Monday, May 18, 2009

Calgon Take ME Away!!!

OK, many of the blogs I read have been doing this "gratitude Monday" thing, which I think is a great idea. (Kudos to Gretchen!) In fact I have many things that I am totally thankful for today. My family, friends, my church family, the way God provides... Yes, I could list bunches, because I am a very blessed girl and I know it, even when I don't want to admit I know it. I guess you are wondering where all this is leading, so I am going to tell you!

With everyone being so "thankful" and everything, I needed to put that little bit in so I wouldn't feel totally guilty when I start complaining. Yep! I have a bone to pick. Don't worry it is not "the world is coming to an end" bone. Just an everyday, "am I the only one in the world who has this problem, good ol fashion pet peeves" kind of bone!!!

See here is my problem. I am normally a non confrontational kind of gal. But in everyday life, that non confrontation builds and builds until I'm eat up with it and then I come home and the littlest thing sets me off. My kids and my husband don't stand a chance when I'm in one of my "moods!" Does anyone get what I'm saying?

You see, I would much rather blow a gasket over something little, mundane and insignificant than fight, heaven forbid, over something that truly matters. In other words I would rather fuss at my kids about something that is no big deal, than stand up for myself out in this crazy world. Is there something wrong with me?

Even as I type, I'm laughing at myself because I just let my kid have it over...

Is there a class to teach how to be bold? Is there a seminar that will actually show me how to speak my mind? Is there a Nanny class that will teach the kids and hubby what not to do and how to stay out of Mommy's way on certain days?! Is there a book that explains how to overlook my pet peeves?

I get a phone call from a friend and then they put me on hold! Sorry, but you called ME!!! Don't call me and then don't have time to talk as if talking to me is a burden. I don't like listening to air!!! At least get some elevator music or something! Can't stand that! If we have been talking to each other a while, that is one thing, but don't put me on hold within the first 5 seconds of calling me. And then tell me it is another friend... RUDE! However, I'm just too nice to hang up!

I go to get a drink out of the refrigerator...three empty cartons. My kids are the world's worst about doing this. If you drink all the milk, don't put the empty carton back in the fridge. If you get the last Gogurt, throw the empty box away. Is there a reason they put the empty cereal box back in the cabinet? Do they think the "trash elves" are going to magically follow them around and throw everything away?

When you come home from school, please don't leave your backpack right in the doorway for Mom to trip over. Please! My toe still hurts.

Don't take 45 minutes to eat your snow cone because daddy said you could eat it before doing your chores for the day. Mom comes home and you still haven't started your chores... (My family is smiling at this one because they can guess who the guilty party is.) You explain yourself by saying you are a "slow eater." IT IS FLAVORED ICE!!! Do they think I was born on another planet?

Amb, a monkey is starting to sound like a good idea...

Yep! One of those PET PEEVE filled days! Or you could say the day was just plain normal, and I was just in a "mood." Either way, I'm trying my hardest to be thankful amidst the frustration. Maybe I'll just go take a bath or a nap or...

Do they still sell Calgon?


Gretchen said...

Preach it, Sistah! I mean the empty milk cartons are the last straw!

Mich, Mich, Mich...the reason I do gladitudes is that much of my time is spent pulling empty Gogurt containers in a fit of frustration from the fridge.

Gladitudes are a reminder to myself that I have much for which to be thankful, in the midst of wanting to pull my (or someone else's) hair out on a daily basis.

Sometimes, it just is daily, my friend. Sigh. I wish that weren't so.

Thank God for God. Loving on us, giving grace and mercy right where we need it most.

Praying for a smoother weekend for you. Hugs!

Gretchen said...

That would be a smoother week. Sadly, the weekend is ovah! xxxooo

Amber said...

See...I told you the monkey thing was a good idea.

Jennifer said...

Girl, sometimes you just gotta let it all out!! I think in the midst of it all, our fams know we still love them!!

Hope you have a great rest of the week!!

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

I can relate! In fact, that is one of the quotes that often comes out of my mouth when things are not quite working out in my world..."Calgon...take me away!" :)