Friday, May 8, 2009

No Rhyme or Reason, but What a Day!

Ever had one of those days where it seems like a little bit of everything happened. A few highs, a few lows, a little bit of laughter and a whole lot of mundane? Today was one of those days.

I started out this morning on a good note. I washed my hair, so it was nice and shiny, all fluffed up instead of pulled back in a ponytail or clip. (I work with babies...they don't usually care what my hair looks like, they just want to know what it tastes like or if it tugs good.) I got to wear my favorite jeans instead of my scrub uniform because it is Friday. I'm feeling comfy and good. Just the fact that it is Friday has me smiling.

At noon I headed to the school during my lunch break, to eat the Mother's Day Lunch with my son. I stood in line with him, ate my cold chicken strips and tasteless mashed potatoes like a trooper and then was informed to "hurry up." Evidently the thought of going to recess was more important than sitting and talking with dear old mom. Oh how they grow up! Last year I received the beautiful handmade card and stories. This year nada, nothing, zilch...just a "Mom, are you finished, so I can go out and play..." I wanted to cry, but I was brave. Just to make myself feel better, I wanted to slobber kisses all over him, yell "I love you, Jordan!" and embarrass him real good...but I didn't. I was a big girl. I smiled and said "You can go." and whispered "I love you." However, I did get the smile. That precious smile that says "I love you too!", but I'm not going to say it here. They really do grow up too fast.

Right before going back to work, I talk to my husband on the phone. He told me he wasn't feeling well and was going to the doctor. (MY HUSBAND DOESN'T GO TO THE DOCTOR UNLESS SOMETHING IS REALLY, REALLY WRONG!) I knew he didn't have a cold or a broken bone, so I felt clueless as to why... "My chest hurts." Be still my heart. LITERALLY!!! My husband is a big teddy bear of a guy. I worry constantly about his health as it is... I felt helpless at that moment. Somehow I had to manage to work through the rest of the afternoon, not going crazy with worry.

I leave straight from work to go to the baseball game. Have to keep things normal for the kids, right? Papa and Grandma had taken Jordan to the game, so when I arrived they had already started playing. We have a joke that Jordan plays better when I'm not around. I'm beginning to almost believe that statement. I went to the concession stand, which was in slow mode and missed Jordan hitting the ball and stealing base...good grief! However, before the game was over, he had made a run, a good play in outfield, and his RBI was the point made. Shall I say happy camper?! Jordan had a good night of ball.

I know I left you hanging about Kevin, but I was following the timeline of the day. Kev showed up halfway through the game. He is OK. His EKG turned out OK. He is still hurting but the doctor diagnosed his problem, (can't remember what it is called at the moment) and gave him a prescription. So we shall see... The good news is that it doesn't seem to be heart related. The bad news is that he still hurts off and on. Please say a pray for him. I will keep you posted. It is a scary thing. How we take the people we love forgranted until face with uncertainty. I am so thankful, that for the moment, he is alright.

Jordan went to spend the night with a friend. It is quiet.

We had breakfast for dinner. One of my favorite meals. We had turkey bacon, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs and rolls. Yummy! Before you think we are all health conscious eating turkey products over the usual pork, my husband can't eat pork. Good thing my family likes things well done, cause I burnt the bacon, almost burnt the sausage and then tried to cook my finger. Yep! I burned my thumb too. I have two beautiful big blisters on my thumb that HURT!!! I am wishing I had one of my Nanny's Aloe Vera plants right now.

My sister called. Asking about Kev. Or was it to harass me about my very dated cell phone. I can't remember. Amb, I did discover that I can receive text, I just have to work real hard to find know me and electronics! I won't give anything away as to why they were picking on each other, but I had to be the middle man, once again for the childish banter that goes on between my husband and sister. You would think they were related or something!!! :)

I also talked to my dad. Again about Kevin. Thanks for the "concern."

I am now sitting here, writing with no rhyme or reason, outlining my day. My husband is in the living room resting in his big comfy chair watching the tube. Down the hall I can hear Kayla's music, I hope she still has hearing when she turns twenty! Jordan is at a friend's house...I already miss his goodnight hug.

What is next?

I'm going to get ready for bed, because I'm tired.

I am going to say a prayer of thanksgiving for my family, for their health and their protection.

I am going to say thanks for my extended family. In laws that help when needed and support their grand kids in all they do. My parents who care and love unconditionally. My sister for her love and friendship and for keeping me laughing with her crazy blog.

And... well I think that is enough randomness for one day, don't you.

Goodnight friends!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was quite a day! I hope you sleep in tomorrow to recuperate from it all!

Amber said...

Long day, huh? Glad that things perked up once I became involved in the situation. As's all about me!!! *wink*

Tell Kev I heart him and that I'll let him pet my phone when I get it.

Jim said...

So glad to get your call and learn Kev is doing ok. Had us all goin' didn't he? I hope you get some rest tonight. We've had some heavy rain here this evening. Missouri had quite a day of it. I hope your part of the state gets spared, but it sounds like the weekend's in for it again.
Take care.
Love You,

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Whew! What a day!

Glad Kev is ok.

You sound like me with the antique cell phone. I still don't know how to check my voice mail.

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

Glad everything turned out ok! It was sure a full day! Take it easy today! :)