Friday, October 30, 2009

My Mom Would Be So Proud...I Put my Big Girl Pants On!!!

I am going to be honest...I HATE NEEDLES!!!

It is one of those fears that consumes me. When I know blood is going to be taken or a shot is in order, I feel sick to my stomach. I know it won't hurt. I know that it is just a little prick. I know that it only last a second. I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!!

Doesn't make the fear go away....

I was the little kid that they had to "chase, and hold down" to get any kind of injection at all. I gave my parents grief about needles, even in my teens. I've been known to pass out when blood is taken. The only time I didn't moan about it was when my babies were being born...I think fear of labor, took over.

Anyway, after much debate, I signed the papers for my kiddos to have the flu vaccines, both of them. The hubby wanted them to have the H1N1, so my name went on the dotted line. They are scheduled to get them next week at school.

But here is the thing...I felt like a hypocrite after signing. I haven't had the flu shot before, that I know of. I avoid the needle at all cost. Thank the Lord, I haven't suffered thought the flu either. But I felt so guilty MAKING my kids get stuck, and not do it myself.

So I didn't tell anyone what I was planning, in case I chickened out, but on my lunch break today I went and got stuck. They had a free clinic in town and had had huge lines all morning, but I got there and didn't have a chance to back line at all. God knew I would turn around and leave if I had to wait too long to be stuck with a needle.

I didn't get the H1N1, because they are running out. Only the little ones and pregnant women are able to get one. I'm wondering if they will have them for the kids next week, if we already signed for one...

Anyway, the point is...


Maybe I'm growing up after all. Mom would be proud.


Heart2Heart said...


So did you just get the normal flu shot?

I am so very proud of you. I have friends that will ask me to go with them if they are having their blood drawn or a shot is necessary. I completely understand their fears!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kristin said...

Yay for you!! I am not afraid of needles, but I get that panicky feeling just from going to the dr by itself. Ha!

christy rose said...

LOL I can tell you are proud of yourself! :) Good job girl!

mimi said...

It feels good wearing those "big girl pants"...I think I need to find mine ;)

We are in the midst of's not as bad as I thought. It's not fun, but I've had worse.

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so used to needles after having allergy shots while growing up and then thyroid cancer...they draw blood so much. THe only thing I hate is when I get someone who can't find the vein. I go crazy.
So proud of you for getting it done. Woo hoo

Loren said...

I hate needles too but you conquered it and I know you were praying so Praise the Lord for helping you get through it !!!

Unfortunately I get stuck alot so I had to get over that fear but I totally understand and am proud for you too!

Happy Friday

Amber said...

Good for you.

No flu shot for me. No thank you.

Love you.

S and J said...

I can sooo relate. I about hit the floor during the first round of shots in VA. UGH!!!

Jim said...

As Mom told you, we went yeserday, as well. I'd had them (the regular seasonal) but not in a couple of years. What hurt the most was the 1/2 mile line of cars, a church parking lot full of vehicles with forty-leven traffic guys/gals in reflective gear, and "3 miles" of single file people. Took a solid hour from beginning to end, which was just a little sting. I always get the good ones. I wonder if the church gets to count that attendance?

Arm's not even sore - so I'm good to go!

Hope you are, too!
Love you,