Monday, November 29, 2010

My Thanksgiving ADVENTURE... Part 1

Hope this finds everyone in bloggy land full of turkey and family togetherness. I personally enjoyed my break. I loved soaking in the laughter, love and even a few tears that goes with quality family time. HOWEVER, my holiday proved to be an adventure. It is what we call around these parts "good blogging material."

It all started Wednesday. We packed the car, took my dog to her holiday retreat at the In-law Inn, and started off. Fifteen minutes into the trip my hubby and I are already at it...actually, for your information we do not fight a lot, just when I AM RIGHT and he THINKS he is right. :) I was definitely right this time, bless his heart...

You see a few days ago, my hubby got the idea that he wanted to ask my uncle to show him where to hunt in the Ozarks. But then, when the details and plans didn't fall like he had invisioned, he decided to back out. Only problem was that my brother-in-law and dad already knew about the trip. In fact, my dad, who has NEVER hunted anything in his life, decides he wants to give it a whirl. So, here I am in the car with the hubby who has not brought a gun or any camo with him, texting my sister saying he decided not to hunt, knowing he is going to feel left out if the others still go, blah, blah, blah. We turn around and he goes and gets his gun. Mama was right and all was happy.

We were once more North Arkansas bound. Only, the hubby needs to do a little work on the way, we stop for a hospital visit. After visiting new mom, seeing baby through nursery window and shaking proud dad's hand, we are once again off. Only the car will not start.

The hubs thinks it might be bad gas, we stop at Target for something to help the situation.

Doesn't work.

End up at a Nappa. Trying something else, oil maybe. Sorry but I know NOTHING when it comes to cars.

Car REFUSES to start.

Nappa guy gets us cranked up and points the way to a Firestone garage.

Two hours and 300.00 later we have a new "throttle sensor." MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!

After watching some nutso on "Dr. Phil" and "The Rock" on "Ellen, at the garage, we were finally on the road again.

We finally reached the city limits and I couldn't help but smile. There is a sense of peace that comes when I go home. Now that my parents are back in the small town where they grew up and the only "hometown" this traveling girl knew, while growing up, visiting my parents now brings back loads of memories.

It was a tough day, but I still made it "home" for Thanksgiving. And waiting for me and mine was my mom, dad, sister and her tribe. Doesn't get much better than that...



Andrea said...

What an adventure before you even got out of town! Yikes and $300 you had not expected to spend!

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Angie said...

Glad you finally made it home! Nothing makes everything "ok" like time with family!


Terri said...

Wow, what a bummer.... car trouble is no fun esp. when you are on a road trip. Glad you made it safetly and I can't wait to her the rest of the story!

Bridget said...

Sorry about the van trouble, but glad you finally made it home!

Jim said...

I know I'm going to see you tomorrow evening, but you've got me on the edge of my chair, waiting to see how you described the rest of your trip. Of course, I already know my perspective of the weekend - but I AM AWAYS DELIGHTED at how my girls describe theirs! Waiting on chapter 2!


PS: Isn't it interesting the WORDS that come up WORD VERIFICATION? This time it's KINITSES! Kindof describes my feelings about the weekend - like, "I'm in a real kinitses!" HA

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Everytime something is wrong with my car, my dad blames it on bad gas. So far, it's never been bad gas!

Sorry about the $300. I know how you feel. In one week, I have had to buy a new computer, my dishwasher's motherboard needs changed (totally died on me) and now my water heater is leaking and has been "fixed". Trouble is, it's leaking again. I would imagine a new water heater is in our future. Merry Christmas to me, too!


Anonymous said...

LOL - I know exactly how you feel! When you have planned the details and then someone and "life experiences" mess with those plans, creating chaos in very annoying ways - where was this in the marriage contract and the mommy contract? LOL I cannot wait to hear how much fun you had. Usually when things start out that way, then you end up having an awesome time!

Kellie said...

What an adventure, indeed!! Hope you love that new part for the car for Christmas. lol One year I got a new "part" for my teeth for Christmas. lol :) Glad you were able to spend time with your family!

Toyin O. said...

It is great that you made it home on time.