Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ask me what I did today...

Today was CRAZY!!! I am bone weary tired. I woke up this morning, did my Bible study, for I knew I would certainly need that added pep to survive today and then I was off and running. I just now stopped. Fixing to crash. But before I do, I felt the need to share about my day. It was crazy, but a lot of fun too.

After taking Jordan to soccer practice, Kayla and I went to the beauty shop. Four hours later, we understand the "price" of beautiful. Kayla has been begging me for some highlights and a new cut, so since I was in need of a little work myself, I agreed. Who knew it would take the both of us FOUR HOURS!!!

Then I came home and finished planning the big birthday party. It was all homemade. Kayla is not much of a cake person, so she asked me to make her a big cookie. And then we decided to make cupcakes, for all those people who think they must have cake with their ice cream at a birthday party. Kayla actually baked and iced the chocolate cupcakes herself. Another three and a half hours of baking we were ready to party.

We ended up with 17 guests, plus Grandma and Papa. We had it in our church youth room and they had a blast. There was Rock Band and Guitar Hero going, pool and ping pong, karaoke, and a pinata. Kayla insisted on having a pinata and believe it or not these kids loved it. You would have thought the candy was gold.

The best part is that my baby girl had a great time. That after all is why us moms go to the trouble in the first place, isn't it? So although I am exhausted, I am happy. It was a good day, spending time with my girl.
I think she is beautiful...


Sarah said...

She is absolutely beautiful! And mom, it's worth it isn't it.

Hugs for your day,
Sarah Dawn

Unknown said...

I'm happy for your wonderful day!


He & Me + 3 said...

She is just beautiful and her new do makes her look so much older. Why do haircuts do that. Sometimes my 9 year old looks 12 with her new cut.
Glad she had a great time. I never liked cake either. I always wanted coffee cake muffins. :) Her cookie looked very yummy.

Pilar said...

Your daughter looks so much like you!!! Her hair looks beautiful (and so does she :))., Happy birthday to her!

Kristin said...

She is such a beautiful girl and I can definitely tell she's your daughter because you look so much alike! I'm glad she had a fun party! Her new haircut looks great! And the cookie did look really yummy :) I have to go read your other post now that you did about her.

Heart2Heart said...


You and Kayla look so much alike now! Not that you didn't before but with her new cute and color, it's really apparent. Looks like everything turned out well despite all the time spent making it work.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Anonymous said...

Hello Mich,

Your daughter is beautiful! I cannot believe how grownup she looks! She seems older than 13. Did you know my daughter Elizabeth is also 13?

I am happy for you both that the day went so well.

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

what a great day~and party! I have to say I also loved your previous post!!

makeyourhomesing said...

She is indeed beautiful! It's amazing how much you look alike. I've never had that, since I only have boys.

Sounds like a fun time! I love cupcakes!

Oh I need to manage my time better too, hence the reason for my post. Hopefully, this week will be the start of it!

Amber said...

So you had your hair done, too? wonder that everyone was saying that y'all looked alike...your highlights were fresh!!

She is gorgeous, and I'm so glad that she had such a great party.


christy rose said...

That is great! It sounds like she had an awesome time! That makes is all worth it, doesn't it? :)

She looks even more beautiful in her new color and cut!!! You better watch out! You and your husband are going to have to start fighting off those boys. :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

Gorgeous her mama!

WOWSERS! You made me tired with all you did....did you end it with a Calgon bath, complete with candles?

E @ Scottsville said...

She IS beautiful! And from what I hear, she's beautiful on the inside as well.... =0)

Happy Monday Mich!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mich,

That is interesting that your Kayla shares a name with my Elizabeth.

I meant to tell you, Kayla looks so much like you...but you probably hear that all the time.


Gretchen said...

So fun. Thanks for including us in your special time.

Anonymous said...

What a day!

The cut/color look great! Now where's the picture of your new do?