Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Glances...

Summer is a CRAZY, BUSY time for us.  Being married to a student minister, means our summer is crammed full of great adventures.  As a working mom, however, I sadly don't get to go on every journey taken, but I am ALWAYS involved in the preparation.  ALWAYS.  Which means that even if I don't tag along, I am busy packing and planning in between work hours.  CRAZY!!!

What is even more crazy and surreal for me is that I have TWO teenagers now, that get to tag along with daddy everywhere.  Where does the time go?  We were cleaning out Kayla's closet the other day and ran across her keepsake box.  I just asked my hubby if I could cry.  There were her little dresses, her old Minnie mouse doll, her first Bible...  Now she is a teenager.  Where is the tissue?  I couldn't even go near Jordan's box after that.  He is my baby.  YUCK!!! Don't even want to dwell on it anymore.

Anyhoo, I know I haven't been around bloggy world as much as I once was.  I think I realized I was spending way too much time on the computer.  But I have missed all my bloggy friends and look forward to trying to catch up when the family is off on some of those great big adventures. :)

My job has also kept me busy.  A lot of changes.  Some people fired.  Some quit.  New boss.  A new adventure in it's self.  It has been a little stressful the last few months, but things are looking up and I know that through it all, God has a plan.  I probably would have been gone a long time ago, but God kept telling me to stay.  Sometimes ministry overrules low pay and stress.  Sometimes you have to wade through the YUCK, put our happy pants on and move on.  I have learned a lot about myself the last few months.  Some things I like, some things I need to work on.  I have also learned a lot more about my Savior, and HE doesn't need to change a thing!!! He is GOOD all the time!

And on that note I will leave you with these fun pictures. These kiddos always know how to make their mom smile.  Love them!!!

Hope you are having a BLESSED week, rich with His amazing grace...