Sunday, May 10, 2009


To Amb:

Sis, together we have been through life's blessings as well as great pain
Yet, hand in hand we've found joy in the falling rain.

We've had our share of arguments, sometimes making each other mad,
Yet having you for a sister makes my heart truly glad.
We've cried till we've laughed, and we've laughed till we cried
We've said many hellos and too many goodbyes

However when we are not together, our love is still strong
We always have a sense when something is wrong.

We've traveled the world over, been on an adventure or two
We have a history that belongs only to me and you.
There have been secrets told and advice handed out
There have been smiles, hugs and even a few pouts
I heart you more than words can say
This poem was written to put a smile in your day.
So know this, whether we are together or apart
You are my sister and my dear friend and forever in my heart.

Happy Birthday!




1980 (For those who do not know, I have scoliosis and had to wear a back brace for a while.)

1988 (Amber always had such great style!)



1993 (I know Amber wore her bridesmaid dress over and over because the pink rose pattern was so beautiful. :) What can I say? Everything seemed to be country blue and mauve during that time.)



1997 (Let it be said that I had postpartum depression here, that is the only reason I can think of as to why I cut my hair all off right before my sister's wedding. She was mad at me and I hated my hair.)

2000 (Amb was pregnant here and I look like I was. And what was up with the mustache, Dad?)

2004 (I've always loved this picture. Here we are with our families.)

2006 (with our Nanny)

2009 (Not the best picture, but unfortunately after the kids came along, we took more pictures of them, then we did of us together. Which is too bad for we have taken many road trips and celebrated many holidays and birthdays together.)

Amb, thanks for all the memories!

(Was it sappy enough for you? And you can't get me for the pictures because there are some crazy ones of me in there too!)

***To my bloggy friends a future post is coming your way! The many, many hairstyles of Michele and Amber. I never realized how many I've had!!!***


Amber said... I could fuss a little about the pictures. Especially the wagon wheel one. You only put that one in there because you are lookin' so smokin'. Me...awesome in the cool hightops and turquoise socks. Totally tubular and rockin' awesome.

My favorite line..."What's up with mustache, Dad?" Hilarious.

Thank you so much for my poem. I finally got my own!!! I heart you like crazy, Mich. You have no idea.

Thanks for being my big sister. If I could have hand picked one...I would have picked you.

Anonymous said...

And now I wish I had a sister. This was so sweet.

Jim said...

Both Amb's and Your blogs today have given me pain. I've been stretched around both yours and her little fingers. What an online scrapbook of memories! Put some thought and heart into that poem, too!

Now, the mustache thang! I thought I looked rockin'! If you remember, that wastaken at Easter time, and I had just finished that year's passion play where I grew a mustache and goatee! Just thought I'd keep the "food strainer" on for a few days longer. If it wasn't for portraying characters with no mustaches, I'd grow one to keep for my "Mark Twain" - that's the hardest piece of makeup I have to put on.

Thank you, Sis, for being such a special inspiration - you constantly make my heart glad just to be your dad!

Gretchen said...

Lurved Amber's Ode. Lurve you, too. What a fab relationship you have. So glad I now have the chance to "get to know" you both.

Jennifer said...

Very Sweet!! Loved all the pics!!

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

So sweet. What a special relationship you two have!