Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Prayer Request and a Memory

It is still raining here. I am getting real serious about missing the memo on the ark building...or I'm thinking about checking the paper for boats for sale..

I had to run errands on my lunch break. There were huge areas where the water was flooding the street. Scary stuff, especially when you drive a car like mine that isn't that high off the ground. I HATE DRIVING IN THE RAIN!

The schools all closed early today due to the rain...got to be able to get the kids that live out of town, home. The rain is definitely controlling what we do these days.

Last night we got a phone call. A family in our church has an urgent prayer request. The mother/grandmother, who also goes to our church, was traveling around the Houston area with her four sisters. A car in the other lane hydroplaned and crashed into them. The driver, the youngest sister died. The other three sisters are in very critical condition. we are still not sure if they will pull through. The lady that goes to our church is banged up pretty bad, but is going to be OK. Please pray. We are talking about the families of these five sisters. A precious family at that.

As I was driving through my wet streets, thinking about how many accidents could happen among the wet conditions, prayer was on my lips constantly. I was also reminded of my own story of God's protection in the rain. The real reason I HATE DRIVING IN THE RAIN!!!

It was back in 1998. I was pregnant, with a one and a half year old. I lived in a small town in Texas. I was on my way to Nacogdoches, where my daughter was scheduled to see her pediatrician. I was in my hubby's truck. It had poured rain that morning, but it was starting to clear off, with just a light drizzle. As I barreled down the highway, my tires hit a patch of water and I found myself hydroplaning and then spinning until I landed perfectly in the turning lane. With one hand on my belly, I quickly checked the backseat for Kayla. She had a huge smile on her face as if to say "do it again mommy!" As I sat there, with cars zooming past me in both directions, I realized that on the radio was Leann Rimes singing a song about angels.

Here I was, on a Texas highway, a total nervous wreck, sitting in the turning lane, 30 miles from home, in the drizzling rain, with a smiling baby in the backseat and a kicking baby on the way in another 4 months and on the radio is a young girl singing about angels...God is good.

So, as I sit here listening to the rain gently fall, I'm praying for a sweet family, while remembering that God is ALWAYS in control.


He & Me + 3 said...

I had a similar experience driving in the rain. Totally God that moved the cars out from around me when i started to hydroplane out of control. Praying for that family now.

Miss Charlene said...

Was the song called "On the Side of Angels?" I love Leann Rimes, and what an amazing story! (whew)

momstheword said...

Your experience reminds me of that song "Jesus take the wheel." Driving in the rain can be very scary and I don't like it either.

I will pray for that poor family. How awful.

Kristin said...

I said a prayer for this family. What a scary story, but so amazing too!

Jim said...

Thanks for the reminder and we'll be in prayer.

Tonight, would you believe, it's raining here, too? I was driving home from my night class at the college about an hour ago - coming up the mountain because our regular route is washed pretty bad. Anyway, it was foggy and I could not see the turnoff clearly. When I thought I was there I turned and discovered I was 50 foot short of the road and just about went over an embankment. I stopped in time, there was no traffic so was able to continue to the road on the wrong side. When I turned things didn't seem correct but I continued. Finally I realized I had turned one road too early so had to turn around, get back on the highway and attempt it again. Finally, I made it home. Whew! What an ordeal.

You be careful out there, ya hear?

Love you,

~*Michelle*~ said...


Although rain can be scary at times.....it is such a wonderful symbol of God, isn't it? Blessings are always referred to as "pouring out" or "raining down"...

.....and it always brings a rainbow! :)

I will be praying for that family, Mich.....and so happy you had/have Jesus watching over you and your family.

Tiffany said...

Oh wow, scary stuff! I will pray for that family. I hope your rain goes away!!

Heart2Heart said...


Here is hoping to send some of our sunshine and warmth your way! We got passed up by the rain we were supposed to have the last two days. I guess it will be some time before it comes this way again.

If I were there, I would drive for you. I love being out in the rain but you are right, a lot of times people forget to drive slower and watch out when the roads become wet.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, what an awful experience YOU had, and how tragic for those sisters. Will lift them in prayer!!!