Monday, September 5, 2011

Closet Cleanup...

OK, before you turn my name into the show "Hoarders Buried Alive," I have a reason for my mess. Or do I? I have been busy. My family uses my space too. The thought of buying new clothes sounded so much more appealing than cleaning... :)

Actually, I have no excuse. It simply got out of hand and as you know, one small pile ends up growing on it's own until you have one HUGE mess.

I finally couldn't handle the mess anymore. So while Kayla was spending the day with a friend and the guys were out at the camp, I labored on Labor Day.

I worked all afternoon on my dressing room and closet. Although still not perfect, I think it looks 100% better than it did. Of course the room needs a paint job, the old wallpaper is dated and I hate the doors on the closet, but at least now I can find my favorite pair of shoes and my jacket when cooler weather ever decides to show up.

Most of all, it is just a space full of all the things I love. To some it might still look a little cluttered, but I love having all my pictures and keepsakes close by, mixed in with the hairspray and makeup.

This is BEFORE...
(Remember, don't judge!)

(Just celebrate with me!)

(Scripture on the mirror starts the day with me. if you look closely you can see me taking the picture.)

(Pictures remind me to pray for loved ones or treasure happy memories.)

(I found this while cleaning... a note from Kayla, written in the fifth grade. This one is a keeper. Might have to find a frame.)

OK, one room organized. Now I just have several more to go, plus a few closets. Can we have Labor Day every weekend? :)

Hope you had a beautiful day!


Kristin said...

Ahhhhhh......doesn't it feel so great once you get a space all organized and clean?! :) Love that note!

Bridget said...

I've been working in my house too! Your closet and dressing area look GREAT! You did good ;)

whimzie said...

There is therefore no condemnation from those whose closets would make Hoarders throw up.

That looks GREAT!! Congratulations! I'm inspired to start working on my crazy room this evening!

Kellie said...

We've all been there if we are honest. lol I don't judge because I have plenty of areas that have needed help over the years. lol What a treasure to find that note from Kayla. I have never thought of framing them... why, I haven't a clue... but that is an awesome idea. :)