And then I have an unspoken prayer request. Simply because I'm not able to share this little burden of mine right now. I'm just wrestling with something and hopefully one day soon I can share it with you, but for now, I simply need prayer. I need to let go of things and just allow God to be in control and find joy in that and in this situation.

Thanks so much for reading and praying. I wish I had something funny to say tonight or a great news tidbit to write about, but I don't... But I am thankful that this online journal of mine can be opened and read, even when all I need is some conversations going to God on our behalf.

Have a great week.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Three years ago on Memorial Day weekend, my kids would see their Great Grandpa for the last time. That spring I had spent many a night at the hospital. It was a very hard time for our family. My Grandpa was said to have passed on, only to be a "miracle" and survived. It would be God's gift to us. During that last month stories would be told by hospital bedside. Smiles would be cherished and I will never forget Grandpa's last "I love you." He even surprised us all by coming home. We went to see him Memorial Day.
I would see him once more in the hospital, before he died. But that Memorial Day weekend would be the last for my kids. The picture above is of Kayla at his funeral. The flag had already been removed, folded and passed on to my step grandmother. However, this picture has always touched my heart. My young baby struggling in her grief. I can't help but wonder what she was thinking that day.
My Grandpa was a soldier. So many old pictures of him are in uniform. He served in WWII. He saw plenty of action, lost many friends, but never wanted to talk too much about it. It was easier that way, I guess. I've seen "Saving Private Ryan," so I've spent many years only guessing what our soldiers went through. Now that I've had friends who have seen the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan and who can share first hand their experiences, well I've come away in total awe of the men and women that serve our country.
I know this was an odd post. But it was heartfelt as I typed. I am feeling thankful today.
Thankful that there are soldiers that have more strength than I could ever imagine. ( Remember, I have trouble killing a spider, people!) Soldiers that know what true sacrifice really means. Hearts that totally believe in their country and what we hope it still stands for.
I can't do much. I could never be a soldier. But I can pray. I can pray daily for the men and women who give up their lives for me every day. I can pray that their sacrifice will not be in vain, both for me and our country and for them. May they know great faith in our Lord, so that they can say "the battle is the Lord's!"
To those who have drawn their last breathe in battle for me...I honor you today. For those who have lost dear heart goes out to you today. And for those still fighting...I will pray for you today.
And may you come home safely. May you live with pride over having served your country and fellow man. May you live to be great fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends...and even grandfathers.
I still miss you Grandpa!!!

Raindrops of peace...

It was raining when I got out of church this morning. I know there were many disappointed faces, for it being a holiday weekend and all, people have plans. But I have to be honest...I loved it.

It was that good kind of rain. No tornado warnings, booming thunder or flashing lightening, just the sound of raindrops softly hitting the ground. If it had to rain, this is the best kind. It is curl up in bed, take a nap or watch a Hallmark movie kind of weather. Gotta love afternoons like that! Laziness? Of course not! Besides it doesn't count as that on Sunday, for that is the official day of rest, you know! So, I took advantage of the quiet afternoon to lay and veg.

I then cooked us a late dinner. It was "clean out the freezer" night, so... there was half a bag of french fries, half a bag of steak fingers, a bag of okra and a small box of popcorn shrimp. I got the old "fry daddy" out of hiding and fried away. No use being healthy on a holiday, I say! It was totally yummy! I didn't even eat any meat myself, I just loaded up on okra.
( At least it was a green veggie...that has got to count for something.)

I enjoy days like this. It seems like time stands still. Just hanging out as a family is always nice these days, when life is usually so chaotic and busy. It is in the simplicity of the rain today that I found peace. Just like God sends the rains to nourish the earth, he sends me His love to nourish my soul.

Thank you, Lord. I needed a quiet, rainy day like today to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment. Thank you for showering me with blessings today. May I be renewed for a week of trying my best to live for you.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Flip Flop City!

Just curious who checked out Old Navy's flip flop sale? I had a gift card for 25.00 dollars from Old Navy. Very exciting! Since I had heard about the big shoe sale, I thought I would go online and check it all out. Sure enough, if you buy three pairs, then they are a $1.65 a pair. Even more exciting!!! (I hear if you go to a store, they are even cheaper.)

The great thing is that Kayla and I can wear the same size shoe most of the time, especially in sandals... And we both love us some flip flops! So I did the only thing a good mom, (who needs to provide for her daughter) and wife (got to shop those bargains!) can do. I bought us about every color they had. Everything from tangerine to good ol black. Yep! Love me a good bargain.

I was thinking that maybe I need to go buy Kayla and I some new t-shirts to go with those awesome colored flip flops...that seems the only thing that makes good sense.

Don't ya think?

Can someone explain this reasoning to the hubby?

The play by play of our life...

Here is a play by play of random events and thoughts for family and friends, just so you know what's going on.

1. We went to Jordan's ballgame last night. It was a make up game from a game that was cancelled due to the flood of 2009. So the team we played last night happened to be the team we had just played Tuesday night. UGH!!! Tuesday night was bad. We lost, which upset our undefeated record.(Strike 1) It also wasn't our teams night. Even the "star" players were striking out. Jordan didn't know what to do, cause his friends, some of the best players in the league were in the dugout crying. Evidently not use to losing... Jordan came home upset. (Strike 2) And to top it off there were grown men heckling our team. Coaches were rattled, the boys were upset and the other team won...not a good game for the home team!

So, we played the same team last night. It was tough. The boys were already siked out. There were bad calls made, coaches arguing, disagreements between the refs and again a lot of heckling from grown men. Frustrating! Yet we somehow managed to pull it out in the end, beating them by two. On a happy note, although he got walked both times, Jordan scored two runs last night. He was happy.

2. Kayla was asked to join the Beta Club. Exciting. This morning was the ceremony. Of course again I didn't get to go to a school activity, because my daughter didn't tell me about it until last night. Daddy came through for me once again. Gotta love him! Anyway she wasn't too excited, because she is getting sick. She looked horrible this morning. Sick eyes, stuffy nose, cough. I told her she could stay home but she knew she had the ceremony and a science test today. Poor thing. She is a trooper. I told her to call her dad after her test, so we will see if she lasts the whole day.

3. I am excited about the three day weekend! Yeah! Need it to do some heavy duty cleaning!
I will be climbing the Mt Everest of laundry, while dusting this whole house into shape. I also have 2 scary closets to tackle... I will also have to take some time to scrapbook a page for my scrapbook club next week, balance my checkbook (another scary project) and work on my husband's birthday bash coming up on June 3rd. Busy!!!

4. Do you remember me telling you about the basket auction at school and that I was in charge of the basket for Jordan's class? Anyway, my basket made the most money. $290. Can you believe that? It went for more than Razorback and Traveler's tickets. Jordan was proud. His class got to have a pizza party for making the most money that day to go towards the new playground equipment.

5. We have a plague in my house. Fleas. We didn't have this problem until last week. We have treated the yard and the dog and now I am trying to get them out of my house. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you about it, but I need help if anyone has a solution in helping get rid of them. It is getting better, but unfortunately they multiply quickly. Just another thing I'm going to really work on this weekend.

Well, that is all the news I have for now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After church tonight my family and I went to a friend's house for the finale of American Idol. Same place I went last year at this time. It was fun. We had cheese dip and chips, we enjoyed singing the oldies but goodies and we all discussed the different acts that came on stage and important issues like...

"How high are Fergie's shoes anyway?"

"Did Queen L. lose weight?"

"Kiss?!!! Out of all the great rock acts, they chose KISS?!!! Where is Steven Tyler?"

"Do you think bikini girl was mad after she was showed up by the judge?"

"Who is Cindy Lauper?" (This was asked by a 7th grader. I about fell out of my chair. Man, I'm getting old!!!)

As you can tell, real important stuff.

Of course I drooled when Kris sang with Keith Urban. I got a little nostalgic when Danny sang with my man, Lionel and I chuckled when I saw Steve Martin playing the banjo. You just never know what is going to happen on the finale.

Then Ryan is about to announce the winner. I am a Kris fan, so there was always a little hope that he would win, but I can not lie. I secretly thought Adam had this in the bag. The whole show seemed gear towards him somehow. We new the judges liked him, they picked songs and themes that made him look incredible and then they announced Kris?

Say what?!!! I think I was about as stunned as Kris himself. (Or maybe he is just thinking, "Oh no, I have to sing that awful song again!)

While the room of teenage girls that I was in went into hysterics over our homeboy making it, all I could think of was WOW!

I think that is really all I have to say, for I truly am speechless...

Congrats to Kris! May you use the gifts and talents God gave you for His glory!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh how I love you...let me count the ways!!!

May 20th is my hubby's birthday! He will be 39 years old! We met our freshman year of college, when we both had work study in the cafeteria. Although it was one of the worst jobs on campus, I am thankful for the opportunity to work there. It was at good 'ol Walt's (that is what they use to call the cafeteria when I went to school) that I met my closest and dearest college pals. Friends like Missy, Tina, Wade, Jody...saw me through the highs and lows of my college days. It was also where I met Kevin. We use to call him the singing dishwasher, 'cause he would always be singing while at work. Snow White had nothing on him!

We ended up dating all four years of college and then got married right after Kevin graduated. 20 years... I have known Kev for almost 20 years. It is amazing that he has put up with me all these years (for I am probably not an easy person to always live with).

So in honor of my best friend's birthday, I will "count the ways" he makes my heart smile.

1. I love to hear him sing. He started out as a music major in college but decided he wasn't cut out for music theory and changed his focus to student ministry. God had a plan. Kev has a beautiful voice which he continues to use in his ministry. He has led worship on Sundays, he has sung at many a wedding and sadly, too many funerals, but my favorite moments are when he is just playing around with the kids, guitar in hand, belting out the latest tune.

2. I love his servant's heart. He is the guy that will stop on the side of the road to help a stranger. He is the minister that is in the kitchen washing dishes after every fellowship. He hears of a need and he does what he can to help. I am so thankful for his example for my kids.

3. I love his laugh. He can be moody, like everybody at times. There are days when he comes home from work, having given his all, that he wants to crash in the recliner and veg. Yet, he can find joy in the simplest things. Find humor in difficult situations. And totally loves to have a good laugh. His whole face lights up.

4. He gives the best hugs. They tell me that in high school the girls called him "Kevi Bear." When they needed a pal, a listening ear or just a big hug he was there. I can see why. I think he has the best shoulder to lean on. He gives the best hugs in the world!

5. He takes care of his kids. Since I have gone back to work, he has done a lot to help me out. Taking on the responsibility of the kids is one of them. He takes them to school for me every morning and picks them up every afternoon. He hauls Jordan to and from baseball practice and has even taken Kay to dance. He has been a "sub" room mom, in my place for many parties, taken videos of school programs and has sat through award assemblies when I couldn't. I appreciate his willingness to be there for his kids.

6. He is willing to help me. There are plenty of days he comes home and crashes, but it is not unusual to find him helping me with the laundry or the dishes. On the days he does something like that, it makes my heart smile.

7. He is good at what he does. If you see him in action, then you have no doubt that he was called to be a Student Minister. He loves teenagers and college students. He can guide them in the Word as a minister, play around as a friend and provide the stability of a parent. I have seen him surrounded by 7Th grade girls learning the dance to High School Musical. He loves to beat the pants off the boys in ping pong and he enjoys being the chaplain for the football team and recording every game. Yet, he also loves it when a teenager comes to our house to talk to him about salvation (like this past Sunday afternoon), or he is able to take a bus load of kids to camp or one of his students send him a message on Facebook saying that she loved what he said about worship... I am blessed to witness someone do what they are truly called in this life to do.

8. He loves his family. He adores and takes pride in our kids. He spends time with them. He laughs with them. He also would do anything for his parents and his brother. And his in laws. He also has a lot of love for my family. I treasure that. And I can't help but mention that he has a big extended family that he enjoys seeing and hanging out with. He is a total family man.

9. He loves me. I am not perfect and I have given him plenty of grief, yet he loves me. There is security in that. He is my best friend and my soul mate. Just knowing he has my back in this crazy world means everything. I am truly blessed!

10. He loves my Jesus. It doesn't get any better than that. I am blessed to be married to a guy that loves the Lord. I am in awe of his testimony. I am humbled by his servant's heart. I am overwhelmed by the depth of love he has showed me through the years. But most important, I am touched everyday by the love he has for Jesus.

Happy birthday, Kev! I love you bunches!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Calgon Take ME Away!!!

OK, many of the blogs I read have been doing this "gratitude Monday" thing, which I think is a great idea. (Kudos to Gretchen!) In fact I have many things that I am totally thankful for today. My family, friends, my church family, the way God provides... Yes, I could list bunches, because I am a very blessed girl and I know it, even when I don't want to admit I know it. I guess you are wondering where all this is leading, so I am going to tell you!

With everyone being so "thankful" and everything, I needed to put that little bit in so I wouldn't feel totally guilty when I start complaining. Yep! I have a bone to pick. Don't worry it is not "the world is coming to an end" bone. Just an everyday, "am I the only one in the world who has this problem, good ol fashion pet peeves" kind of bone!!!

See here is my problem. I am normally a non confrontational kind of gal. But in everyday life, that non confrontation builds and builds until I'm eat up with it and then I come home and the littlest thing sets me off. My kids and my husband don't stand a chance when I'm in one of my "moods!" Does anyone get what I'm saying?

You see, I would much rather blow a gasket over something little, mundane and insignificant than fight, heaven forbid, over something that truly matters. In other words I would rather fuss at my kids about something that is no big deal, than stand up for myself out in this crazy world. Is there something wrong with me?

Even as I type, I'm laughing at myself because I just let my kid have it over...

Is there a class to teach how to be bold? Is there a seminar that will actually show me how to speak my mind? Is there a Nanny class that will teach the kids and hubby what not to do and how to stay out of Mommy's way on certain days?! Is there a book that explains how to overlook my pet peeves?

I get a phone call from a friend and then they put me on hold! Sorry, but you called ME!!! Don't call me and then don't have time to talk as if talking to me is a burden. I don't like listening to air!!! At least get some elevator music or something! Can't stand that! If we have been talking to each other a while, that is one thing, but don't put me on hold within the first 5 seconds of calling me. And then tell me it is another friend... RUDE! However, I'm just too nice to hang up!

I go to get a drink out of the refrigerator...three empty cartons. My kids are the world's worst about doing this. If you drink all the milk, don't put the empty carton back in the fridge. If you get the last Gogurt, throw the empty box away. Is there a reason they put the empty cereal box back in the cabinet? Do they think the "trash elves" are going to magically follow them around and throw everything away?

When you come home from school, please don't leave your backpack right in the doorway for Mom to trip over. Please! My toe still hurts.

Don't take 45 minutes to eat your snow cone because daddy said you could eat it before doing your chores for the day. Mom comes home and you still haven't started your chores... (My family is smiling at this one because they can guess who the guilty party is.) You explain yourself by saying you are a "slow eater." IT IS FLAVORED ICE!!! Do they think I was born on another planet?

Amb, a monkey is starting to sound like a good idea...

Yep! One of those PET PEEVE filled days! Or you could say the day was just plain normal, and I was just in a "mood." Either way, I'm trying my hardest to be thankful amidst the frustration. Maybe I'll just go take a bath or a nap or...

Do they still sell Calgon?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Very funny, Kev!

I was having problems with my printer this afternoon, so I had to get my husband to help me out. I left him alone to fix the problem and went and started on laundry. When I came back into my office, I about jumped out of my skin.

My dear, sweet hubby had changed my screen saver...

this is what I saw:

Very funny, Kev!

If you are thinking that he meant it to be cute and sweet because he knows I love my sister, then think again. On your little computer screen it is still a teeny tiny picture, but on mine... let us just say every flaw is there to behold. In a BIG way! Scary!!!

Yep! Gotta love him!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I blinked...

I was going through some pictures last night and found this...

I realize that the simple pleasures of hugs and ice cream do not exist in their preteen world right now, having been replaced with mean words and "I don't like you!" Oh, I know deep down they love each other and every once in a while when they don't realize they are "getting along" they share a laugh or two. I also know that they will come out of this crazy stage they are in and the older they get enjoy each other's company, probably ganging up together against me!

But for now, I will just go get my box of Kleenex... because somewhere along the way I blinked and they grew...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Total Blast From The Past...

OK. Honestly I have nothing really to write about. I could tell you about my day but nothing out of the ordinary happened, so it would most likely bore you to tears. (I still might.) Although I had a better day today, then the last few days.

I could tell you about baseball, but it wasn't Jordan's best game. Of course it doesn't matter because his team is still pretty much undefeated, so he left happy. They tied one game, but that was the team they played again tonight, so... Although people do take their ball serious around here. I'm still wondering if a friend snubbed me on purpose because she is mad we won again or just didn't want to talk. Good thing we are not close friends or I might have got my feelings hurt. Oh well!

My sister thinks blogging about my ghost white legs might be fun. However, I'm just not ready. After all I just made some cool new friends, don't want to scare you all away. (Of course I still might if this post doesn't get a little more exciting.) For your curiosity (because you are dying to know), I did not inherit the tanning gene. My skin just doesn't want to do it. Everyone says that one day I still will have beautiful, young looking skin, while they will be wrinkled leather, but I'm not agreeing. I don't have beautiful skin now, so why would I think it would be prettier in 20 years?! Besides I want to live in the moment, I want to wear shorts NOW, without causing blindness. Oops! I guess I did end up talking about it a little. Sorry!
Anyway, since I have rambled on and on about mostly nothing, I will leave you on this note. I am planning a big youth event/ birthday party for my husband. Fun stuff. It is going to have an 80's theme. Even though I was a teenager then, I have been doing my homework preparing for the party. While reading up on the music, movies and styles it has been fun remembering old times. Because I am planning on decorating with pictures and posters, I couldn't help but be reminded of the many posters that were tacked on my wall of the cutest guys ever. I thought it might be fun to share them with you. Here were a few of my favorites once upon a time, for your viewing pleasure...

I loved Top Gun!!!

My sister will tell you that once upon a time, this was my guy! I was in total crush with him.

This man rocked my heart!

I couldn't wait for reruns of Happy Days to come on every afternoon so I could catch this guy!

In my dreams Lois Lane was blond.

I was pretty much in love with the whole Brat Pack.

There were only a few movies I liked with this guy, but I still had his poster on my wall.

Another Brat Pack moment. Detention with him might have been worth it.

I loved this Solid Gold guy. I still remember where I was when I found out he had died. So sad.

Yep! This adventurous guy stole my dreams every time.

Remember any of them? These were just a few of my favorites. With the exception of a couple, most of them are even better looking to me now. Hope you enjoyed this little skip down memory lane. I sure did!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Day...

There is a quote from the Anne of Green Gables movie that has stayed with me since I first saw the movie, as a kid. Although I can't quote it word for word, it goes something kind of like this...

"Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes."

(I believe it was said by Anne's teacher, Ms. Stacy, in an attempt to encourage Anne.)

We all need a little encouraging from time to time. There are days when I feel like such a failure...going to bed with the burden of not "getting things right" all the time. Whether as a wife, a mom, a friend, a minister's wife, as a follower of Christ...

Yep, contrary to what some people think (very few wearing rose colored glasses), I don't live a perfect life and have it all together all the time. There are some of us that have just mastered the art of making you think we do. It is a joy as well as a huge burden to live in this "fish bowl" called ministry life. Nobody really wants the REAL Michele to stand up!!!

The other night I was having one of my down moments... boy, Satan knows where to hit you where it counts. I am bad about not letting go of things. Wanting to have a big pity party when the frustrations build and then feeling guilty later. Life can be so hard. God never said it would be easy to follow Him, He just said He would provide the strength to make it through. There are always going to be those "bad hair days" that creep up on us and insist on trying to steal our joy. (If we let it.)

Thankfully each day is "is a new day" because the blood of Jesus pours over us with grace and new beginnings. I am so thankful for the strength, hope and love that that grace provides. How AWESOME is our Lord, that even when we make mistakes, He is there to provide us with a "fresh start" with forgiveness.

We are all human. We are going to mess up, some of us just do it bigger and louder than others. On those days when I am impatient, snappy, irritable and even irrational, I am so thankful that God allows me the opportunity to "change my ways" and start fresh, if I only ask.

One of my husband's favorite songs to sing on Wednesday nights with his students has become one of my favorite choruses. It is very simplistic, yet every time I hear it I am moved by the thought of starting my day empowered by the strength of the Lord. You may have heard it before, but I thought I would share it with you today. May it encourage you.

The Day is Dawning
Give me a chance, I want to change my ways
'cause I can't live here and look the same.
Let me look up, let me look to your face
And set me in my place, Oh Lord
Set me in my place.
The day is dawning and I am just rising
I pray my (strength, hope, love) won't fail
I pray my strength won't fail
The day is dawning and I am just rising
I pray my strength won't fail
I pray my strength won't fail.

Give me a chance, I want to rise above
and grow in the knowledge of your love
Help me to be someone who follows you
and make my heart like new, oh Lord
make my heart like new.
The day is dawning and I am just rising
I pray my strength won't fail.
I pray my strength won't fail.

Give me a chance
I want to change my ways
'cause I can't live here and look the same.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


To Amb:

Sis, together we have been through life's blessings as well as great pain
Yet, hand in hand we've found joy in the falling rain.

We've had our share of arguments, sometimes making each other mad,
Yet having you for a sister makes my heart truly glad.
We've cried till we've laughed, and we've laughed till we cried
We've said many hellos and too many goodbyes

However when we are not together, our love is still strong
We always have a sense when something is wrong.

We've traveled the world over, been on an adventure or two
We have a history that belongs only to me and you.
There have been secrets told and advice handed out
There have been smiles, hugs and even a few pouts
I heart you more than words can say
This poem was written to put a smile in your day.
So know this, whether we are together or apart
You are my sister and my dear friend and forever in my heart.

Happy Birthday!




1980 (For those who do not know, I have scoliosis and had to wear a back brace for a while.)

1988 (Amber always had such great style!)



1993 (I know Amber wore her bridesmaid dress over and over because the pink rose pattern was so beautiful. :) What can I say? Everything seemed to be country blue and mauve during that time.)



1997 (Let it be said that I had postpartum depression here, that is the only reason I can think of as to why I cut my hair all off right before my sister's wedding. She was mad at me and I hated my hair.)

2000 (Amb was pregnant here and I look like I was. And what was up with the mustache, Dad?)

2004 (I've always loved this picture. Here we are with our families.)

2006 (with our Nanny)

2009 (Not the best picture, but unfortunately after the kids came along, we took more pictures of them, then we did of us together. Which is too bad for we have taken many road trips and celebrated many holidays and birthdays together.)

Amb, thanks for all the memories!

(Was it sappy enough for you? And you can't get me for the pictures because there are some crazy ones of me in there too!)

***To my bloggy friends a future post is coming your way! The many, many hairstyles of Michele and Amber. I never realized how many I've had!!!***

Growing pains...

Whose having them? Me!!! I know people usually say that phrase to describe what their kids are going through, but my kids are fine. It is me that is having the problem! I don't want my kids to GROW up!!! It's down right painful!!!

Last week Kayla casually asks if she can wear makeup. OK, knowing her Dad had set up a timeline for his little girl when she was a baby, I told her that she would have to ask her dad. "I already did and he said that I was at that age."

What? Who forgot to tell me that she was "at that age?!" I should have known that when the timeline was broken when she got her ears pierced at 11 years of age instead of 12, that he was "caving."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a stickler for the timeline. As far as I'm concerned she could have had her ears pierced much younger and she already has worn makeup to special events... but my heart is aching because my little girl is growing up. The first time she got her period, I wanted to cry. When she asked for a hair straightener for Christmas, I wanted to cry. Every time we pass by the young girl's clothing section, I want to cry. Every time I look at her these days, I just want to...well you get the picture.

So today, when I am informed by a friend that my son has a girlfriend, I am about to fall over. I know that it is not unusual for little kids to have a "special friend." I also know it doesn't mean much in the 4th grade. Maybe you talk for five minutes on the playground or someone writes a note. For the most part it is all about bragging rights.

However, if you knew my son, then you would understand that it is a big deal. I guess having a big sister has always thrown him off of wanting a girlfriend. He would always turn bright red if I even teased him about a girl who was a friend. He has had plenty of girls that were good friends, but not a "girlfriend."

Yep! It is official. My little boy is growing up too.

Oh, if only time could stand still... I guess I will just have to put my big girl panties on an take this like a Mother!!! That or invest in the Kleenex company.

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

My husband knows I enjoy a good homemade card from my kids. I consider them little treasures. I get giddy inside just thinking about what my child would make or say about me if given the chance. Can you say my Love Language might be words of affirmation? Anyway, he also knew that I was sad this year because my kids are growing up and didn't make me anything at school like they have in years past. I didn't realize how much that it would bother me, but it did.
So for Mother's Day, my husband gathered some of my scrapbooking supplies and let the kids be creative. Their creations were beautiful. Kayla wrote a verse out on her card, which just inspires me. Jordan wrote the sappy words that moms love to hear. I was so proud of my cards that I thought I would share them with you...

This was Kayla's card. It reads this:

Hear my voice when I call, O Lord.

My heart says of you "Seek His Face!"

Your face, Lord, I will seek. Psalm 27:7-8

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Can you say "out of the mouths of babes!!!" She said she was trying to remember the "mommy" verse (Proverbs 31) in the Bible but couldn't find it. I told her that I was glad. For she actually wrote a verse out for me that can inspire me and remind me daily on where to look for strength while on this adventure we call parenthood.

This was my card from Jordan. How cute is that?! Here is what it said:

"Mom, I like your smile and you are always checking up on me. I also like the way you hug me so tight. Another reason I love you is that when I'm scared you always say it's going to be alright. One more thing is that you love me so much. " Love, Jordan

Nope it doesn't get much better than that!

Of course pink roses (my favorite!) from the hubby and then hearing him sing at church, one of my new favorite songs ("While I Am Waiting" which he chose today for me) just topped this special day off!

Mr. Weatherman was once again not working with me today. Since it rained Easter and I didn't get any good pictures, I was determined to get one today, despite the rain. So here is my Mother's Day picture, taken under the carport.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Tribute...

I have been a very blessed lady. God put me in a very loving and caring environment. I grew up feeling loved and secure. I grew up knowing about the Lord and sacrifice. I grew up knowing what true faith means. I grew up with a bunch of Proverbs 31 women.

Unfortunately I can't list them all. As I have said before, I've been blessed. There have been special aunts, cousins and Missionary ladies that have all influenced my life greatly over the years. I have a wonderful sister in-law who is the mother of my beautiful niece. Kevin's "Me Me" was this spunky lady who I adored. And I've had beautiful friends and supporters as a minster's wife in the churches my husband has served in. I thank God for each one of them and the joy they have brought me.

However, there are five special ladies that mean the world to me. I would like to honor them today.

1.This beautiful lady was my Granny. She had the greenest thumb ever and the most beautiful garden. She enjoyed going fishing and to yard sales. She had a love for beautiful things. She loved her family. She loved my hubby. I often joke that she loved him more than me! She told me once that when she met Kevin, that she knew I would be alright. The last place she traveled to was my wedding, before getting really sick. She died 7 months later in 1994. I always hated the fact that my children never knew her. Below is another picture of her with my mom. I always thought she was beautiful.

2. My mother in law.(She is holding Kevin in the picture above.) I first met her in December of 1989, right after Christmas. Kevin and I had been seriously dating since November and he invited me to meet the family during our school break. That was the first of many visits. Because my parents were still overseas, I spent many weekends with my husband's family. She made me clothes and helped me with my laundry.
She still helps me in many ways. I appreciate her for all she does, but mostly I love her, because she helped mold my husband into the man of God he is today. She also is a wonderful grandmother. I have been blessed.

3. My Nanny. My second mom. My friend. She loved her family, even the extended family. She was known as a caregiver and loved on anyone who would let her. My sister and I would roll our eyes when she would come along with her hugs and slobbery kisses, but I would give anything to have one of those kisses now. I am at a loss of words, for her passing on still hurts. However, if you would like to read more about this beautiful lady and what she meant to me and my family you can read here and here. What can I say, I loved her...

4. My sister Amber. I totally HEART this girl. She makes me laugh. She helps me feel "normal." If you read her blog you will know why I say that, cause she gets herself in the craziest situations... When I had Kayla she was still in college. Kayla adored her and still does. I can still hear her telling everyone in her dorm that she was going to be an aunt, while I was on the phone. She spoiled my children rotten. I think it is safe to say that my children were her stepping stone to motherhood. She is a great mom to my three adorable nephews. We have been through a lot together... Thanks, Amb for being more than my sister, thanks for being my friend. I love you.

5. My mom. Now I am going to start by saying that I have the best mom in the world! I am totally blessed and humbled that God chose such a Godly woman to raise me. She set the bar high, but I try everyday to follow the path she made in this world we call motherhood. I think I said best how I feel, in a previous post I wrote on her birthday. You can read it here. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!! I love you very much.

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my blog friends, may God bless you in a special way this weekend...for after reading everyone's blog, I know you all deserve it!!! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

No Rhyme or Reason, but What a Day!

Ever had one of those days where it seems like a little bit of everything happened. A few highs, a few lows, a little bit of laughter and a whole lot of mundane? Today was one of those days.

I started out this morning on a good note. I washed my hair, so it was nice and shiny, all fluffed up instead of pulled back in a ponytail or clip. (I work with babies...they don't usually care what my hair looks like, they just want to know what it tastes like or if it tugs good.) I got to wear my favorite jeans instead of my scrub uniform because it is Friday. I'm feeling comfy and good. Just the fact that it is Friday has me smiling.

At noon I headed to the school during my lunch break, to eat the Mother's Day Lunch with my son. I stood in line with him, ate my cold chicken strips and tasteless mashed potatoes like a trooper and then was informed to "hurry up." Evidently the thought of going to recess was more important than sitting and talking with dear old mom. Oh how they grow up! Last year I received the beautiful handmade card and stories. This year nada, nothing, zilch...just a "Mom, are you finished, so I can go out and play..." I wanted to cry, but I was brave. Just to make myself feel better, I wanted to slobber kisses all over him, yell "I love you, Jordan!" and embarrass him real good...but I didn't. I was a big girl. I smiled and said "You can go." and whispered "I love you." However, I did get the smile. That precious smile that says "I love you too!", but I'm not going to say it here. They really do grow up too fast.

Right before going back to work, I talk to my husband on the phone. He told me he wasn't feeling well and was going to the doctor. (MY HUSBAND DOESN'T GO TO THE DOCTOR UNLESS SOMETHING IS REALLY, REALLY WRONG!) I knew he didn't have a cold or a broken bone, so I felt clueless as to why... "My chest hurts." Be still my heart. LITERALLY!!! My husband is a big teddy bear of a guy. I worry constantly about his health as it is... I felt helpless at that moment. Somehow I had to manage to work through the rest of the afternoon, not going crazy with worry.

I leave straight from work to go to the baseball game. Have to keep things normal for the kids, right? Papa and Grandma had taken Jordan to the game, so when I arrived they had already started playing. We have a joke that Jordan plays better when I'm not around. I'm beginning to almost believe that statement. I went to the concession stand, which was in slow mode and missed Jordan hitting the ball and stealing base...good grief! However, before the game was over, he had made a run, a good play in outfield, and his RBI was the point made. Shall I say happy camper?! Jordan had a good night of ball.

I know I left you hanging about Kevin, but I was following the timeline of the day. Kev showed up halfway through the game. He is OK. His EKG turned out OK. He is still hurting but the doctor diagnosed his problem, (can't remember what it is called at the moment) and gave him a prescription. So we shall see... The good news is that it doesn't seem to be heart related. The bad news is that he still hurts off and on. Please say a pray for him. I will keep you posted. It is a scary thing. How we take the people we love forgranted until face with uncertainty. I am so thankful, that for the moment, he is alright.

Jordan went to spend the night with a friend. It is quiet.

We had breakfast for dinner. One of my favorite meals. We had turkey bacon, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs and rolls. Yummy! Before you think we are all health conscious eating turkey products over the usual pork, my husband can't eat pork. Good thing my family likes things well done, cause I burnt the bacon, almost burnt the sausage and then tried to cook my finger. Yep! I burned my thumb too. I have two beautiful big blisters on my thumb that HURT!!! I am wishing I had one of my Nanny's Aloe Vera plants right now.

My sister called. Asking about Kev. Or was it to harass me about my very dated cell phone. I can't remember. Amb, I did discover that I can receive text, I just have to work real hard to find know me and electronics! I won't give anything away as to why they were picking on each other, but I had to be the middle man, once again for the childish banter that goes on between my husband and sister. You would think they were related or something!!! :)

I also talked to my dad. Again about Kevin. Thanks for the "concern."

I am now sitting here, writing with no rhyme or reason, outlining my day. My husband is in the living room resting in his big comfy chair watching the tube. Down the hall I can hear Kayla's music, I hope she still has hearing when she turns twenty! Jordan is at a friend's house...I already miss his goodnight hug.

What is next?

I'm going to get ready for bed, because I'm tired.

I am going to say a prayer of thanksgiving for my family, for their health and their protection.

I am going to say thanks for my extended family. In laws that help when needed and support their grand kids in all they do. My parents who care and love unconditionally. My sister for her love and friendship and for keeping me laughing with her crazy blog.

And... well I think that is enough randomness for one day, don't you.

Goodnight friends!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Reality Buzz...

Last night I was sitting in my bedroom, folding clothes, while watching the result show of American Idol. I'm a huge fan. Have been since Kelly Clarkson won the first title. I was a little nervous because I am a Kris Allen fan and I know that this week was not his best week. But he is so cute, loves the Lord and has the cutest young wife. They are just cute. Not to mention that he is from my home state and can sing!

I was also a little worried about my man Danny too. Love him. He has soul in his voice and when he sings you feel it. Does that make any sense? Anyway, Rock Week was not the best week for my guys, so I was nervous...just a bit.

And then Ryan calls the first name, the first person "safe" and I was doing the happy dance! He called this guy...

Yeah! The shock on Kris Allen's face was priceless. I loved that moment. The only thing better would have been if Adam had gone home. Sorry Adam fans. I know he can sing, but he just flat out gets on my nerves. It probably has to do more with the fact that I like Kris and Danny better and he is standing in their way!!! But I will just have to be excited that even though he is still on the show, Ryan also called this soul man to sit in one of the "safe" chairs.

More happy dancing! Way to go Danny.

I also watch the Biggest Loser. I keep hoping that it will inspire me to get off the couch and move around ... not totally there yet although I have lost 15 pounds since January. Better than nothing I guess.

My favorite on there is Mike. This young guy with a BIG heart. He gives away his prizes, totally loves his family and actually has set the record as the most pounds lost on the show. He and his dad are truly inspirational.

Last but definitely not least is Dancing With The Stars. I really like most every one left on the show for different reasons. Ty the bull rider makes me laugh. Melissa is just plain good! Shawn is so cute and adorable and this guy...

would make an excellent French version of Mr. Darcy...

I don't think there is anything left to say.

Have a great day!