Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Widow for a Season...

Well friends, it is THAT time of year, AGAIN. Shopping bags filled with all things camo, trips to the woods to clean out stands, plastic jugs saved to be filled with corn, crazy talk of "the BIG one."

It is hunting season.

My mom came from a hunting family. I remember watching my Grandpa, Uncle and cousin get all decked out in their hunting garb and then come home with a turkey or deer prize. But my daddy wasn't into the sport. He was more of a fisherman, so being in a house of all girls and my dad, I only saw hunting season for what it was, on the holidays.

Until I met my man.

I knew when I married him that he was a hunter. I knew that he came from a long line of hunters. I knew they had their own deer camp and that staying out at the camp with the menfolk was a big deal.

I just never knew WHAT A BIG DEAL it was until we moved back to south Arkansas, close to the family and the deer camp. I never knew HOW BIG A DEAL it would become, once my son got bit by the hunting bug that has plagued generations of this family.

I just never knew...

But it is again that season. I just spent gobs of money on the sport, since my son has managed to keep growing, like boys his age should, and can't fit into anything. My hubby already has dates I have to work our schedules around, when he and Jordan will be hunting with friends and family. It has become apparent that there will not be a conversation in the next month that does not have the words "doe, "buck" or "point" in it. And I once again have to be EXCITED over the trophies they bring in. (Don't get me wrong, I am not against hunting, as long as the meat is eaten, and it is with our family, I just don't enjoy seeing it all. I can be a girly girl sometimes.)

So, for the next month I will need to prepare myself for the life of a widow. I will be son less too. Hmm... Whatever will Kayla and I do?

I bet if we put our heads together we can think of something. :) Maybe hunting season isn't half bad after all.

Have a blessed day!


Bridget said...

Oh do I ever remember those days! You and Kayla have some fun girl time while your guys are out hunting!! ;)

Angela said...

I have to share this with my girlfriend...I know I will be getting calls soon from her..she definitely will have much more time on her hands The poor thing though doesn't LOVE all that yummy meat hubby brings home..I'm like 'WHAT???????'..oh my I love it! She IS getting an acquired taste to it though...thank goodness since he's a pretty awesome hunter..

Angel said...

My hubby isn't a hunter, and for that I am glad. My brother-in-law is though and he is gone practically the whole season!!

I am just sure you girls can think of a thing or two to do though!! Have fun!!

Love and Blessings

Kari said...

Very interesting!!!! My hubby doesn't hunt, but I'm sure he'd like to. People around here have to spend their money and rearrange their schedules for skiing and snowboarding. Not me though. Never have done either my entire life :o) To be honest, I'd rather hunt!