Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Baby Boy is 12!!!

This picture was taken last Sunday.
Isn't he cute?! I am wondering what he will look like in a few weeks...
You see, life dished out a cruel birthday surprise on my little boy for his birthday.
He broke his nose.
Yep, you read right. My little boy, doing what he has done everyday at recess (playing football) for who knows how long, broke his nose the day before his birthday. One way to make it memorable!
My hubby got the call yesterday afternoon. Jordan was bleeding, had a cut on his nose and the nose may be broken. He took him to the doctor.
Of course my mommy heart is dying, 'cause I am at work, having to let my hubby handle this. Which by the way, Kev is a GREAT caregiver and handles these situations like a pro. I was not worried about that at all, I just could not relax until I saw my baby. When he called back to say they were going to do a cat scan, because they couldn't get it to stop bleeding, I was a nervous wreck. I finally was able to leave. I prayed the who;e way that I wouldn't embarrass him and cry.
I survived the moment. A little weepy eyed, but when I saw him, I became calm. I think us moms can handle a lot, we just need to be able to see and touch our babies at times of stress. I could see both my hubby and Jor sigh with a relief when I walked through the door. He may be getting older, and he may be a daddy's boy, but when it comes to being hurt, my sweet boy STILL wants his mommy! :)
Anyway, he is going to be OK. The bleeding finally stopped. He has an appointment at the children's hospital next week to have it set. The hardest part will be keeping him from being a BOY until that time. Boys were just made to run, jump and be active. This boy will be benched for at least a few weeks. I don't know who will be more miserable, me or him? He is already "BORED."
As I look back at yesterday, I am thankful. It could have been so much worse. It is like I told Jordan, when he started to fuss, things happen. What happened to him yesterday, could have happened playing any sport. He actually could have hurt something else that could have benched him permanently. As it is for now, he just has a swollen nose.
My mommy heart survived...barely. But even then, I have to be thankful. My son has gone 12 years without any broken bones, surgeries or major sickness. We all know, and as I learned yesterday, that could all change in a heartbeat. Yesterday, was another reminder of how I should be thankful for each day, never taking each moment for granted. We get in such a rut of doing the same thing everyday, that I sometimes forget to just stop and say "Thanks!"
"Thank you, Lord for just being there. That even when we go about our everyday tasks, some of which we don't like, you are there. That each moment spent with family and friends are blessings, not to be taken for granted. Thank you, for when the hard moments come our way, that you provide strength and grace to see us through. Thank you."
I promised I would not put Jordan's picture, of his broken nose, on fb or my blog today. He is still getting use to his new look for the next few days. Although, his birthday party is next week, so I might sneak one in there. :) I did take pictures for his scrapbook. 'Cause one day he is going to have some stories to tell. He was playing football and he and a friend both went for the ball. The friend ended up with a cut and a knot on the head, Jordan a broken nose. However, after it happened, Jordan's friends said he looked at them and asked whether he got the ball. Just like a man!!! :)
Yes, he got the ball.

Happy Birthday, Jordan! Mom loves you so very much! I was so proud of you yesterday, and the strength you showed. You are my hero.

Lord, thank you for 12 beautiful years with this boy. May there be many more ahead...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today is my birthday.

I am still getting use to the idea that I have arrived at another milestone birthday. The years just seem like they have flown by. When I look back at my journey to get here, I am thankful. God has blessed me beyond measure. (I will try to write my thoughts on this when I have more time. I have plenty to say!)

So, Happy Birthday to me!

Hope you all have a beautiful day! It is a wonderful day to celebrate and be thankful.
In honor of my b-day, I want to know what your favorite kind of cake or pie is.
I LOVE PIES. Most kinds too. Right now because of the season, PUMPKIN is my favorite. Of course I can't pass up a good cheesecake. Wait, strawberry shortcake sounds good. And then there are apple pies, cobblers, strawberry cake and...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun...Oh, How My Kids Make Me Smile!

Friday night after soccer, I ran by Wally World and let my kids each pick out a pumpkin. They were so funny as they searched the big bins for just the right "Jack." They both have their own way of looking. Jordan quickly finds one that looks great, only to find out later in the car that one side is dented in. Kayla, however would take what would seem like HOURS to find the PERFECT pumpkin head. And I have to say, every year she finds one that is pretty near perfect.
I let them carve the pumpkins themselves this year. Which meant they also had to do all the dirty work too. It was so much fun watching them work. Jordan had more of a problem with the slime than Kayla. Kayla is all about getting messy when the activity calls for it. She called herself the "mad scientist" and named her round orange victim "Jack the Pumpkin King." Goofy girl!

However, when the carving was done, because a certain little man lacks patience and carved a little to quickly and got a little too close between the eyes, nose and mouth, poor Jordan ended up with this;

Of course I told him it kind of looks like a bat...

Jack the Pumpkin King turned out a little better.

Overall, the fun was just in the laughter shared with my kids. After a tough week, God knew I needed them and the joy they bring in the "little" moments. Making memories, isn't that what it is all about?

Hope you are having a blessed weekend. The week ahead is already looking a little brighter.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Volcano Erupted...all in the day and life of a working mom.

Have you ever held things in, day after day, until you absolutely think you are going to EXPLODE?

I do it all the time. It comes from being a people pleaser. I can't stand for ANYONE to be mad at me. The thought of confrontation with anyone but my hubby and kids makes me sick. The only reason I can half way let loose with them is just from years of practice. Well and the fact that I know they will still love me at the end of the day. :)

Anyway, I have had a situation at work that I am not happy about. I'm not mad at anyone. I don't want anyone mad at me. I just am a little frustrated. Actually, scratch that, I AM A LOT FRUSTRATED. However, being the people pleaser that I am, I will never say anything. I don't want to cause more problems. I don't want everyone mad at me. I don't want to be the reason changes are made. When I have my next evaluation, I don't want to be considered NOT a team player. So, I TRY to deal with it the best I can, by trying to ignore it.

Only problem is that without change, the situation doesn't go away. After a while, I can't let it go. It BUILDS and BUILDS and BUILDS until this gal wants to EXPLODE.

Yesterday, I exploded.

It wasn't pretty. Yet, because I refused to tell those around me how I really feel. And due to the fact that I still did not feel totally comfortable letting myself to have the freedom to explode while exploding. I am too much of a people pleaser to even EXPLODE right! So I ended up embarrassing myself.

I cried.

Totally professional, I know. I couldn't help it. I was fed up with the situation and just needed a moment. However a coworker saw my face and asked me what was wrong. I told her I just needed a moment, but she wouldn't let it go. I didn't want to attack her right there and then, but my emotions were going to come out one way or another. Since I held off from the ranting and raving... I cried.

I quickly excused myself and headed to the closest little girl's room. I was so mad at the whole situation PLUS my tears, that I was shaking. I just wanted to crawl in a corner and call my hubby. However, I did pray.

I prayed the ground would swallow me whole.
I prayed that I had a time machine...
I prayed that I would come down with the flu...wait maybe I didn't go that far, but I do know that I was at a point of almost being willing to do almost anything to leave at that moment.
And then I prayed for strength to get through the rest of the day with a smile and my sanity in check.

God answered the last one. And He continued to grace me with His presence today as I survived another day. (Thank you, Lord.) Things may or may not change due to this outburst. I just am taking one day at a time, praying daily for strength that can only come from my Heavenly Father.

As for the circumstances that started the whole ordeal? I am going to have to work harder at remembering that my JOY comes from the LORD, not my circumstances. I am going to learn how to let things go, instead of letting them heat, until one day I boil over. I am going to have to realize that being a GOD PLEASER is so much more rewarding than just being a regular ol' people pleaser.

So, yes I lost my cool. Yes, I cried. Yes, I even embarrassed myself. But I am thankful that today was a new day, with NO MISTAKES. It was a fresh start. It was a new day to be THANKFUL.


Has your volcano ever erupted?

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Widow for a Season...

Well friends, it is THAT time of year, AGAIN. Shopping bags filled with all things camo, trips to the woods to clean out stands, plastic jugs saved to be filled with corn, crazy talk of "the BIG one."

It is hunting season.

My mom came from a hunting family. I remember watching my Grandpa, Uncle and cousin get all decked out in their hunting garb and then come home with a turkey or deer prize. But my daddy wasn't into the sport. He was more of a fisherman, so being in a house of all girls and my dad, I only saw hunting season for what it was, on the holidays.

Until I met my man.

I knew when I married him that he was a hunter. I knew that he came from a long line of hunters. I knew they had their own deer camp and that staying out at the camp with the menfolk was a big deal.

I just never knew WHAT A BIG DEAL it was until we moved back to south Arkansas, close to the family and the deer camp. I never knew HOW BIG A DEAL it would become, once my son got bit by the hunting bug that has plagued generations of this family.

I just never knew...

But it is again that season. I just spent gobs of money on the sport, since my son has managed to keep growing, like boys his age should, and can't fit into anything. My hubby already has dates I have to work our schedules around, when he and Jordan will be hunting with friends and family. It has become apparent that there will not be a conversation in the next month that does not have the words "doe, "buck" or "point" in it. And I once again have to be EXCITED over the trophies they bring in. (Don't get me wrong, I am not against hunting, as long as the meat is eaten, and it is with our family, I just don't enjoy seeing it all. I can be a girly girl sometimes.)

So, for the next month I will need to prepare myself for the life of a widow. I will be son less too. Hmm... Whatever will Kayla and I do?

I bet if we put our heads together we can think of something. :) Maybe hunting season isn't half bad after all.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's for dinner?! (Last night)

So I have been on my crock pot kick lately, an effort to save time and money. It has gotten pretty bad that my son even commented the other day to his dad; "Man, mom sure likes her crock pot!" Of course so far, the almost 12 year old in eleven days, who seems to be a bottomless pit when it comes to food, has had no complaints over the food coming out of mom's favorite appliance!!!

So here I am, 'cause I frankly have nothing of interest to blog about, sharing what we had for dinner last night. I'm saving you from another "we are busy" log, that goes on and on until, let's see, my kids both graduate? So I will apologize for the rather uninteresting post of what this mom cooked in her crock pot last night.

Truthfully, I actually just kept what I cooked ealier in the day "hot" until the different members of my family could eat, in my crock pot. However, since I have never considered myself "Betty Crocker," when I do manage to whip up something extra yummy, I feel the need to pass it on and share the goodness.

Have you ever seen these mixes in your favorite grocery store? At my store they are usually at the end of the soup isle next to the Ramen noodles. Every once in a blue moon I will grab one to try. Since my daughter is on a new "broccoli and cheese" kick (who would have ever thunk that?!), I picked up the broccoli/cheese soup mix.

They are really easy to mix with water and go. But, I always like to mix things up a bit. I saw on the package where they had "extra" suggestions for the soup and went for it. I made the soup like the instructions said, cooked a package of chicken with some Pam and cut it up in pieces, added 1/2 cup of "fat free" sour cream and a cup of grated cheese and let my friend the crock pot do it's magic by melting it all together for a warm yummy treat.

It was good. Even my son who declares he does not like "broccoli" ate a bowl full. I would take a picture of my finished product, but there would have to be some left in order to share. Next time...

Hope you are having a wonderful, stress free day! It may rain in Arkansas, and boy do WE NEED IT!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Lesson in Cheerleading...

This week has been CRAZY around town. It is Homecoming. Everyone decked out in their blue and white (so glad we have pretty school colors to wear), rushing around for the big festivities.

Truthfully, homecoming is usually the only game I go to every year. When I have the choice between spending three to four hours planted on my comfy couch or sitting on a bleacher, well comfort wins with me every time. I am afraid that that is how I roll. Of course this year I had a valid reason/ excuse (in my mind anyway), I already had to go on Thursdays to the junior high games and watch baby girl play her flute. Two nights a week on bleachers is just asking way to much of me...

Of course, that has got me to thinking, which can never be good. Whether my son plays football or becomes a band geek like his dad, with his sister being the musical talent that she is, I am pretty much stuck going to every game for the next... I don't even want to think about it... eight years. Ugh!

Now don't get me wrong, once there I find ways to enjoy myself. A visit with a friend, ballgame nachos, experimenting with my camera and every once in a while standing up and cheering on a "good" play I didn't see, or frankly don't understand. I may even text my sister when the game is slow and I think I've "jinxed" the team by even being there, 'cause they are losing. Of course I had to text her back later and say all was good and maybe I am not bad luck after all. (We won! What a relief, 'cause I was worried the whole first half!)

But as I am people watching, as I am hearing all the excitement and cheering going on around me, as I am watching people sitting for HOURS on cold hard bleachers, well a part of my heart weeps. A part of me feels shame. We will give up HOURS and HOURS to celebrate this week in town, for there have been activities going on all week at school. We will take pictures and cheer for the beautiful crowned teenage queen and her court. We will cheer, hoop and holler at the top of our lungs. We will enjoy the moment. And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

Yet, I know in my heart that I didn't celebrate Jesus like I should have this week. I complain when church goes too long, or there is an extra church event listed on my calendar taking up time. I never feel the same freedom to get excited in worship, as I would standing up cheering on a runner in a helmet. Did I even tell anyone this week about the TRUE PRINCE OF PEACE? And how many times have I complained about hard pew CUSHIONED seats? Yep. It left me thinking.

I can't change the world, but I can change myself with God's help. It will for sure take baby steps, but I pray that I can continue to look through God's glasses and change for Him a little at a time. He can have a teaching moment with every step we take if we allow Him to. That is the hard part, being open to what He shows us in our everyday lives, 'cause sometimes the truth hurts.

So, this morning as I am looking back at my Friday night of football mania, two lessons were learned. First, maybe I need to tweak my attitude and find more joy in my Christian walk, treating my journey with the excitement given a football game. I really have no excuse not to. And second...

Well if I am going to spend the next eight years sitting in bleachers, I am going to have to invest in a good comfy seat.

Have a great weekend! Let's cheer on the name of Jesus!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Counting my blessings, as the moments speed on by...

Let me just take a moment to say "WE HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!"

I know most families in today's world live on the go, but I think I have had the BUSIEST month ever! It is like I recuperated from surgery only to hit the track of life at full speed. Good thing I am feeling so much better, so I can enjoy the trip.

Anyway, I feel so out of the loop. I have been MIA in blogland for a while. Not because I want to, but because I haven't found those extra minutes in the day to sit down and chat. Please forgive me. Hope we can all still be friends. :)

I was sitting on the couch tonight, taking a breather when I realized that although life seems to be a race right now, that I am enjoying the race. Yeah, I fuss about being busy, tired and not having a few moments to myself, but then I am a MOM.

So, since I have NO time to write about all that has happened in the last few weeks, I thought I would quickly recap with a list of "THANK YOUS." I am one blessed lady, and I KNOW IT.

1. I am so thankful for my family that I get to go and do with. We are busy these days, but at least we are busy together.

2. I love watching my kids display and use the talents God gifted them with. Whether, I am watching Kayla play her flute in the 8th grade band on Thursdays or watching Jordan maneuver a soccer ball down the field, I am their biggest fan.

3. Love the invention of the crock pot. I have used mine already twice this week (AND IT IS ONLY TUESDAY!!!), for an easy meal following ballgames. Monday we had roast, tonight we had homemade chicken noodle soup. YUMMY! Best part is that clean up is EASY.

4. Love watching my hubby in action. He really is good at what he does as a student minister. Kids love him.

5. I was able to take a FOUR hour nap on Sunday. I think I was tired. I am so glad God said "rest" on the seventh day. :)

6. The tummy bug has been going around my workplace, but I have been blessed not to have the cooties YET. Still holding my breathe.

7. Planning another birthday party, this time for my son. My package of "hunting themed" party supplies came in the mail today. Love planning a party. :) We just have to find time.

8. I was told my men will be going hunting Saturday. Hmm... with the menfolk gone, wonder what Kayla and I can get in to besides laundry?

9. I have lost thirty pounds since the last week in June. The first 20 were from sickness and surgery, but the last 10 were from discipline and work. Haven't had a soda since June either. Giving myself a pat on the back, so I will keep going.

10. Thankful to have survived 14 beautiful adventurous years with my daughter. Looking forward to what lies ahead. With her, IT WILL BE AN ADVENTURE.

11. Thankful for the precious conversations with my son. They are getting fewer and farther in between, but I will take every word I can get. I pray constantly for strength to just "listen."

12. Thankful for scrapbook club, my girl's night. I get to be creative, hang with friends and have "me" time all rolled into one.

13. Kayla is officially a teenage babysitter who makes more money than her mom by the hour. I am so proud of her as I ask for a loan.

14. We are studying "spiritual gifts" at church. I took a test and was SURPRISED. I will share more later when I have more time.

15. Thankful that I am reminded everyday of God's goodness and grace. I bought a new ring for myself the other day. It is a simple band that says "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I wear it as a reminder daily to try my hardest to be what God wants me to be.

Some days I do feel like I am in a race against time. I feel like if I blink one too many times, my kids will be gone. I sometimes feel like I will not get accomplished all I dream of doing. Yet, at every turn I find a blessing, a lesson learned or what I would consider a hug from God. I will choose today to be thankful, no matter how fast I'm pedaling.

Hope you are having a beautiful week.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's her party, but I'll cry if I want to!!!

As you are now fully aware, my little girl had a birthday this past weekend. She was beaming. For a few days it was "all about her" and she ate it up. One of her best friends made cupcakes and brought them to school for their little group to share. She received MAIL (some with money, which she loved.). She was wished a very happy birthday by oodles of friends and family on facebook. Mom and dad planned an Asian themed party, which made her a very happy camper. And she FINALLY got her wish...

Her daddy finally decided she was ready for a cell phone. And it is purple too! She has now entered the "all my friends have one" zone. Another step in responsibility and just plain growing up in our eyes.


Don't get me wrong. I am not upset that she has a new phone. I am not upset that she is in the band at school playing at football games. I am not upset that she is already talking about driving. I am not upset that she is starting to babysit and earn her own money. In fact I am proud of her and all she has accomplished already in her young life.

No, what upsets me is that my little girl is turning into a young lady. What upsets me is that in another 4 and a half years my baby girl will be graduating. What upsets me is that this...

is now just a precious memory to hold in my heart forever.

Being a mom is sometimes bittersweet.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We celebrated Asian style.

Ever since the Walt Disney cartoon Mulan came out, my little girl has been fascinated with Asian culture. She loves the food, eating with chopsticks. She watches Asian cartoons and listens to songs, to learn Japanese or Chinese words. She use to pour over travel books about Asian culture and dress. The fact that her mom actually lived part of her younger days in Asia is something she is very envious of. She even talks about one day wanting to adopt her own Chinese baby girl. My family lovingly says she may one day be our little missionary. Traveling to China or Japan is her dream.
So when we talked about the big 14Th birthday bash, we talked "Asian." Why not? This mom, as you have already figured out LOVES to plan a party, especially theme parties. This one didn't get as much attention as some that I have done, after all, I am still recuperating from the girl's all night treasure hunt at church last weekend, but I think it was still a fun success. My little "Mulan" herself was happy and that is all that matters.

The birthday girl.

With her dad, who dressed up in his old "Rickshaw Rally" VBS costume from SEVERAL years ago. The kids loved it!

My one decorated corner. I ordered Chinese food from the local restaurant and the kids loved it. We had chicken on a stick (Kay's favorite), white rice, sweet and sour chicken, and wantons. I even had fortune cookies, some from the restaurant and some I had ordered with Bible verses in them. Of course we had cheese dip too. Can't have a party without it, can you?

We made them eat with chopsticks, or at least try to, before handing them a fork or spoon.

We decorated our homemade cupcakes with umbrellas. Kayla made the chocolate ones and I made strawberry.

I didn't have time to make her cookie cake this year, so I just bought one from the store. Kevin wrote her name in Chinese on top.

I used take out boxes from the restaurant for my goody bags. We had a pinata and they filled the boxes up with candy. They played games with chopsticks and everyone got a hat to take home with them. They loved it because it was different.

This picture is for my family who says I never get in the pictures. I was tired by the end of the night, can you tell?

One of my gifts to Kayla was a necklace I found that said "Jesus loves you" in Chinese. She loved it and wore it to the party.

Well, here is hoping you all had a great weekend! We sure did! May we all have a beautiful week. And remember... Jesus does love you!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Little Girl is 14!!!

Fourteen years ago I held my baby girl for the first time, making me a "mommy." Little did I know then how that would change my world...for the better. I love my "baby doll" and thank God for her everyday.

Happy birthday, Kaybeth!

Mom and Dad love you very much!