Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas countdown...

I'm sitting here as I type wondering if it is truly possible to have "peace" at Christmas time. Now I know that that is what the true meaning of Christmas is really about, but it seems once the thanksgiving feast is over, we all hit the ground, decorating, celebrating. This week alone my family has five parties to go to. I find myself running every other day to the store for the "perfect"ornament to exchange or some more ribbon or tape to wrap one more gift or looking for cookie ingredients and brownie mixes on aisle five at the store...BUSY!

Tonight I found out that a friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer. This is not her first time down this road... it really does put life in perspective. I love to shop and buy the perfect gift. I love to celebrate the season with friends and family. As I've already written in an earlier post, I love Christmas lights and snowmen. Yet, although I will continue to do and enjoy these things, I find it important to take a moment and "stop and smell the poinsettias." We need to try hard not to get so caught up in the celebrating that we forget to celebrate.

I encourage you, as I'm trying to, to remember your blessings. I think only then will one truly have a "peaceful" Christmas season.


Amber said...

I'm so sorry...I'll be praying for your friend. Scary stuff.

You are so right about perspective.

Tough though, isn't it...crazy world we live in.

Jo said...

Like I told your sis yesterday, we all need a little "down time" in order to get through it all.
You both are so busy with your Holiday preparations, church and activities with friends, as well as work and taking care of your own familie's needs.

The trick is to take it a step at a time, take time for yourself, and don't think you have to do everything RIGHT NOW. (Guess I could take my own advice from time to time.)

Taking time out is sometimes easier said than done, I know. The Holidays will be over all too soon, and you'll be looking for another project or two for the new year.

BTW, I'm so sorry about your friend. I'm praying that she will come through this successfully.

Love you.
Aunt Jo