Friday, October 30, 2009

I Refuse...

Yesterday was another milestone in our family. This little guy...

my little "bubby"

the baby of our family

the giver of bear hugs

his daddy's shadow

our inquisitive little man who asks hundreds and hundreds of questions

the one who helps mom with directions when she can't find her way

the brother who can pick on his sis all day, yet cares enough about her, to ask how her day went

the artist

the PlayStation pro

Mr. Smarty pants

my absolute favorite little boy in the world...

My little one who I REFUSE TO ALLOW TO GET OLDER!!!

Once again, nobody listened to me!!! He turned a big whopping "11" yesterday and I'm not liking it one bit! Why do they have to grow up?!!!

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

You will always be mommy's little "bubby."

I love you!

My Mom Would Be So Proud...I Put my Big Girl Pants On!!!

I am going to be honest...I HATE NEEDLES!!!

It is one of those fears that consumes me. When I know blood is going to be taken or a shot is in order, I feel sick to my stomach. I know it won't hurt. I know that it is just a little prick. I know that it only last a second. I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!!

Doesn't make the fear go away....

I was the little kid that they had to "chase, and hold down" to get any kind of injection at all. I gave my parents grief about needles, even in my teens. I've been known to pass out when blood is taken. The only time I didn't moan about it was when my babies were being born...I think fear of labor, took over.

Anyway, after much debate, I signed the papers for my kiddos to have the flu vaccines, both of them. The hubby wanted them to have the H1N1, so my name went on the dotted line. They are scheduled to get them next week at school.

But here is the thing...I felt like a hypocrite after signing. I haven't had the flu shot before, that I know of. I avoid the needle at all cost. Thank the Lord, I haven't suffered thought the flu either. But I felt so guilty MAKING my kids get stuck, and not do it myself.

So I didn't tell anyone what I was planning, in case I chickened out, but on my lunch break today I went and got stuck. They had a free clinic in town and had had huge lines all morning, but I got there and didn't have a chance to back line at all. God knew I would turn around and leave if I had to wait too long to be stuck with a needle.

I didn't get the H1N1, because they are running out. Only the little ones and pregnant women are able to get one. I'm wondering if they will have them for the kids next week, if we already signed for one...

Anyway, the point is...


Maybe I'm growing up after all. Mom would be proud.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Just Had To Open My Mouth!!!

Ever have one of those days when you wish the Lord had put duct tape on your mouth?

I don't have a "potty" mouth, my dear sweet mom made sure of that in my growing up years. I am not one who starts the "gossip" when it runs wild... I'm not usually a big complainer, well except at home, anyway! I usually mind my own business. Usually.

But then there are certain people put in our lives, that both the devil and the Lord use for testing purposes. They might be the sweetest individuals on the planet, but they can test the patience of a saint or Job himself. Whether they are "Ms. Busybody," "Mr. Testy" or "Mrs. Rude," they can stir the pot thick. The test is whether "I" decide to "simmer" and let things go OR whether I hold it all in until I BOIL over!

Does anyone out there understand what I am talking about? Please tell me I am not the only one!!!

Anyway, today wasn't "a lose my cool" day, but rather "I just wish I would have kept my mouth shut" day. I didn't do anything extremely wrong in any one's eyes, yet I had a guilty heart, later when I got home. Why couldn't I have just been quiet? Why did I have to add my two cents about a certain situation? I don't want to be labeled later as a possible complainer or even a troublemaker? Did I solve anything by speaking my mind? What kind of impression did I leave with others?

Of course as I was thinking this all through, I was convicted on so many levels. What about the situation where I "snapped" the other day and yelled at my daughter. Yeah, I can get loud. What about the other day when I came upon a conversation about someone, why didn't I walk away or shut it down? I guess I did gossip didn't I? What about the unkind thoughts I had, while waiting in the checkout line...fortunately I didn't say them out loud, but my heart was full of rudeness. Doesn't make it any less of a sin, does it?

The mouth can be a mighty tool for the Lord, but at the same time it can be our Achilles heel.

There are plenty of great verses in God's word on the mouth and tongue. Two, that always leave me thinking about my own tongue and the words I speak are:

"The tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark." James 3:5

"For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks..." Matthew 12:34

I especially love the verse in Matthew, for I would love to think that the words that flow out of my mouth are from a beautiful heart...

I guess as I am rambling on today, I hope to gain encouragement to try to do better and ask God for His "duct tape" every once in a while. Because honestly, I do need a lot of help in this area sometimes.

I pray that if you share my concerns, that God will send a little duct tape your way too.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Grade Is In...(and other ramblings on the day after my birthday)

I would like to start with a BIG hug and "THANK YOU!" for all the sweet words and birthday wishes. As I have said many times before, I feel blessed, and you are all a part of that big bundle of blessings God has graced me with. ( If only several of you could ride around on my shoulder all day, "pumping me up" with kind words and encouragement, day to day life would be a snap!)

I had a good birthday. I know this is going to sound crazy and make me seem a little "old," but my favorite gift of the day were these house shoes my hubby got for me. Crazy huh? He knew I had to throw my old ones away and with the colder air coming and wood floors, I needed a little something for the footsies. Let me tell you, they are the softest walking on a cloud. OK, before all of you start wondering if that is all I got from my fam, it wasn't, just a favorite
gift. :)

My in-laws cooked me a birthday dinner last night. Sorry Sis, I didn't take pictures. Just trust me...IT WAS GOOD! One of my favorite meals...steak, baked potato, salad, bread and green beans. She even bought me a small birthday cake. Grandma, believe it or not, the "yellow" roses were pretty. Thanks!

I was surprised at work with a few little gifts and a big cheesecake. Cheesecake just happens to be my favorite. My mom use to make me one for my birthday dinners when I was younger. My dear sweet Nanny use to have one ready for me, about every time I would visit too. So the cheesecake was a nice gesture.

My daughter got the "pink eye" on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, right?!!! You know what that meant? Momma got all new makeup for the day after her birthday, celebration. Praying nobody else in the family comes down with it. She had to stay home from school today, and was not happy. Imagine that! A kid who WANTS to go to school. She is working real hard on those grades and is so afraid of getting behind. Doctor said she can go back tomorrow, but of course she will have to wear the glasses for a few days.

Since I hinted about grades...

Let me just tell you, I'm one proud Mom! Report cards arrived...


Spelling = 99%
Language Arts = 97%
Reading = 90%
Mathematics = 91%
Social Studies = 94%


Science = 96%
Gymnastics (her physical education) = 95%
Accelerated English = 99%
Band = 97%
Math = 97%
Social Studies = 92%
Keyboarding = 100%

Woo Hoo! Mommy is definitely doing the happy dance today! Don't you just love it when your kids are doing well? And I am not a person who puts a lot of pressure on grades, "just as long as it is your BEST." I like their best!!!

Well, I could probably ramble on and on, but I will be quiet and let someone else take over for a while. Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

39 Blessings...




4. The WORD

5. The Hubby

6. My girl.

7. My "Bubby"

8. My Mom

9. My Dad

10. My "Sis"

11. The Bro-in-law who takes care of my sister.

12. My nephew the writer.

13. My nephew the red headed athlete.

14. My nephew the babe of the family.

15. My Mom-in-law

16. "Papa"

17. "Bro." and engineer of the family.

18. His loving and talented wife.

19. My one and only beautiful niece.

20. Memories of slobbery kisses from my dear Nanny who is with Jesus.

21. Memories of farm life with Granny and Grandpa.

22. "MeeMee"

23. Aunts and Uncles and cousins dear to the heart.

24. "Jack"

25. Friends.

26. Church family.

27. Blog land support.

28. Memories of travels around the world.

29. Missionary families from my childhood.

30. Youth groups near and dear to the heart.

31. Reasons to laugh.

32. Baby Girl our four legged friend.

33. A Baby Brother I look forward to seeing in Heaven one day.

34. Tears leading to strength.

35. HOPE I have in Christ.

36. Music and the strength TRUE worship gives.

37. FAITH in a Heavenly Father who loves me.

38. LOVE.

39. The years God has blessed me with on this earth.

I'm thinking as I turn the BIG (ALMOST) 40 today, that if 40 is the new 30, then 39 must be the new 29, right? But then it really doesn't matter, does it...?

I'm celebrating in my heart today, for I know I'm one very blessed gal!!!

In honor of today, my son had a little fun with the camera...

Pirate Pizazz...

We are not big Halloween celebrators around here. My kids have always gone to church sponsored carnivals and that is it. No witches, ghosts or goblins for us... So when Kayla asked if she could go to the Halloween dance at school, well I was a little "iffy" on it. However, we finally decided since it was "school sponsored" that we would let her go.

Next problem? A costume, Mom and Dad approved that was still "cool" enough to be seen in. Not an easy task, let me tell you. Kayla insisted that she DID NOT want to be any kind of princess, fairy, angel, etc..etc...etc... She wanted something a little edgy. EDGY?!!! What is that suppose to mean?! I guess a clown is out of the question!

So I set out to find the perfect "EDGY," dad approved costume. Do you know that if you google "teen costumes" you find outfits that are way beyond a little edgy..."embarrassing" is a better word. Is a teenager allowed to be modest anymore? We live in a sad, sad world.

I finally found at Kmart, a costume that I thought all would approve of. A Pirate. It wasn't cut too low, wasn't too short and it fit the edgy requirement. When I got the dagger it had a BIG skull on it, which I wasn't happy over, but as Kayla said, "MOM, IT IS A PIRATE COSTUME!!!"

So last night after I got off work, we went to work on getting her ready for the big dance. She turned out cute. I haven't heard how everything went, for she went home with a friend afterwards. But I do know that she was so excited when she left last night. Oh, they grow up too fast!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Give Up!!!

I tend to be a worry wort. I think I inherited this worry gene. My hubby says I can over think anything and that I look for trouble before it finds me.

Looking back, I think I get it honestly...from my two grandmothers. My Granny could worry you to death. My Nanny and my Dad would get into it all the time over her worrying...they finally just decided to disguise the word and call it "concern."

But how can you be a "good" mom and not worry just a little about your little chicks? I can't. The older I get, I can sympathize with my grandmas. I have to be honest, I worry when my kids are out of my sight. I worry about their health and safety, the decisions they make, how they treat others and how others treat them... it is a constant battle in my brain.

Does it consume me? No. I just randomly have my mommy radar on and feel the need to say a prayer for them throughout my day. That is unless there is an issue of real concern.

It seems like the older they get, there are more and more "issues of concern." Health issues, like all this flu stuff going around, my son with four wheelers and hunting trips with his dad, my daughter staying more and more at friend's houses and going to dances, hurt feelings, kids being mean, pressures of school, and the list goes on and on... it is enough to keep this mom in the bad habit of nail biting and leave me with butterflies in the tummy all day. Can you say ulcer?

What is a mom to do?

Well, this is what this mom did today... I came home on my lunch break, poured my heart out to the Lord, found a promise from Him in His Book, wrote it down and kept it in my pocket all day, pulling it out as a reminder when needed.

For family and friends reading this, don't WORRY, nothing is wrong with the kids right now. I just have a few little things, issues that "I" am going to have to let go of. I'm going to have to realize my kids are growing up, changing before my eyes and may "think" they need me less. You see, just like I don't think you can be a good mom without worrying at least a little, I think a GREAT mom knows where to take those concerns. Which is something I am working on...letting go, and trying to let God.

I will still be "concerned." But I have decided to give up today, and let God do His job. He really is better at it than me, anyway.

Oh, and in case you want to know what verse I carried around in my pocket all day...

"Do not be anxious for anything, but in EVERYTHING, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the PEACE of God which TRANSCENDS ALL UNDERSTANDING will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. " Phil.4:6-7

Doesn't get any better than that for a worry wort like me...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HELP!!! What is a mom suppose to do?!!!

My son brings home the piles of notes from school, for me to read, sign and send back.

Homework... check.
Test grades...check.
Field trip at the end of the month...check.
Permission for flu shot....???

To get or not to get seems to be the big question. Our health department will be at our schools giving free vaccinations at the end of the month, for both the seasonal and swine flu. Great idea.
OR is it?

I have no problem with my kids getting the regular old seasonal flu shot that they come out with every year. My problem is with the new vaccine they are giving. What is a mom to do when half the doctors in town say we wouldn't get it, yet my doctor gave it to his own kids. What do you do when one news station reports that the medical professionals are not backing the vaccination, yet our children's hospital is on another station saying we need to get it. What do you do when one set of people say it is not an "old enough, studied enough" vaccination, while the parents of a five year old or a young healthy football player die from the terrible illness...???

I still haven't decided how to sign my paper. Doing a lot of praying about it.

In the meantime, what is your opinion? Are your kids getting vaccinated or have they already been?

It is scary, for it seems you are "darned" if you do and "darned" if you don't.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Baby Doll,

Forgive me for calling you by the name that I endearingly used every time I changed a diaper or rocked you to sleep. I know you are now 13 and think you are on your way to "adulthood," not really wanting to be associated with the word "baby" at all. But in this mom's eyes you will ALWAYS be my precious little one, my blond, blue eyed "baby doll."

I watch you growing and changing and my heart has beams of pride shining through the tears of sadness. I am at constant battle with myself these days. I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for my little girl, but I am oh, so sad that you are growing up at all. I want to keep you close, holding on to you forever. I know I have to let you find your wings and fly. I know I have to allow you to try new things and find out what kind of person you are. I know that we will disagree on many things in the years ahead, where neither of us might be wrong. You are going to find your own style, set your own goals and have your own dreams.

I can't promise you that there won't be days when I embarrass you, correct you, lose my patience or seem totally "unfair." There will be moments when you feel you might just "hate" me and I will want to waver under the stress of that.

What I will promise you is that as long as God allows, I will be that momma bird watching over her nest, teaching her little one to fly. Your name will be on my lips in prayer every morning as I wake up and every night as I close my eyes for bed. A day will not go by that I will not speak the words "I love you, Kayla." I will try my hardest to be patient, understanding, a good listener and full of forgiveness and grace. I pray I can be the example of Christ, that my own mom was for me. I pray we will have that fun friendship that every girl wants, yet I hope to provide the guidance and structure that every girl needs.

I pray that everyday you will realize how beautiful you really are. I know I'm your mom and "moms are suppose to say that," but you ARE beautiful. Beauty is more than a flawless face, size "0" jeans and a gorgeous tan. Beauty comes from deep inside. It is displayed in your character, honesty, friendship and love. It is wrapped in how you treat others, the joy you have for life and the way you treasure God's creation. It is about your love for learning, your need to be creative and the way you have a song for every occasion. Beauty is in your relationship with our Saviour and the spark in your eyes when you read or learn something new in that pretty Bible of yours.

I love you. You are one of the most precious gifts God has ever given me. I am humbled everyday that He thought me worthy enough to be YOUR mom. I believe with all my heart that He has special plans for you. Hang in there, baby doll, being a teenager is rough. Mom is here for you, but more important, God has a hand on your shoulder at all times.


Tonight I started a journey with a group of ladies from my church. For six weeks we will be meeting to discuss, learn and support each other in this adventure we call motherhood. We are going through Vicki Courtney's study "5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter." If you have a daughter and have not read this study, I suggest you think about it. Our babies are faced with so much in this crazy world of ours. We need to keep the communication with our "baby dolls" going. Please pray for me and my friends as we strive to be the mothers God called us each to be...godly.

I will probably share my heart every Sunday night about what I have learned in my study. So for the next six weeks be warned. If you would like me to pray for you and your own little girls, please feel free to leave me a note. We moms have to stick together and fight for our daughters.

Quote for the night:

"God is looking for IMPERFECT mothers raising IMPERFECT daughters in an IMPERFECT world who are desperately dependent on a PERFECT God for results." - Vicki Courtney

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Worm in my Fruit Basket

OK, so last Wednesday night I walk into the youth room a little on the tired side. Actually scratch that. I was really tired, with a prize winning headache on top. With every step up the stairs I was debating on turning around and playing hooky for the evening. My hubby has other willing and able adults helping him, besides it is "youth" group, I'm not there to learn anyway...


I stayed and ended up with my toes severely stepped on.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

The Lord threw one curve ball at me after another. And then managed to kick me in the you know what really good. I walked away mumbling in my head, about all this "dying to self" and "living in godliness" being just "plain hard" sometimes. It doesn't help when the Lord uses my hubby to be my teacher either!!! Nobody likes a "know it all" husband!!! Or at least I was trying to use that as my excuse as to WHY I didn't want to listen...or follow. (I know, I was being childish. I've already gotten on to myself. Actually, I love listening to Kevin teach, but when the toes get stepped on...)

But I've had a few days to mull it over. The verses used Wednesday night have stayed with me, constantly just "showing up" in my head as great big reminders of just how I am suppose to be acting. I know your curiosity is getting the better of you, so I will share the subject matter of the Bible study Kevin is working through on Wednesday nights with our youth group...

The Fruit of the Spirit.

Powerful stuff.

Galatians 5:22-24 serves as the "perfect" example of how to live and be totally "Christlike."

"But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires..."

OK. Loving is pretty easy for me. I can find joy, have peace, be kind and good and I'm known to be gentle. I might struggle with patience every once in a while, but I try daily to be faithful.


I have real issues when it comes to that "self-control" word. Guess what fruit of the Spirit good 'ol Hubby was on this week. And you wonder WHY I was tired, with a headache and wanted to play hooky. I didn't want the Guilt. I didn't want the disappointment in self to be added on my plate. I wanted to ignore this "fruit." After all, I have been working real hard on all the others. Is it really necessary that every Christian have ALL the fruit displayed in their life?


So you see, I walked away knowing that by "knowing" I must try harder, be better, get stronger and finally give control all up. If Christ lives in you, then HE has total control. In other words, one really must have self-control for all the other fruit in their life to really produce.

The definition of self-control is "not saying or doing everything we desire." The temptation to gossip, overspend, overeat, speak your mind, or not manage your time wisely can be real "worms" in the bowl full of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. The only way to "deworm" is to "give up" the control. Hard stuff to swallow for a wife and mom of two. I tend to think mom always "knows best" or "has all the answers." When the truth is, I don't.

I must remember that when I am weak, he is strong...when I struggle for answers, He knows all...when I want to give up, He keeps going...when I self medicate with the desires of the heart, HE has self-control...when I fail, He forgives. To develop self-control I must realize I CAN'T do it on my own power, I must believe Christ can.

So here I am on a Friday night, contemplating the lessons learned. God is so good, He really does meet you where you are. This week I am learning self-control. Scratch that. Actually I'm learning how to give up control to someone who really knows best...The Father.

I really desire to have a beautiful bowl of fruit in this 'ol heart of mine.

What does your fruit basket look like?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Help!!! What Happen to Beanie Babies and Matchbox Cars?!!!

Every year about this time I ask my kids to write me out a Christmas "Wish" list. I always tell them that they will not get everything on the list, that they need to list both little and big things(as far as cost) and I will try my hardest to get at least a couple of the things they have written down.

Oh the memories of the different lists made through the years... It starts with me writing what "I think they need or want," then we enter the stage of them "telling me what they want and I write it down," next they "write it out themselves, but ask me how to spell every other word" and then you have now, where they go in their rooms, think about it and write me out a top ten list of their wants and desires. No problem, right?

Actually it isn't...usually. Through the years we have had wants of Beanie Babies, Thomas the Tank Engine, animal books, a football and even a few little cars for the stockings. I always had money left over for things I wanted them to have, like a new pair of jeans or a sweater. However, here lately I've noticed a new trend. The list is getting smaller and the desires of the young at heart is getting more expensive!!!

I was handed their lists the other day and wondered if I needed to take on a night job. what happened with being satisfied with a baby doll, a pair of gloves and an orange in your stocking? What happened to wanting something that cost less than fifty bucks? I miss shopping for those cute stuffed animals and trains.

Jordan handed me his list the other day and I about croaked...

A Wii
A PlayStation 3
An XBox
Games for whatever I get
Waterproof Hunting Boots
An Ipod
A phone
and something Nintendo

Hello!!! Do I look like I am made of money?! OK, I will be reasonable, for I know my son likes electronic games, he is on our PlayStation all the time. However, what does he need with all of them. In my way of thinking you can only play one at a time...

And I was the mom who said we would TRY to get something on your list. Hmmm... just doesn't compare to a matchbox car for 99 cents, does it?

Whoever said that babies were the most expensive stage, just plain lied.

I guess if there is any possibility of him getting ONE item off his list, I had better start saving the pennies. Days like this, I wish there really was a Santa...besides Dad.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Prayer Request and a Memory

It is still raining here. I am getting real serious about missing the memo on the ark building...or I'm thinking about checking the paper for boats for sale..

I had to run errands on my lunch break. There were huge areas where the water was flooding the street. Scary stuff, especially when you drive a car like mine that isn't that high off the ground. I HATE DRIVING IN THE RAIN!

The schools all closed early today due to the to be able to get the kids that live out of town, home. The rain is definitely controlling what we do these days.

Last night we got a phone call. A family in our church has an urgent prayer request. The mother/grandmother, who also goes to our church, was traveling around the Houston area with her four sisters. A car in the other lane hydroplaned and crashed into them. The driver, the youngest sister died. The other three sisters are in very critical condition. we are still not sure if they will pull through. The lady that goes to our church is banged up pretty bad, but is going to be OK. Please pray. We are talking about the families of these five sisters. A precious family at that.

As I was driving through my wet streets, thinking about how many accidents could happen among the wet conditions, prayer was on my lips constantly. I was also reminded of my own story of God's protection in the rain. The real reason I HATE DRIVING IN THE RAIN!!!

It was back in 1998. I was pregnant, with a one and a half year old. I lived in a small town in Texas. I was on my way to Nacogdoches, where my daughter was scheduled to see her pediatrician. I was in my hubby's truck. It had poured rain that morning, but it was starting to clear off, with just a light drizzle. As I barreled down the highway, my tires hit a patch of water and I found myself hydroplaning and then spinning until I landed perfectly in the turning lane. With one hand on my belly, I quickly checked the backseat for Kayla. She had a huge smile on her face as if to say "do it again mommy!" As I sat there, with cars zooming past me in both directions, I realized that on the radio was Leann Rimes singing a song about angels.

Here I was, on a Texas highway, a total nervous wreck, sitting in the turning lane, 30 miles from home, in the drizzling rain, with a smiling baby in the backseat and a kicking baby on the way in another 4 months and on the radio is a young girl singing about angels...God is good.

So, as I sit here listening to the rain gently fall, I'm praying for a sweet family, while remembering that God is ALWAYS in control.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Raining Roses!!!

My son gets up this morning, looks out the window and starts to pout.

"Mom, it is raining AGAIN! Doesn't God understand that recess and soccer games are important to a boy my age!!!"

Bless his little heart. Bless mine for having to put up with a cranky son, who is "BORED" constantly because his basketball goal and bike are temporally not usable due to the pouring rain. I'm beginning to think this family needs to build an ark.

So, since the weatherman calls for rain most of the week, although I have learned that they really don't know much these days...I think God likes to remind "know it all weather people" who is really calling the shots in this world, I have decided to find some cheer for the rainy day blues. In other words here is my list of ten things I choose to be thankful for today, things I am reminded of when it is wet and cold.

Care to join in the fun? If it is sunny at your house, I don't really want to hear about it...just shut up and play along.

Rainy Days remind me of...

1. A big bowl of potato soup with a yummy grilled cheese sandwich on the side. I can almost taste it. Hmmm...note to self...possible dinner idea?

2. My cuddly fleece blanket and a good book. I love to read. I love a good blanket.

3. Having my family around, even when they are stir crazy, because it is too wet for them to do anything. During busy schedules this is sometimes the only time I get to see them, except in the car!!!

4. Windows on my car. Saw a guy today with a trash bag taped on his window and thought "bless him, Lord. That has got to be a bummer, especially on a day like today." Made a note to self to be thankful for my "dirty" but solid, "closed"windows.

5. A good night's sleep. Nothing better than sleeping with the rain. I HATE storms with a passion, but when the rain just quietly falls.... better than a baby's lullaby.

6. Wearing jackets and sweaters. I love fall and winter clothes. Give me a comfy sweatshirt or sweater any day.

7. Pretty green yards. Usually about this time the yards are all turning brown, but our grass has certainly been fed this year. I love God's shade of nature green. Although I do like fall leaves too.

8. I am thankful for the makers of pain meds. Unfortunately the rainy weather puts a spell on my poor head and I live with headaches these days. I am thankful God made smart people who invent things to help a girl out.

9. I am always reminded of one of my favorite little lines from a poem I found while in high school. I don't know who wrote it, but here it goes...

It isn't raining rain for is raining roses down.

In other words, find the blessings in the showers!!!

10. And then I simply like the fact that I can stay home...didn't you hear? Soccer games were cancelled. Woo! Hoo! Sorry, Jordan, I know you want to go and play, but mom would rather curl up in the recliner and watch "Dancing With The Stars" tonight.

OK, your turn. What do cold wet days make you thankful for?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ode to Self...

Dear Self,

I want you to know you are beautiful, even when you wake up with "puffy" eyes, "stuck your finger in the plug" hair, and a "gorgeous, and perfectly round" zit on the end of your cute "ski slope " of a nose.

I want you know that the beautiful "lines" and "crow's feet" marking up your face are really just from years of memories and laughter, that you would never take back.

I want you to know that the "achy" back in the early morning is just reminding you of those precious times of carrying beautiful babies that are now growing up too darn fast.

I want you to know that "falling asleep in the chair" before 9:30p.m. and before your show is over, is perfectly normal and shows you are a "hard" worker, keeping your family straight, not a result of "laziness."

I want you to know that the "extra poundage" is just your body wanting to protect itself from damage. I mean it is always good to have a little "cushion" and "padding" to keep one safe from...let's see...ummm..oh, I know...starvation and falls. Yep! Always a good idea to carry a little "extra" in my book.

I want you to know that there is no need to "feel guilty" over not working out and exercising, after all, you wouldn't want to lose the "safety gear."

I want you to know that a few "gray" hairs are alright, because your hairstylist really needs the money as she is going back to school. It is important to help others at all times. Don't you think?

It is alright if you don't always dress like a "fashion model," for you wouldn't want to ever be
accused of showing up the teenage daughter. Plus, unfortunately the extra padding that is important to your well being, doesn't always allow for fashion cuteness. Get over it!

I want you to know, that it is totally OK to have a "BLAH" day every once in a while, as long as those days don't outnumber the joyful ones. Of course I know it is hard when there is pimple problems shining...on the end of your nose!!!

I want you to know that it is alright if there are dirty dishes left in the sink, if you spent time with the kids. Wait a minute, does watching a show together and falling asleep half way through count?!

I want you to know that it is alright that you are turning 39 at the end of the month, because "40" really is the new "30." I wonder how Sarah, of the Old Testament, felt in her hundreds?

And by the way, Self, I want you to know that you ARE beautiful, just the way you are,
even when you have
a bad hair day,
crow's feet around the eyes,
laugh lines,
a few extra pounds,
no energy,
nothing to wear,
a dirty house,
and the BLAHS!!!

God totally LOVES you! There is certainly no "blahness" in that!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Continued Prayers...

Just a quick update...two days ago I asked for prayer for our good friends who were traveling around the world to start their missionary journey. Well the great news is that they arrived safely and made it through customs in one piece. (Doing a happy dance!!!)

However, they ask for our continued prayers as they start adjusting to their new home and do the job God has called them to do. Thanks so much for praying with me for this dear family.

A special need for prayer... one of their children, upon arrival, has a fever and is throwing up. Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, the flu and the stomach bug are both going around, so I'm afraid he caught something. Please pray for this young man. Going to another country, a third world country at that, is never easy, much less spending your first days sick...

Thanks friends, for joining me in prayer! (Where two or more are gathered...)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I guess I'm not really busy after all...

Let's see, today is Tuesday, so that means piano lessons, soccer practice for one kid, games for another, homework, and a 7th grade football game. Throw in laundry, Homecoming week, as well as the regular work load, and my family has had a full day. Tomorrow add church youth group and AWANA to the mix. On Thursday, there will be more soccer and football games... Friday is Homecoming, etc..etc...etc...

But wait, isn't there a rumor that the powers that be want to add hours to the school day? I'm trying to imagine our family schedule running an hour or two behind normal...

This mom is wondering if those families that have kids in public schools are being punished for something?! After all, when is anyone suppose to have any FAMILY time? Or is that not important?

This mom is wondering when her child gets to PLAY and have FUN and be a KID, without living out a marathon?

This mom is wondering where the concept of eating as a family, at the table has gone? Conversation? Do we even know what that is anymore?

Does anyone else already have a hard time getting the kids in bed before 10:00p.m.?

Hmmm... I am going to have to give this some thought. As a mom who already has a hard time juggling, I'm not looking forward to the possibility of my family life becoming a circus of chaos. (More than it already is at times!!!) Yet, I don't even begin to pretend to know all the answers about what would benefit my children the most!

I guess this mom will do the only thing she can do... PRAY!!!

Amb, could you move to my town and do your big sis a favor and teach my kids too?! Mom?!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank you...and I have a special prayer request.

First of all "THANKS!!!" everyone for the sweet words and comments left on my last post. I survived the 13th birthday and the party. I am pretty proud of my baby girl, so to hear all the compliments made my day extra special. Thanks friends!!! Although, I have to admit she had trouble with the part when everyone she came into contact with said she looked like me...but my feelings were not hurt. What 13 year old wants to look like their mom, anyway. Unless of course you were the daughter of Heidi Klum...

I also have a special prayer request...

My hubby grew up with a very sweet girl and her dear sister. They spent a lot of time together in youth group as teenagers, never knowing that all three of them would end up in the ministry somehow. Kevin became a minister, one married a minister and the other one has surrender to God's calling to the mission field.

I have had the pleasure through the years to get to know these dear friends of Kevin's.I keep up with what they and their families are doing, all of us praying for each other and our different ministries. Well, tomorrow is a hard day for their family, for the one sister and her precious family will board an airplane for unknown territory. I am not going to tell names or their destination, for now, but I am asking for prayer.

Maybe because I grew up on the mission field, I have an idea of what may lie ahead...great fun and adventure, as well as loneliness and lots of homesickness. This will not be easy for them, but I believe they will have great joy from knowing they are following God's calling for their lives.

I received an email from them today, with suggestions on how I could pray for them in the upcoming days. I thought I would share "pieces" of that email.

"Pray as we continue to say our goodbyes to family...we ask for prayer for the kids especially. They, too, know the calling, but today has been a really, really tough for them as they told aunts, uncles and cousins goodbye...

Please pray that the we will stay connected as a family...physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As we land, we are asking you to pray that our hearts would break even more for the people our Father has called us to reach.

Pray that daily, we will grow deeper in our faith... that often our knees will be bent and our hands will be raised. Pray also that as we begin walking on foreign soil in a few days, our faith will remain in the Father and not on our circumstances.

Pray for unity in our marriage as well as in our relationships with our children.

Pray for quick learning of the language so we can begin building relationships with our new friends.

Thank you, as always for speaking our names to the Father. We do not want to sensationalize our feelings on what is happening, but simply, our dream is coming true. It has been an incredible journey thus far, and it is truly surreal that the time has now come to go. You are each a part of the journey, some having been on board since the beginning... You have seen the ways He has worked to accomplish His will...not for us, but as Isiah 40 says, ' so that all mankind will see it.' We have said this before, but you cannot know the comfort that our family feels in knowing that as we go to bed each night, our friends "back home" will soon be getting up and speaking our names to the Father..."

Please pray for this dear family, that I have come to love and admire. And in honor of their family and the sacrifices they are making right now, pray that the Father will show you, your own little mission field.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ask me what I did today...

Today was CRAZY!!! I am bone weary tired. I woke up this morning, did my Bible study, for I knew I would certainly need that added pep to survive today and then I was off and running. I just now stopped. Fixing to crash. But before I do, I felt the need to share about my day. It was crazy, but a lot of fun too.

After taking Jordan to soccer practice, Kayla and I went to the beauty shop. Four hours later, we understand the "price" of beautiful. Kayla has been begging me for some highlights and a new cut, so since I was in need of a little work myself, I agreed. Who knew it would take the both of us FOUR HOURS!!!

Then I came home and finished planning the big birthday party. It was all homemade. Kayla is not much of a cake person, so she asked me to make her a big cookie. And then we decided to make cupcakes, for all those people who think they must have cake with their ice cream at a birthday party. Kayla actually baked and iced the chocolate cupcakes herself. Another three and a half hours of baking we were ready to party.

We ended up with 17 guests, plus Grandma and Papa. We had it in our church youth room and they had a blast. There was Rock Band and Guitar Hero going, pool and ping pong, karaoke, and a pinata. Kayla insisted on having a pinata and believe it or not these kids loved it. You would have thought the candy was gold.

The best part is that my baby girl had a great time. That after all is why us moms go to the trouble in the first place, isn't it? So although I am exhausted, I am happy. It was a good day, spending time with my girl.
I think she is beautiful...