Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Tribute...

I have been a very blessed lady. God put me in a very loving and caring environment. I grew up feeling loved and secure. I grew up knowing about the Lord and sacrifice. I grew up knowing what true faith means. I grew up with a bunch of Proverbs 31 women.

Unfortunately I can't list them all. As I have said before, I've been blessed. There have been special aunts, cousins and Missionary ladies that have all influenced my life greatly over the years. I have a wonderful sister in-law who is the mother of my beautiful niece. Kevin's "Me Me" was this spunky lady who I adored. And I've had beautiful friends and supporters as a minster's wife in the churches my husband has served in. I thank God for each one of them and the joy they have brought me.

However, there are five special ladies that mean the world to me. I would like to honor them today.

1.This beautiful lady was my Granny. She had the greenest thumb ever and the most beautiful garden. She enjoyed going fishing and to yard sales. She had a love for beautiful things. She loved her family. She loved my hubby. I often joke that she loved him more than me! She told me once that when she met Kevin, that she knew I would be alright. The last place she traveled to was my wedding, before getting really sick. She died 7 months later in 1994. I always hated the fact that my children never knew her. Below is another picture of her with my mom. I always thought she was beautiful.

2. My mother in law.(She is holding Kevin in the picture above.) I first met her in December of 1989, right after Christmas. Kevin and I had been seriously dating since November and he invited me to meet the family during our school break. That was the first of many visits. Because my parents were still overseas, I spent many weekends with my husband's family. She made me clothes and helped me with my laundry.
She still helps me in many ways. I appreciate her for all she does, but mostly I love her, because she helped mold my husband into the man of God he is today. She also is a wonderful grandmother. I have been blessed.

3. My Nanny. My second mom. My friend. She loved her family, even the extended family. She was known as a caregiver and loved on anyone who would let her. My sister and I would roll our eyes when she would come along with her hugs and slobbery kisses, but I would give anything to have one of those kisses now. I am at a loss of words, for her passing on still hurts. However, if you would like to read more about this beautiful lady and what she meant to me and my family you can read here and here. What can I say, I loved her...

4. My sister Amber. I totally HEART this girl. She makes me laugh. She helps me feel "normal." If you read her blog you will know why I say that, cause she gets herself in the craziest situations... When I had Kayla she was still in college. Kayla adored her and still does. I can still hear her telling everyone in her dorm that she was going to be an aunt, while I was on the phone. She spoiled my children rotten. I think it is safe to say that my children were her stepping stone to motherhood. She is a great mom to my three adorable nephews. We have been through a lot together... Thanks, Amb for being more than my sister, thanks for being my friend. I love you.

5. My mom. Now I am going to start by saying that I have the best mom in the world! I am totally blessed and humbled that God chose such a Godly woman to raise me. She set the bar high, but I try everyday to follow the path she made in this world we call motherhood. I think I said best how I feel, in a previous post I wrote on her birthday. You can read it here. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!! I love you very much.

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my blog friends, may God bless you in a special way this weekend...for after reading everyone's blog, I know you all deserve it!!! :)


Amber said...

I wasn't prepared with Kleenex when I started on this post. You should have a warning attached to the beginning.

I heart you like crazy! You make me smile...and laugh...and jealous (because you got kickin' decorating skilz -- just sayin').

And you picked the best pictures for this post...except the marshmallow roasting picture...I had pink eye for goodness' sake!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Jim said...

Loved the pictures and the sentiments. You know, when you start down "memory lane" it's always a reminder of how truly blessed we are with our ever-widening circle of family!
Love you and hope all of your "post" Mother's Day experience continues to bless!
Love you,