Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm in the Money...

I have spent the whole day cleaning and putting up my Christmas trees. Now wait, before you preach to me about "forgetting Thanksgiving" cause I skipped to decorating and shopping before the turkey was even cooked, I PLAN ON CELEBRATING BEING THANKFUL. I will be eating turkey and (hopefully) my mom's yummy mashed taters. I will be taking those famous Christmas card pictures like I do every turkey day. I will be braving the mob with my dear ol' sis on Black Friday. I will be soaking in the family love and togetherness. I plan on being THANKFUL in style.

However, I usually, when home, put my tree up the day after Turkey day. Since I plan on being at my parent's, I want to be able to come home to a CLEAN, already DECORATED house. At least I'm trying...

The good news in all of this? I was cleaning my office and found my old purse. For some reason I decided to clean the thing out. There in the bottom of my bag was a bank envelope. In the envelope was 75.00. The receipt inside was dated around the time of my surgery. I guess I had gone to the bank and somehow forgot the money during my healing time. Gotta love that when it happens!

Moral of the story? Cleaning house can sometimes turn up a treasure or two...or maybe 75! Maybe cleaning isn't all bad after all. :)

I am already starting Thanksgiving week THANKFUL.

Have a great weekend!


Angel said...

We are putting our tree and decorations up this weekend too. I love having it all up and pretty when we have Thanksgiving!!

Have a wonderful week

Angela said...

Don't you just LOVE when that happens? I'm always blown away when I f ind money like that. I found 140 dollars in the summer and was just floored. I had put it away..than forgot where I had placed it..God IS so amazing. Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours sweetie.

Kellie said...

I have just loved it when I found money somewhere! Definitely something for which to be thankful! :) Enjoy your trees... we'll be getting our up at the end of the week.

Jim said...

Congrats on the treasure find! I wonder if ONE ought to just hide a few extra $s periodically - of course, somewhere you'd forget until later, when you have found your carefully coded and calendared hints and clues. Sounds like a plan. Oh My! Thanks for reminding me - I'd almost forgotten my COIN STASH! I'll have to get it out and see what treasure I've been hiding, too!
Looking forward to our whole tribe's pow wow this week.
Love you,

Jo said...

I had that happen to me waayy back before I moved to Oregon, when I was barely living paycheck to paycheck and eating a lot of canned beans.
I found a $20 dollar bill stuffed in one of my old wallets. Twenty dollars went a very long ways back then in the 60's!
Hope to see you this week.
Love ya!
Aunt Jo