Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jordan (an update on the broken nose)

If you read my last post, then you know that my son broke his nose the day before he turned 12. If you didn't have time to stop by last week, well my son broke his nose the day before his birthday.

He has been doing well. Almost too well. You see, on one hand I am VERY thankful. He has had very little pain, very little noticeable bruising and no bleeding since last Saturday. On the other hand, I feel guilty even saying this, but I kind of wish he hurt more. WHY?


Have you ever tried to keep a monkey, I mean an active boy STILL?! IT IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!!! Scratch that, I think it is IMPOSSIBLE!

Last Friday was when it was broken. I have kept Jordan reasonably still because he has been a nervous wreck about going to the doctor. He is too much like his mama, I'm afraid. Anyway, you should have seen his face when the doctor told him today, that he was not going to have to set it. PRICELESS.

Evidently, Jordan is healing fine, at least for now on his own. Only problem is, NO CONTACT SPORTS FOR 4 WEEKS!

If you are a mother of a boy who lives to play, run and tumble, then I know you are feeling my pain right now. How can the doctor even ask the impossible? Will we all survive 4 weeks?!!!

I guess only time will tell.

Say a prayer for us...


Angie said...

So glad the dr. did not have to set his nose. Good luck with keeping him still. I feel your pain.

Kellie said...

LOL... I am so glad he is doing better but I also understand about the "keeping still" part!! Praying for these four weeks to be easier than you think!

Jim said...

Hey Jor!
Consider this. If you push to do too much too soon, the next time you face the doc, it could be more difficult. Better to chill out now and avoid additional "doc-contact".


Kristin said...

I am the same way about doctors! I moved my blog....hope you'll still follow along :)

It's www.hopeunfolding.blogspot.com.

Toyin O. said...

Praying for your boy.