Monday, May 25, 2009

Raindrops of peace...

It was raining when I got out of church this morning. I know there were many disappointed faces, for it being a holiday weekend and all, people have plans. But I have to be honest...I loved it.

It was that good kind of rain. No tornado warnings, booming thunder or flashing lightening, just the sound of raindrops softly hitting the ground. If it had to rain, this is the best kind. It is curl up in bed, take a nap or watch a Hallmark movie kind of weather. Gotta love afternoons like that! Laziness? Of course not! Besides it doesn't count as that on Sunday, for that is the official day of rest, you know! So, I took advantage of the quiet afternoon to lay and veg.

I then cooked us a late dinner. It was "clean out the freezer" night, so... there was half a bag of french fries, half a bag of steak fingers, a bag of okra and a small box of popcorn shrimp. I got the old "fry daddy" out of hiding and fried away. No use being healthy on a holiday, I say! It was totally yummy! I didn't even eat any meat myself, I just loaded up on okra.
( At least it was a green veggie...that has got to count for something.)

I enjoy days like this. It seems like time stands still. Just hanging out as a family is always nice these days, when life is usually so chaotic and busy. It is in the simplicity of the rain today that I found peace. Just like God sends the rains to nourish the earth, he sends me His love to nourish my soul.

Thank you, Lord. I needed a quiet, rainy day like today to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment. Thank you for showering me with blessings today. May I be renewed for a week of trying my best to live for you.


Jim said...

Amen, Sis! And ditto. We had two good services though some were out of town for the Memorial Day decorating thing! It was a lazy afternoon, too, and at this writing (Monday 7:15 am) with the same kind of "easy" pitt'r patt'r of God's liquid sunshine, it looks to be a nice "vegetat'n" kind of a day. (I wonder why we call being kind of lay-around lazy - VEGETATING? - any ideas?)

Well, enjoy the day!

We love you all.

Amber said...

I love how Dad is now referring to himself as Jim-Dad on your blog, too. I'm going to start calling him that in real life...because it's catchy. And I think he likes it.

Amen! on lazy days. There just isn't anything better.

Glad y'all had a great day and had okra!!! YUMMY!!!

Jo said...

It's rained here off and on all weekend here, too, and today (Monday) it has barely let up before it has a go at it again. Like you, I'm just glad that there's no thunder & lightening and tornado warnings. I've had my fill of that this year, and then some!
My pups are not fans of water (they hate baths), so they go no further than the covered deck when I turn them out from time to time. Lucky for me, they are trained to the puppy pads inside.

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday. I love you all.

Aunt Jo

Gretchen said...

Enjoy your peaceful, easy feeling, Mich. And that frydaddy meal sounds delectable!