Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Grade Is In...(and other ramblings on the day after my birthday)

I would like to start with a BIG hug and "THANK YOU!" for all the sweet words and birthday wishes. As I have said many times before, I feel blessed, and you are all a part of that big bundle of blessings God has graced me with. ( If only several of you could ride around on my shoulder all day, "pumping me up" with kind words and encouragement, day to day life would be a snap!)

I had a good birthday. I know this is going to sound crazy and make me seem a little "old," but my favorite gift of the day were these house shoes my hubby got for me. Crazy huh? He knew I had to throw my old ones away and with the colder air coming and wood floors, I needed a little something for the footsies. Let me tell you, they are the softest things...like walking on a cloud. OK, before all of you start wondering if that is all I got from my fam, it wasn't, just a favorite
gift. :)

My in-laws cooked me a birthday dinner last night. Sorry Sis, I didn't take pictures. Just trust me...IT WAS GOOD! One of my favorite meals...steak, baked potato, salad, bread and green beans. She even bought me a small birthday cake. Grandma, believe it or not, the "yellow" roses were pretty. Thanks!

I was surprised at work with a few little gifts and a big cheesecake. Cheesecake just happens to be my favorite. My mom use to make me one for my birthday dinners when I was younger. My dear sweet Nanny use to have one ready for me, about every time I would visit too. So the cheesecake was a nice gesture.

My daughter got the "pink eye" on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, right?!!! You know what that meant? Momma got all new makeup for the day after her birthday, celebration. Praying nobody else in the family comes down with it. She had to stay home from school today, and was not happy. Imagine that! A kid who WANTS to go to school. She is working real hard on those grades and is so afraid of getting behind. Doctor said she can go back tomorrow, but of course she will have to wear the glasses for a few days.

Since I hinted about grades...

Let me just tell you, I'm one proud Mom! Report cards arrived...


Spelling = 99%
Language Arts = 97%
Reading = 90%
Mathematics = 91%
Social Studies = 94%


Science = 96%
Gymnastics (her physical education) = 95%
Accelerated English = 99%
Band = 97%
Math = 97%
Social Studies = 92%
Keyboarding = 100%

Woo Hoo! Mommy is definitely doing the happy dance today! Don't you just love it when your kids are doing well? And I am not a person who puts a lot of pressure on grades, "just as long as it is your BEST." I like their best!!!

Well, I could probably ramble on and on, but I will be quiet and let someone else take over for a while. Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Gaia said...

Hi Mich, happy belated birthday and you look great for 40. It is definitely heart warming to see great results from kids, especially when there was no pressure from parents. It is truly their own efforts and motivation that got them where they are, and you should be very proud. Excellent marks. :)

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Woo Hoo indeed! Great job by your cherubs! :)

Enjoy the afterglow of your birthday. And new "house shoes" sound perfect! When I get home every day after I bring the kids home from school, I put my pajamas and fuzzy socks on right away (if I don't have to go back out again). :) Great gift idea by hubs!

Amber said...

Ugh about the pink eye. It stinks.

But Hooray for their grades!! That's great!!

I tried to call you tonight, but I guess you were out roaming around. Can't wait to hear all about your birthday.

Love you.

Kristin said...

Oh man.....I'm such a bad bloggy friend. I'm so sorry I am just now finding out it was your birthday yesterday!! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad it was a good one!! :)

Gretchen said...

Gifts aplenty, from fantastic grades to squishy, warm slippers. So happy you had a great day. Sorry about the pink eye, but I'm not too sorry, since it means NEW MAKE UP! Holla!

Pilar said...

I am so glad you had a good day on your bday. So sorry for your daughter´s pink eye... :(
Wohoooo for those grades :) smart kids!

Heart2Heart said...


Sounds like your birthday was filled with happy family memories and displays of love and affection.

Loving that your kids are doing so well in school. Definitely makes you proud.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one and the kids report was great too! It is good to see our kids to well.