Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh how I love you...let me count the ways!!!

May 20th is my hubby's birthday! He will be 39 years old! We met our freshman year of college, when we both had work study in the cafeteria. Although it was one of the worst jobs on campus, I am thankful for the opportunity to work there. It was at good 'ol Walt's (that is what they use to call the cafeteria when I went to school) that I met my closest and dearest college pals. Friends like Missy, Tina, Wade, Jody...saw me through the highs and lows of my college days. It was also where I met Kevin. We use to call him the singing dishwasher, 'cause he would always be singing while at work. Snow White had nothing on him!

We ended up dating all four years of college and then got married right after Kevin graduated. 20 years... I have known Kev for almost 20 years. It is amazing that he has put up with me all these years (for I am probably not an easy person to always live with).

So in honor of my best friend's birthday, I will "count the ways" he makes my heart smile.

1. I love to hear him sing. He started out as a music major in college but decided he wasn't cut out for music theory and changed his focus to student ministry. God had a plan. Kev has a beautiful voice which he continues to use in his ministry. He has led worship on Sundays, he has sung at many a wedding and sadly, too many funerals, but my favorite moments are when he is just playing around with the kids, guitar in hand, belting out the latest tune.

2. I love his servant's heart. He is the guy that will stop on the side of the road to help a stranger. He is the minister that is in the kitchen washing dishes after every fellowship. He hears of a need and he does what he can to help. I am so thankful for his example for my kids.

3. I love his laugh. He can be moody, like everybody at times. There are days when he comes home from work, having given his all, that he wants to crash in the recliner and veg. Yet, he can find joy in the simplest things. Find humor in difficult situations. And totally loves to have a good laugh. His whole face lights up.

4. He gives the best hugs. They tell me that in high school the girls called him "Kevi Bear." When they needed a pal, a listening ear or just a big hug he was there. I can see why. I think he has the best shoulder to lean on. He gives the best hugs in the world!

5. He takes care of his kids. Since I have gone back to work, he has done a lot to help me out. Taking on the responsibility of the kids is one of them. He takes them to school for me every morning and picks them up every afternoon. He hauls Jordan to and from baseball practice and has even taken Kay to dance. He has been a "sub" room mom, in my place for many parties, taken videos of school programs and has sat through award assemblies when I couldn't. I appreciate his willingness to be there for his kids.

6. He is willing to help me. There are plenty of days he comes home and crashes, but it is not unusual to find him helping me with the laundry or the dishes. On the days he does something like that, it makes my heart smile.

7. He is good at what he does. If you see him in action, then you have no doubt that he was called to be a Student Minister. He loves teenagers and college students. He can guide them in the Word as a minister, play around as a friend and provide the stability of a parent. I have seen him surrounded by 7Th grade girls learning the dance to High School Musical. He loves to beat the pants off the boys in ping pong and he enjoys being the chaplain for the football team and recording every game. Yet, he also loves it when a teenager comes to our house to talk to him about salvation (like this past Sunday afternoon), or he is able to take a bus load of kids to camp or one of his students send him a message on Facebook saying that she loved what he said about worship... I am blessed to witness someone do what they are truly called in this life to do.

8. He loves his family. He adores and takes pride in our kids. He spends time with them. He laughs with them. He also would do anything for his parents and his brother. And his in laws. He also has a lot of love for my family. I treasure that. And I can't help but mention that he has a big extended family that he enjoys seeing and hanging out with. He is a total family man.

9. He loves me. I am not perfect and I have given him plenty of grief, yet he loves me. There is security in that. He is my best friend and my soul mate. Just knowing he has my back in this crazy world means everything. I am truly blessed!

10. He loves my Jesus. It doesn't get any better than that. I am blessed to be married to a guy that loves the Lord. I am in awe of his testimony. I am humbled by his servant's heart. I am overwhelmed by the depth of love he has showed me through the years. But most important, I am touched everyday by the love he has for Jesus.

Happy birthday, Kev! I love you bunches!!!


Jim said...

Sis & Kev,
1. Ditto! (Eng)
2. Tambien! (Span)
3. Also! (Eng)
4. Tok! (Thai)
5. Likewise! (Eng)
6. Tong-dehada! (Kor)
7. Agree! (Eng)
8. Asimismo! (Span)
9. Showttee! (Bengali)
10.We heart you, Kev!(Mich/Amb)

Mom and Dad

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

I bet that getting to read that will be his very best birthday gift! :)

Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Kevin! You are definitely an asset to the Bryant family and I'm proud to call you "nephew"!

Are you sure you're not really a "Bryant"? >>> You and my bro are a lot alike. Or, is it that you've spent too much time around him? haha

Aunt Jo

Amber said...

Ahhh...I heart Kev, too.

Definitely a big brother to me.

Give him a huge hug from all of us. And wish him a ginormous Happy Birthday!!

Gretchen said...

So, I'm thinking that this Kev guy is pretty kewl.

Happy Birthday!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Happy Birthday to Kevi Bear! Give him a hug for me. I'm so glad he met you. You guys are so perfect for each other!