Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun...Oh, How My Kids Make Me Smile!

Friday night after soccer, I ran by Wally World and let my kids each pick out a pumpkin. They were so funny as they searched the big bins for just the right "Jack." They both have their own way of looking. Jordan quickly finds one that looks great, only to find out later in the car that one side is dented in. Kayla, however would take what would seem like HOURS to find the PERFECT pumpkin head. And I have to say, every year she finds one that is pretty near perfect.
I let them carve the pumpkins themselves this year. Which meant they also had to do all the dirty work too. It was so much fun watching them work. Jordan had more of a problem with the slime than Kayla. Kayla is all about getting messy when the activity calls for it. She called herself the "mad scientist" and named her round orange victim "Jack the Pumpkin King." Goofy girl!

However, when the carving was done, because a certain little man lacks patience and carved a little to quickly and got a little too close between the eyes, nose and mouth, poor Jordan ended up with this;

Of course I told him it kind of looks like a bat...

Jack the Pumpkin King turned out a little better.

Overall, the fun was just in the laughter shared with my kids. After a tough week, God knew I needed them and the joy they bring in the "little" moments. Making memories, isn't that what it is all about?

Hope you are having a blessed weekend. The week ahead is already looking a little brighter.


Kellie said...

Yes, making memories is definitely what it is all about. :) They did a great job... bat and all. lol :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh I love them both. THey did a great job carving them all by themselves. Way better than I can do. wE still have to find time to carve ours.

Anonymous said...

It's about that time at our house! I'm thinking Thursday or Friday! My boys do not like slime either! And so true - we as moms neede those joyful moments, those fun moments every now and then! Hope they continue through the week:)

Jim said...

The Pumpkins look great! Why not suggest that they use crumpled foil to line the insides when they put a candle in to light it. The foils reflection would give it added character, I believe.

Hope you are having a great day.


Bridget said...

Definitely a sweet memory making moment! They did a good job.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Fun pics! I love pumpkin carving! :)

Amber said...

You're such a good mom. Now I feel guilty for robbing my babies of these precious memories.

Nah. Just kidding. I really feel fine about it.

Love the 'kins. Super cute.

Amber said...

Hey, doll. Just wanted you to know that I got all caught up on all of your posts. Just didn't comment on all of them.

Love you much.

And am going to try that soup!!! YUM!