Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Baby Boy is 12!!!

This picture was taken last Sunday.
Isn't he cute?! I am wondering what he will look like in a few weeks...
You see, life dished out a cruel birthday surprise on my little boy for his birthday.
He broke his nose.
Yep, you read right. My little boy, doing what he has done everyday at recess (playing football) for who knows how long, broke his nose the day before his birthday. One way to make it memorable!
My hubby got the call yesterday afternoon. Jordan was bleeding, had a cut on his nose and the nose may be broken. He took him to the doctor.
Of course my mommy heart is dying, 'cause I am at work, having to let my hubby handle this. Which by the way, Kev is a GREAT caregiver and handles these situations like a pro. I was not worried about that at all, I just could not relax until I saw my baby. When he called back to say they were going to do a cat scan, because they couldn't get it to stop bleeding, I was a nervous wreck. I finally was able to leave. I prayed the who;e way that I wouldn't embarrass him and cry.
I survived the moment. A little weepy eyed, but when I saw him, I became calm. I think us moms can handle a lot, we just need to be able to see and touch our babies at times of stress. I could see both my hubby and Jor sigh with a relief when I walked through the door. He may be getting older, and he may be a daddy's boy, but when it comes to being hurt, my sweet boy STILL wants his mommy! :)
Anyway, he is going to be OK. The bleeding finally stopped. He has an appointment at the children's hospital next week to have it set. The hardest part will be keeping him from being a BOY until that time. Boys were just made to run, jump and be active. This boy will be benched for at least a few weeks. I don't know who will be more miserable, me or him? He is already "BORED."
As I look back at yesterday, I am thankful. It could have been so much worse. It is like I told Jordan, when he started to fuss, things happen. What happened to him yesterday, could have happened playing any sport. He actually could have hurt something else that could have benched him permanently. As it is for now, he just has a swollen nose.
My mommy heart survived...barely. But even then, I have to be thankful. My son has gone 12 years without any broken bones, surgeries or major sickness. We all know, and as I learned yesterday, that could all change in a heartbeat. Yesterday, was another reminder of how I should be thankful for each day, never taking each moment for granted. We get in such a rut of doing the same thing everyday, that I sometimes forget to just stop and say "Thanks!"
"Thank you, Lord for just being there. That even when we go about our everyday tasks, some of which we don't like, you are there. That each moment spent with family and friends are blessings, not to be taken for granted. Thank you, for when the hard moments come our way, that you provide strength and grace to see us through. Thank you."
I promised I would not put Jordan's picture, of his broken nose, on fb or my blog today. He is still getting use to his new look for the next few days. Although, his birthday party is next week, so I might sneak one in there. :) I did take pictures for his scrapbook. 'Cause one day he is going to have some stories to tell. He was playing football and he and a friend both went for the ball. The friend ended up with a cut and a knot on the head, Jordan a broken nose. However, after it happened, Jordan's friends said he looked at them and asked whether he got the ball. Just like a man!!! :)
Yes, he got the ball.

Happy Birthday, Jordan! Mom loves you so very much! I was so proud of you yesterday, and the strength you showed. You are my hero.

Lord, thank you for 12 beautiful years with this boy. May there be many more ahead...


Kellie said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan... I am so sorry he broke his nose! But yes, one day he will look back on this and say "... remember when...." :)

Kristin said...

Hope he has a great birthday! So glad he's going to be okay!

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan!! I'm sorry he broke his nose, and hope it heals quickly.

Amber said...

Shoot...I was hoping for a picture. But I totally understand....

Although I'm thinking you could sneak one over to Auntie Amb...
You know my email address. ;)

Happy Birthday, Jordan!! Love you!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome boy. I hope that his nose is perfect after they set it.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday, handsome!
How are you going to top this next year? ;)