Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday at the Park?!!!

My hubby and a good friend from church, who happens to be a music teacher who is currently being a stay at home mom, put together a youth choir. It is something that was needed, something that had been missing from our church for a while. We have been running about 30 plus kids.
To reward the kiddos for their hard work this semester, Kevin signed them up to sing at Holiday at the Park, at Six Flags. Since not all the boys could go, due to ball games, Kevin and our music minister sang with the group. They went on a one night trip to Texas, where they sang and then got to play at the park for four hours. They had a great time.

Could you pick out my three? Wish I could have gone, but I had to work. I am so thankful they had a great time and for the moms who took pictures for me.

Hope you are having a beautiful week preparing for the big BIRTHDAY!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

It is Starting to Look a Little Like Christmas...

I have all but a couple of gifts bought, wrapped and under the tree. It is easier to do that when your children are older and you don't have to worry about "Santa." It is more about storage, which I have hardly none, so things get wrapped fast around here. It is a good feeling to know I am a hair away from being done.


I put my tree up Thanksgiving weekend. It took me another week to get all the storage boxes put away...good grief.
My main tree is full of angels, nativities, seasonal words and symbols of Christ. I LOVE it. Sometimes I just sit and watch the lights shimmer. It is simple, but that is how I felt this year. Simplicity was the key for me this year during a very busy and crazy time. I never even found something for the top of the tree. I thought about different things, but nothing seemed right, and I didn't want to spend the money. However, the more I look at it, the bare top has grown on me.
Sometimes I wish I could keep it up year peaceful. But then it wouldn't be as special, would it?

My "Santa tree" is in my dining room. It holds all the santas, snowmen, Hallmark ornaments and handmade ornaments that the kiddos have collected through the years.

My snowman collection. It wouldn't bee holiday decorating without them. I love each one, and the special people that gave them to me.

I was LATE getting my picture for my Christmas card this year. Too busy, rainy days and kids not working with me, that I was "stressing" about a picture. Finally, the night of the band Christmas concert, I got them both to agree to pose for their CRAZY mom and her camera. Simple, right? It was worse than taking pictures of toddlers. One would smile, the other wouldn't, or they would get goofy, and mom was serious. That is NEVER a fun moment. In the end, I didn't get the DREAM shot, that I can frame for the grandmas, but a few worthy enough for a Christmas card, I guess. I took plenty trying, though.
Some with Santa hats...

There were some with hugs...
There were some with the dog...
After umpteen BILLION shots, this is the one I finally ended up putting on a card, only I did it in black and white. Or it might have been one similar. Who knows, I took so many. :)


Move over Betty Crocker, I got my baking on. Last night I made Christmas cookies to give to my coworkers for the holidays. I made four different kinds of Oreo balls, easy but very yummy. I made peppermint bark. I made fudge. I also made these cute little guys...

I put a sampling of all I made in little gift boxes and gave them out today. Yummy for the tummy! They were received with smiles.

Christmas is just around the corner. It is so hard to believe it is almost here.
Praying you all have a safe and happy couple of weeks preparing for the holiday.
May you have peace...
After all, it will be the Prince of Peace's birthday real soon.

Monday, December 5, 2011

If you want stress...sign your child up for BAND!!!

My daughter decided to play the flute in 6Th grade. She is pretty good. She has managed to stay in the top three chairs in junior high and now is 6Th chair out of the high school band. Not too shabby.

Yeah, we are pretty proud of her. Her dad was a band geek and she is on her way to following in his footsteps. (only he played the trumpet.)

However, sometimes it is hard and stressful to be good at your craft. There are tears over missed notes, frustration over marching band, pressure from your peers and the band directors and stress over competitions.


If you were in band then you have a good idea what I am talking about. If you were not, well it is a competition between schools and the kids are ranked. Those that qualify get to play in a big concert later in the school year. It is the best of the best. It is a BIG deal!

Last year, my daughter "spazzed" out, as she would say and didn't do well at all. So, this year the nerves were running crazy. Tears, frustration, moments of "I HATE THE FLUTE!!!" and a roller coaster attitude that went from a calmness to full blown panic attack. She felt the pressure.

What is a mom to do?

We went over scripture. We hashed out the situation. We had many a pep talk. We prayed.

I put her on the bus Saturday morning, ready for the ordeal to be over. I prayed some more. I even cried a little over worry for her. And then I got the text that afternoon...

"I got first band 4 flute :) :) :) :) oh my gosh i am so happy but yet nervous at da same time. it was so good :) to kno he (God) was wit me."

Excuse the and their texts!!! She really does have an "A" in English. But I had to share.

Basically what that means, is out of 120 flutes, my baby came in 4Th. We are so proud!

And she is learning a valuable lesson early...God is with us in EVERYTHING.

God is good.