Friday, November 4, 2011

Sleeping with the radio on...

My family LOVES music. You will hear music flowing through our house any given time of the day. My hubby has taught his kids a love for music...all kinds (as long as it is clean and appropriate.) Being the Christian Student Minister that he is, he has told kids that for every style of music they love to listen to on the radio, he can find them a good, clean Christian version of the same style. And he can. Rap, country, pop, heavy metal, etc... he is up to the challenge.

I love that my kids have the ability to test their musical ears with various sounds and don't have to worry about the negative influence of the lyrics. After all, just because I can't stand "rap" doesn't mean my child doesn't like the beat. Thankful I have a hubby who has bridged that gap, so that now my daughter can listen to different styles while still harming mom's ears, doesn't harm her soul.

Yes, my hubs loves ALL styles of music. And his daughter takes after him. Mom here, well as hard rock as I got in high school was BonJovi and Journey if that tells you anything. (They are still my guilty pleasures if I am honest.) I am more just an easy listening pop kind of gal, like a little country and LOVE Christian praise.

My son? He is 13. You would think he would be jammin' to the latest hit, music blaring and in love with songs shouting profanity every 5 seconds. You would think...

BUT when it comes to music, he is an old soul, like his mom. He and I share a love for Chris Tomlin, David Barnes, and David Crowder. When dad has the car radio on a country station, he wants to switch it back to "klove."

His latest thing is sleeping with his ipod on all night. When we were kids we slept with the radio, but now he will hook his ipod up to his speakers and let the music flow. Every morning as I walk down the hall I am greeted with sweet melodies of praise. There is something so peaceful about that. There is something about it that calms my soul and prepares me for the day. Maybe my son is on to something...

I know his tastes might change as he gets older. I know that one day he might fall in love with the crazy music other teenagers his age listen to and we may even fight a time or two over it. But for now, I am thankful that he chooses to fill his head with sweet words lifting up the sweet name of Jesus. He ends his day with thoughts of praise and he wakes up the same way. That does a mommy's heart good.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

One of my college sons goes to sleep with his ipod as well, although I'm not sure what he's listening to. When my older two were growing up, we carefully guarded their entertainment preferences. With the younger two, we do the same, although have found that it's a bit harder a decade later!

I've never apologized for the boundaries I've placed around my kids. They have the rest of their lives to live independently from my preferences. Something tells me that the shaping that's taking place today will have an impact in their tomorrows.

For the record, I love country. I just don't listen to it very often.


Andrea said...

We too love music and all styles. This past week I have been listening to Christian Blue Grass (The Isaac's). What a treat!


Kellie said...

We love all kinds of music here, too. I must say...I love instrumental piano/hymns the most... especially after being at school all day. lol