Friday, May 15, 2009

I blinked...

I was going through some pictures last night and found this...

I realize that the simple pleasures of hugs and ice cream do not exist in their preteen world right now, having been replaced with mean words and "I don't like you!" Oh, I know deep down they love each other and every once in a while when they don't realize they are "getting along" they share a laugh or two. I also know that they will come out of this crazy stage they are in and the older they get enjoy each other's company, probably ganging up together against me!

But for now, I will just go get my box of Kleenex... because somewhere along the way I blinked and they grew...


Jim said...

Pass the Kleenex, we're blinking, too! Man, they were (and are) cute together!
Dad and Mom

Christi said...

What a cute picture!

I bet if you pulled out a couple of bowls of ice cream, those cute little smiles would magically reappear! Then you could grab the camera again! :)

Can't go wrong with ice cream!

Amber said... I was watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians yesterday (don't judge's good trashy tv!), and the mom was going through this whole empty nest thing. She was crying about her babies growing up and remembering when they were little. SOLUTION...she got a monkey. Yes. A baby monkey.

Maybe you should get a monkey. Just a suggestion.

Gretchen said...

A baby monkey? draw up your plans for their rooms for when they leave the house, Mich. You can have a big ol' closet if you wish.

Not helpful?

Well, here's a secret: I feel ya. Because I blinked and almost 11 and nearly 13 came to my house, too. And sometimes, there is snark. Even though it's normal, it hurts a momma's heart. Hugs to you.