Friday, May 22, 2009

Flip Flop City!

Just curious who checked out Old Navy's flip flop sale? I had a gift card for 25.00 dollars from Old Navy. Very exciting! Since I had heard about the big shoe sale, I thought I would go online and check it all out. Sure enough, if you buy three pairs, then they are a $1.65 a pair. Even more exciting!!! (I hear if you go to a store, they are even cheaper.)

The great thing is that Kayla and I can wear the same size shoe most of the time, especially in sandals... And we both love us some flip flops! So I did the only thing a good mom, (who needs to provide for her daughter) and wife (got to shop those bargains!) can do. I bought us about every color they had. Everything from tangerine to good ol black. Yep! Love me a good bargain.

I was thinking that maybe I need to go buy Kayla and I some new t-shirts to go with those awesome colored flip flops...that seems the only thing that makes good sense.

Don't ya think?

Can someone explain this reasoning to the hubby?


Jim said...

Is that like the proverbial "buy a new hat" kind of awesome good feeling and peachy-keen positive attitude and disposition? I think that logic has been around the block a few times. I guess it seems to work. I suppose it may have a "flip flop" view for some, however, in that it's repeated because it has limited life. Who knows?

It does have its application for men, women and children. You know, a new toy, tool or togs!

Luv ya!

Amber said...

You know that I'll always be supportive of flip flop purchases. And new shirts to match the new flip flops.

Gretchen said...

Most excellent, indeed. :)

Jennifer said...

And, of course, the next purchase would be cute jewelry to go with new flip flops and new shirts!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

My sis told me about this after it was too late! That is some kind of bargain..:) I have you added to the M2M blogroll. Thanks for being so patient with me while I've updated. :)

Sarah said...

I remember the joys of Old Navy sales! Ahhh, the feel of new flip flops between your toes, especially when you have a pair to go with everything! Enjoy these special days with your daughter!

Besitos (little kisses) from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

PS I'm following you now too, it;s too much fun over here to miss out.