Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's for dinner?! (Last night)

So I have been on my crock pot kick lately, an effort to save time and money. It has gotten pretty bad that my son even commented the other day to his dad; "Man, mom sure likes her crock pot!" Of course so far, the almost 12 year old in eleven days, who seems to be a bottomless pit when it comes to food, has had no complaints over the food coming out of mom's favorite appliance!!!

So here I am, 'cause I frankly have nothing of interest to blog about, sharing what we had for dinner last night. I'm saving you from another "we are busy" log, that goes on and on until, let's see, my kids both graduate? So I will apologize for the rather uninteresting post of what this mom cooked in her crock pot last night.

Truthfully, I actually just kept what I cooked ealier in the day "hot" until the different members of my family could eat, in my crock pot. However, since I have never considered myself "Betty Crocker," when I do manage to whip up something extra yummy, I feel the need to pass it on and share the goodness.

Have you ever seen these mixes in your favorite grocery store? At my store they are usually at the end of the soup isle next to the Ramen noodles. Every once in a blue moon I will grab one to try. Since my daughter is on a new "broccoli and cheese" kick (who would have ever thunk that?!), I picked up the broccoli/cheese soup mix.

They are really easy to mix with water and go. But, I always like to mix things up a bit. I saw on the package where they had "extra" suggestions for the soup and went for it. I made the soup like the instructions said, cooked a package of chicken with some Pam and cut it up in pieces, added 1/2 cup of "fat free" sour cream and a cup of grated cheese and let my friend the crock pot do it's magic by melting it all together for a warm yummy treat.

It was good. Even my son who declares he does not like "broccoli" ate a bowl full. I would take a picture of my finished product, but there would have to be some left in order to share. Next time...

Hope you are having a wonderful, stress free day! It may rain in Arkansas, and boy do WE NEED IT!



Bridget said...

I love cheddar broccoli soup so this sounds yummy!!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm loving my crock pot as well and have recently purchased several soup mixes from Harry & David's. We'll need them in the coming week, as I won't feel much like cooking.

Love you, friend.


Jo said...

Since I'm not as "busy" as you are, and am at home a good deal of the time, I don't use my crockpot much, unless I'm making pot roast. (Can't beat it for that.)

However, you have discovered the soup brand I use when I want to make more than I can eat alone. I parcel it out into quart jars once it's cooled enough, eat some, keep a quart for me, and give the rest to your Cousin Rich. He's always appreciative of anything he does not have to fix himself. These packages make a lot, so there's plenty to go around.

I mostly use potato or cheesy potato, adding in corn, or peas, or the chicken breast that comes in a can (in the tuna aisle), or all of the above. Good eatin!

♥ U
Aunt Jo

Angie said...

Sounds Delicious!!
My girls still can't make it past the ramen! They consider it a food group all it's own. But maybe I can nudge them further down the isle . . .

He & Me + 3 said...

Thanks for sharing. I am loving the crock pot too. My best friend these days.

Kellie said...

That looks yummy!