Monday, November 29, 2010

My Thanksgiving ADVENTURE... Part 1

Hope this finds everyone in bloggy land full of turkey and family togetherness. I personally enjoyed my break. I loved soaking in the laughter, love and even a few tears that goes with quality family time. HOWEVER, my holiday proved to be an adventure. It is what we call around these parts "good blogging material."

It all started Wednesday. We packed the car, took my dog to her holiday retreat at the In-law Inn, and started off. Fifteen minutes into the trip my hubby and I are already at it...actually, for your information we do not fight a lot, just when I AM RIGHT and he THINKS he is right. :) I was definitely right this time, bless his heart...

You see a few days ago, my hubby got the idea that he wanted to ask my uncle to show him where to hunt in the Ozarks. But then, when the details and plans didn't fall like he had invisioned, he decided to back out. Only problem was that my brother-in-law and dad already knew about the trip. In fact, my dad, who has NEVER hunted anything in his life, decides he wants to give it a whirl. So, here I am in the car with the hubby who has not brought a gun or any camo with him, texting my sister saying he decided not to hunt, knowing he is going to feel left out if the others still go, blah, blah, blah. We turn around and he goes and gets his gun. Mama was right and all was happy.

We were once more North Arkansas bound. Only, the hubby needs to do a little work on the way, we stop for a hospital visit. After visiting new mom, seeing baby through nursery window and shaking proud dad's hand, we are once again off. Only the car will not start.

The hubs thinks it might be bad gas, we stop at Target for something to help the situation.

Doesn't work.

End up at a Nappa. Trying something else, oil maybe. Sorry but I know NOTHING when it comes to cars.

Car REFUSES to start.

Nappa guy gets us cranked up and points the way to a Firestone garage.

Two hours and 300.00 later we have a new "throttle sensor." MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!

After watching some nutso on "Dr. Phil" and "The Rock" on "Ellen, at the garage, we were finally on the road again.

We finally reached the city limits and I couldn't help but smile. There is a sense of peace that comes when I go home. Now that my parents are back in the small town where they grew up and the only "hometown" this traveling girl knew, while growing up, visiting my parents now brings back loads of memories.

It was a tough day, but I still made it "home" for Thanksgiving. And waiting for me and mine was my mom, dad, sister and her tribe. Doesn't get much better than that...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving love...

I have not started my week out too good. The burn ban has officially been lifted in my small town community. We get a little rain and everyone goes wild with burning leaves. For a poor unfortunate soul like me, who is allergic to every tree and grass found in the south, this is NOT good. BUT, I finally went to the doctor Monday night, and now FOUR prescriptions later, I am on my way to feeling good. Have to feel good for Turkey day.

Anyway, we are suppose to go see the fam and eat my mom's mashed taters, brave the crowds on Black Friday with my sis in Branson and just soak in all the family love and togetherness. Well, this mom who hasn't felt all too wonderful wanted to leave her house clean and decorated. I was NOT a happy camper Monday night. Let me repeat...NOT HAPPY.

But then I came home for my lunch break yesterday and discovered that I have absolutely the BEST HUBBY IN THE WORLD. He had cleaned my kitchen, picked up the living room and tackled Mt. Laundry with gusto. So although there is still a small mountain, a pile of useless junk in my hall, from me organizing my office and the toilets haven't been cleaned, I can at least go with a little peace. Just a little...

Here is to a relaxing holiday with the family, and NO WORK for FIVE days. I am THANKFUL.

Happy Turkey Day, friends!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm in the Money...

I have spent the whole day cleaning and putting up my Christmas trees. Now wait, before you preach to me about "forgetting Thanksgiving" cause I skipped to decorating and shopping before the turkey was even cooked, I PLAN ON CELEBRATING BEING THANKFUL. I will be eating turkey and (hopefully) my mom's yummy mashed taters. I will be taking those famous Christmas card pictures like I do every turkey day. I will be braving the mob with my dear ol' sis on Black Friday. I will be soaking in the family love and togetherness. I plan on being THANKFUL in style.

However, I usually, when home, put my tree up the day after Turkey day. Since I plan on being at my parent's, I want to be able to come home to a CLEAN, already DECORATED house. At least I'm trying...

The good news in all of this? I was cleaning my office and found my old purse. For some reason I decided to clean the thing out. There in the bottom of my bag was a bank envelope. In the envelope was 75.00. The receipt inside was dated around the time of my surgery. I guess I had gone to the bank and somehow forgot the money during my healing time. Gotta love that when it happens!

Moral of the story? Cleaning house can sometimes turn up a treasure or two...or maybe 75! Maybe cleaning isn't all bad after all. :)

I am already starting Thanksgiving week THANKFUL.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Stupid Fuzzy Slippers..."

It must somehow be all my fault. After all, I am the mom who refused to turn her heat on last night. I would like to say I am saving the planet, by saving gas, but I really am just trying to save the cash. Christmas is coming, you know!!!

Anyway, baby girl was grouchy this morning. She was "cold." She was wearing her big fuzzy black slippers to emphasize the fact. (She hardly wore them at all last year!)

Anyway, after I had gone to work, I received a text. Here is what it said:

"Stupid fuzzy slippers...i thought i had my shoes on because of them! Papa (he took the kids to school for me this morning) just laughed when he saw my feet! We had to drive all the way back home!"

This made me smile. All I could picture all day was Kayla wearing her big fuzzy slippers to school. She is such a trendsetter... :)

Gosh, I love that girl of mine.

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL week.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Time of Testing... My Prayer List

Wow! I feel like I have been gone for ages. It started out that I didn't have much to say, then went to being to busy to sit at the computer for longer than 10 minutes and ended up with too much to say, but all with a heavy heart. After being gone for a few days, here I am.

I have to say, before I write much more, that I feel blessed. Maybe this week more than ever. Overall, the week for me personally hasn't been terrible, I have just been burdened and loaded down with concern for dear friends and family. The cruelty of this world is attacking those i care about hard. I told someone Friday that it seemed like the LONGEST week ever. The days get long when you are suffering from a weary heart.

Yet, God is good. Prayer is key. Faith is the stronghold that gets us all through this journey. I know I have been out of bloggy land for a little bit, I know I haven't left my usual comments on dear friends and family blogs, but I am going to ask a favor. Please pray for these dear people. Whether you leave a comment or not, it is alright, I just ask for prayer.

-The wife of my husband's cousin, who also happens to be a dear friend, found out she has breast cancer. It is in her lymph nodes. The consider it inoperable at this time. She starts chemo this coming week. She is having a very hard time dealing with it.

-One of my mother-in-law's oldest and dearest friends lost her hubby this week. He had been ill for some time. However, I know she is missing him today.

-A friend from college, who now lives in the same town as me, has just finished her chemo treatments. It was very successful and she is doing well. However, a few days ago, her 5Th grade daughter had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital where they discovered she had a brain tumor. The had to operate and for now, it looks good, but they have a long road ahead of them. This sweet family has had a very hard year...

-One of my co worker's husband landed in the hospital this week over his blood sugar. Another co worker's niece fell off the monkey bars at school and broke her arm. Another coworker had a seizure, and had to have medicine changed. Another coworker had emergency back surgery last week. My son broke his nose two weeks ago... We have been hit hard at work.

-My mother-in-law has had a few episodes of double vision. Upon going to the doctor, it was discovered that she had had a mini stroke. She is fine, but of course a little worried.

-My father-in-law continues to take his chemo days the best he day at a time.

As I said it has been a crazy week. I would appreciate it if you would lift these beautiful people up in your prayers. They are standing strong in faith, but can always use an extra prayer lifted.

In the meantime, I choose to have joy, if for no reason than the fact that God is there.

Have a beautiful Sunday, worshipping the one true God.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jordan (an update on the broken nose)

If you read my last post, then you know that my son broke his nose the day before he turned 12. If you didn't have time to stop by last week, well my son broke his nose the day before his birthday.

He has been doing well. Almost too well. You see, on one hand I am VERY thankful. He has had very little pain, very little noticeable bruising and no bleeding since last Saturday. On the other hand, I feel guilty even saying this, but I kind of wish he hurt more. WHY?


Have you ever tried to keep a monkey, I mean an active boy STILL?! IT IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!!! Scratch that, I think it is IMPOSSIBLE!

Last Friday was when it was broken. I have kept Jordan reasonably still because he has been a nervous wreck about going to the doctor. He is too much like his mama, I'm afraid. Anyway, you should have seen his face when the doctor told him today, that he was not going to have to set it. PRICELESS.

Evidently, Jordan is healing fine, at least for now on his own. Only problem is, NO CONTACT SPORTS FOR 4 WEEKS!

If you are a mother of a boy who lives to play, run and tumble, then I know you are feeling my pain right now. How can the doctor even ask the impossible? Will we all survive 4 weeks?!!!

I guess only time will tell.

Say a prayer for us...