Thursday, May 28, 2009

News Feed...

Kevin left for the senior trip this morning with seven kids. They have a weekend planned full of Six Flags, the water park, a baseball game, putt putt and who knows what else.

Jordan had his awards assembly yesterday. Mommy is smiling big. He received a blue ribbon for straight A's. And he was also given an art award.

Kayla had her assembly today. She received an award in band and one for her accomplishments in social studies. Who knew?!

Kevin has been feeling a little better. It comes and goes. Still not sure what is wrong. Please keep on praying.

Jordan insisted on staying home today from school. I wanted him to go, daddy let him go to grandma's. I got him after lunch. Thanks dad!!! HE IS GOING TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school.

I'm working on my 80's party. Did you know that the chocolate fountain was invented in the 80's? I think we are going to have one at the party.

Kayla has painted her nails three times today, but her toenails still need some work. Can anyone explain that to me?

Jordan is already bored...

I have two t-shirts to chose from for the 80's party. Air Supply or "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Still deciding...

Oh no, it is summer. I'm still hoping that "pale is the new tan" and that a little "plumpness" is considered the new muscle.

I have tomorrow off work to catch up on my life and work on the upcoming party. But I am going to get up early because...did I tell you I am making Jordan go to school?

My goal is to have a totally clean house by the time the hubby returns.

Oh so much to do and so little time...

Did I tell you I have to lead a small group at camp? I'm terrified. Totally out of my comfort zone and a story for a later post.

I received the sweetest card from a friend today. A wonderful little pick-me-up.

I feel blessed because of the sweet comments left my way the other day.

God is so good. Why he puts up with me I will never understand, but I am so thankful he does.

Our family is calling it a night...


Jim said...


Continuing to pray for Kevin and your summer. We are so looking forward to the retreat and vacation together in July in Tennessee.

We love you all.

Sarah Dawn said...

I truly believe the pale look is in. Have fun, splash around, and enjoy your summer. Plenty of time to work on the tan in winter :)

Sarah Dawn

Anonymous said...

Dear Mich,

Wow, a comment already…I just posted and it is so early…I wonder what time it is where you are. Thank you! I enjoy meeting mothers who love the LORD.
The scripture you chose for your heading is wonderful!

I look forward to coming to your blog.

See you!


Joy in The Truth said...

Thanks for stopping by! Truly nice to meet you in Bloggityville! Your blog reflect such love! His love!

I'll be back!


Sarah Dawn said...


Thanks for such a sweet comment, glad I could splahs your morning. I'm following along with you, so delighted to get to know you a bit more.

Hugs for your day,
Sarah Dawn

Amber said...

Busy stuff, huh?

Good luck on the cleaning thing. I'm taking the boys swimming today just to get a break from the baseball vortex we've been sucked into. I'm so tired of washing the SAME ball uniform. Oh well. Remind that I'm the one that LOVES baseball....k?

Oh...and I'd go with Air Supply.