Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Searching for "Kindred Spirits"

When I was in tenth grade a mini series came out on the Disney Channel. Even though I was in high school and usually a big fan of the Brat Pack, Top Gun and Bon Jovi, I secretly loved watching my new "kindred spirit" every week. I couldn't wait to see what kind of trouble she would get into next, what adventures she would have or if she would finally admit that she really did love the boy of her dreams, my Gilbert. (He ALMOST ranks up there with Mr. Darcy. In a boy next door type of way.)
Her name was Anne (with an "e") and she made me smile.

My dad recorded the series Anne of Green Gables and the sequel that followed. We took those videos overseas on part 2 of our missionary adventure and let me tell you...I wore those tapes out!!! My friends and I would have sleepovers and have a movie marathon, not going to sleep until the final "kiss." The phrase "kindred spirit" was used among my girlfriends. We even had code names for the "Gilbert's" in our lives.

Crazy, huh? Yet, when I see all the movies that come out today and what movie producers think they have to put into all those movies... I wish there were a few more good 'ol movies like the ones that took place on Green Gables or in Avonlea. I wish there were more leading ladies that made us smile and feel better about our weaknesses and leading men like Gilbert who truly knew how to love and be a friend. What happened to those kind of characters? What happened to those kind of movies?

I know you are probably wondering why I brought Anne up. Today I picked Kayla up from French class and as we are driving home she asks what we are doing this weekend. I'm not sure yet, but the way our schedules have been going lately I knew there must be something... When I asked her "WHY?" she shrugged and said that she would really like to watch Anne of Green Gables again... Be still my heart! My daughter knows me oh so well!

I don't know if it will happen THIS weekend, but rest assured this Mom is going to take the opportunity given to her and we will watch Anne real soon. Anyone want to join us?

Gilbert, I'm coming. I'm "surry" (sorry) it has been so long.


Anonymous said...

My college roommate and I were too cheap for cable so we didn't actually get any stations on our TV. We owned "Gone With the Wind" and we would rent the AofGG series. One of those two movies was playing in our apartment 24/7.

My family gave me the DVDs for Christmas and I almost cried. Sigh. I wish I lived close enough to get in on the viewing this weekend. It's better when watched with other kindred spirits.

Amber said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I want to come to the Gilbert party.

Because I heart those movies.
And I heart you girls.

Jim said...

Dare I say it and cultivate the looks from guys who won't admit openly that they get caught up in Anne and Gilberts' lives? I enjoy the series with all of it "kindred" moments. The characters of Marilla and Matthew, her foster family were a treat. Marilla had this kind of gruff way, but do you recall how her face looked when she grinned and laughed. She'd light up the room.
Then Matthew, an aged bachelor brother, when he went to buy Anne a dress at the store. Good believable acting by a favorite of mine. Have I whetted anyone appitite for the night at Green Gables?
See you all, kindreds.
Dad Jim

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

That's awesome that she wants to take some time to hang out with mom and watch movies.

Those times are just the BEST!

Maybe Caylie and I need to rent those and have a girls movie night this weekend...you've planted a seed! :)