Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Family...

I got to go "home" for Christmas this year. Yeah, I know I have been married to my hubby for almost 19 years now, but there is just something still so special about going to my parent's house. Rolling my eyes at my dad's jokes, eating my mom's cookin', laughing with my sister, hugging on my nephews while they wipe my slobber off...I LOVE IT. We are all so close, yet live apart and have such busy lives, that when we do get together it is special. It is like I never left. My kiddos and hubby also love getting away to Grammy's house.

Christmas day, after morning service, we took a few family photos. I LOVE these people!!!

My son and my other child...Baby Girl.

My hubby and his baby girl.

My precious THANKFUL.

My beautiful "baby doll."

My beautiful sister and her three little monsters who I ADORE.
(Please keep these precious people in your prayers. They have had a tough year. Although I am not at liberty to explain, the big sis in me feels helpless sometimes, but I can ask for prayer.
God answers them and has already in so many little ways. God is good. I know He has my family in His hands at all times.)

My Aunt Jo and cousin Rich.
Taking their picture and getting them to smile is as hard as taking the kid's pictures.
Love these crazy two.

The Grandchildren.

The two kids out of the bunch who will let you take their picture...aren't they cute?!

My parents. LOVE them. Blessed to have them.

Grammy and Poohpa with their bunch.

My family.

God is good.


Angie said...

Beautiful family!

Angela said...

All the time God is good!! amen girl.

Kellie said...

Glad you had a great time with your family!! :)