Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After church tonight my family and I went to a friend's house for the finale of American Idol. Same place I went last year at this time. It was fun. We had cheese dip and chips, we enjoyed singing the oldies but goodies and we all discussed the different acts that came on stage and important issues like...

"How high are Fergie's shoes anyway?"

"Did Queen L. lose weight?"

"Kiss?!!! Out of all the great rock acts, they chose KISS?!!! Where is Steven Tyler?"

"Do you think bikini girl was mad after she was showed up by the judge?"

"Who is Cindy Lauper?" (This was asked by a 7th grader. I about fell out of my chair. Man, I'm getting old!!!)

As you can tell, real important stuff.

Of course I drooled when Kris sang with Keith Urban. I got a little nostalgic when Danny sang with my man, Lionel and I chuckled when I saw Steve Martin playing the banjo. You just never know what is going to happen on the finale.

Then Ryan is about to announce the winner. I am a Kris fan, so there was always a little hope that he would win, but I can not lie. I secretly thought Adam had this in the bag. The whole show seemed gear towards him somehow. We new the judges liked him, they picked songs and themes that made him look incredible and then they announced Kris?

Say what?!!! I think I was about as stunned as Kris himself. (Or maybe he is just thinking, "Oh no, I have to sing that awful song again!)

While the room of teenage girls that I was in went into hysterics over our homeboy making it, all I could think of was WOW!

I think that is really all I have to say, for I truly am speechless...

Congrats to Kris! May you use the gifts and talents God gave you for His glory!


Jim said...

Aunt Jo, Richard, and Bob were over for supper tonight. Had a good visit. Bob had a meeting but the others stayed for "Idol". What a win - indeed, Kris was even surprised. And did I see that when everyone else stood up, Simon kept his seat?

As I said on Amb's blog, I bet Conway is going crazy tonight.

It was a good win and I pray he will use it for God's glory.

Love you,

Christi said...

We sure had a house full of happy campers last night!

Right after the announcement, Corey's mom tried to get tickets for her and some of the girl relativs to go to the LR concert...and it was already sold out! :(

Gretchen said...

Even tho I voted more often for Adam than for Kris, I'm super glad Kris won. They'll both have marvy careers. Great idea with an Idol party. I'll have to think about that for next year.

Amber said...

Woot Woot!!

And how cute was his wife?

I heart him. I really do.

Jo said...

Great upset and a surprise to many! I thought most of the show was OK, but wasn't crazy about some of it, like KISS. (I thought they were defunct! Guess not!
Happy for Kris, and I'm looking forward to hearing music from Danny and Kris.

My 'puter caught a bad virus yesterday. Expert pc ppl cleaned it up today and added some new and updated protection. Hopefully, it won't happen again.