Friday, May 22, 2009

The play by play of our life...

Here is a play by play of random events and thoughts for family and friends, just so you know what's going on.

1. We went to Jordan's ballgame last night. It was a make up game from a game that was cancelled due to the flood of 2009. So the team we played last night happened to be the team we had just played Tuesday night. UGH!!! Tuesday night was bad. We lost, which upset our undefeated record.(Strike 1) It also wasn't our teams night. Even the "star" players were striking out. Jordan didn't know what to do, cause his friends, some of the best players in the league were in the dugout crying. Evidently not use to losing... Jordan came home upset. (Strike 2) And to top it off there were grown men heckling our team. Coaches were rattled, the boys were upset and the other team won...not a good game for the home team!

So, we played the same team last night. It was tough. The boys were already siked out. There were bad calls made, coaches arguing, disagreements between the refs and again a lot of heckling from grown men. Frustrating! Yet we somehow managed to pull it out in the end, beating them by two. On a happy note, although he got walked both times, Jordan scored two runs last night. He was happy.

2. Kayla was asked to join the Beta Club. Exciting. This morning was the ceremony. Of course again I didn't get to go to a school activity, because my daughter didn't tell me about it until last night. Daddy came through for me once again. Gotta love him! Anyway she wasn't too excited, because she is getting sick. She looked horrible this morning. Sick eyes, stuffy nose, cough. I told her she could stay home but she knew she had the ceremony and a science test today. Poor thing. She is a trooper. I told her to call her dad after her test, so we will see if she lasts the whole day.

3. I am excited about the three day weekend! Yeah! Need it to do some heavy duty cleaning!
I will be climbing the Mt Everest of laundry, while dusting this whole house into shape. I also have 2 scary closets to tackle... I will also have to take some time to scrapbook a page for my scrapbook club next week, balance my checkbook (another scary project) and work on my husband's birthday bash coming up on June 3rd. Busy!!!

4. Do you remember me telling you about the basket auction at school and that I was in charge of the basket for Jordan's class? Anyway, my basket made the most money. $290. Can you believe that? It went for more than Razorback and Traveler's tickets. Jordan was proud. His class got to have a pizza party for making the most money that day to go towards the new playground equipment.

5. We have a plague in my house. Fleas. We didn't have this problem until last week. We have treated the yard and the dog and now I am trying to get them out of my house. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you about it, but I need help if anyone has a solution in helping get rid of them. It is getting better, but unfortunately they multiply quickly. Just another thing I'm going to really work on this weekend.

Well, that is all the news I have for now.


Jim said...

We tried water under a night light and it did very little. Finally, we came to the conclusion that we needed to "bomb" the house. Close it up tight, put a couple of "flea bombs" out to fog, and leave it for a few hours. That did it at Poplar Bluff, for the previous owners had a big dog indoors, and we had a major problem.

Hope that helps.

Let me piggy back a request. Anyone know how to get rid of moles? Sitting and watchin' and shootin' is not an option. Likewise, the stick of gum down the hole to have them chew themselves to death. Traps don't work for us either. Can't find the regular run. The whole yard is crisscrossed with runs. Let me know.

Hope your "war" goes your way.
Love you,

Amber said...

Bomb the house. That's what we had to do. And we also bought all the sprays to squirt down everything. They finally went away.

Good luck with the cleaning. That's my weekend project, too.

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

Glad that the baseball game went well. Love it when that happens...even if you have to wait until the very end!

Hope Kayla gets to feeling better!

If you finish your dusting, and you get bored, come on over here...the yard sale has taken over other priorities in the house this week unfortunately! :)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Someone once told me to put blue Dawn dishwashing liquid in a white bowl and set it under a light directly on the carpet and the fleas would be attracted to it and jump in and die. Oddly, it really did work. But it's not practical for ridding your house of them. Still kinda cool, though. I recommend the flea "bombs."

Oh, and tell your dad that I have the mole-diggin'-ist dog and I'll be glad to rent her out! She catches about two or three a week.

Gretchen said...

Busy times! Sorry about the fleas, but sounds like Jim-Dad has you covered. We need to be vigilant, too. So expensive to keep the dogs flea-free, but not an option to quit treating them!

No idears about moles, either. We get them on and off, but usually just act like the mounds aren't there. :)

Blessings on your weekend.