Friday, May 28, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

Be sure and say "YES!" for this gal's ego can always use a boost. Truthfully, I missed all my bloggy buddies and the smiles you all bring. Sorry, but it has been a crazy week, so the computer time had to be put on the back burner for a while.

I honestly have so much to say, I just don't have the time to share today. I promise pictures and posts on my my new furniture and the big Luau party I pulled off for our youth group, soon.

Today, I just wanted to check in, let you know I am still alive and kickin' and so on... I am going to go try and catch up on all the news in blogland. Here is hoping you all have a beautiful weekend.

Oh, one more thing... I have an "unspoken" prayer request today. I totally believe in the power of prayer, especially when two or more call upon the Lord together. So, although for now, this request needs to remain unspoken in bloggy world, I asked that you pray. Thank you.

Happy Friday!


Kristin said...

I completely know how you feel! This time of year is SO busy!! Glad to hear you're still alive and well :D I said a prayer for your unspoken request and I know that the Lord will know exactly what it's about. Hope you have a great weekend!!

Bridget said...

I was gone, too...glad to see you back!! :D

Terri said...

I have been gone awhile also! Glad to see you back. I will def. pray for your... thanks for the sweet bday wish for my DD :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, prayers for the unspoken (especially in light of what I wrote about today); glad you had a good week. I'm about to take a hiatus of my own.


~*Michelle*~ said...

I think this time of year def. brings out the busyness!

Praying for what is placed on your heart....

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Jim said...

I indeed do miss your blogs. Don't have contact far more than we'd like, so I hang on your words.

Love you,

Angela said...

Hey precious sister,,wanted to let you know I've been praying ((hugs)) Blessings my dear sister. I thank God for you.

Angela said...

ya I missed you..but I haven't been on much either, LOL

Mocha Momma said...

Hi Mich, hope all is well. I rarely get to blogland these days.

Always looking after a teen to make sure all of the homework is getting finished. I'll be glad when this school year is over.

Take care and God bless ya. Saying a prayer now for you.

Kellie said...

Yes, you were missed! I know all about busy weeks!! Can't wait to see your pics soon. :)

Anonymous said...

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He & Me + 3 said...

I have been busy too. Just getting around to most blogs.
HOpe you have a great weekend full of rest.

Have a beautiful Memorial Day!

Gretchen said...

I may be late to the party, but I just said a prayer for you. xxxooo

Angel said...

I have been missing you and now I have been gone a few days so I am still missing you!! Too bad we didn't go to Branson at the same time!! Looking forward to all those pictures!! Also wanted to let you know my package hasn't gotten here, no biggie, just wanted you to know if you sent it, I didn't get it!! Love and Blessings to you and yours!!