Monday, February 20, 2012

Kayla's makes me smile...

I have said before on numerous occasions that I have a black thumb. My Granny had a garden full of beautiful roses when I was younger. I can still smell the garden if I close my eyes and think of her. My Grandpa and her also had a BIG garden full of the yummiest fresh veggies. My Nanny loved green plants and had them all over her house and back patio. My mom always has a yard full of seasonal flowers and a house full of thriving beautiful green plants. My in-laws also always have a big garden and flower beds lining the house. And then there is me.

I can't grow a thing. I am the black thumb of the family.

I either water too much...or not enough. I can't ever seem to get it right. My hubby and I tried the garden thing one time. I ended up with a few tomatoes, but not enough to say we were successful at gardening. Through the years I have gained house plants, for many different, hospital stays, family funerals...I have killed all but one.

My only success story, if you can call it that, is what I call "My Granny Plant." I got it in January of 1994, when my Granny passed away. How it has survived all these years through babies, pets, moves and ME, I will never know. She is frail, but she doesn't die. She is a fighter.

Enter my daughter and her latest passion.

She names them, talks to them, buys special little glass bulbs so they will get just enough water, sets them in the sunlight and lovingly takes care of them all. For Valentines, I bought her a mini rose potted plant and another little plant and you would have thought I had handed her the moon. She talks about when the weather warms up and makes up it's mind what it wants to do, that she wants to transform my front porch and yard into her garden showcase.


I am just sitting back and letting her do all the work, while all of a sudden I am surrounded by greenery. She even gave "Granny Plant" a new pot and soil and is loving the old lady.

It all makes me smile...
"Granny Plant"

A polka dot plant that we call "Dot."
Kayla and her Grandma picked her out. Kay loves her pink leaves.

"Zehavi" is Hebrew for light. Kayla said the real name of the plant means light as well.
And the other plant is "Rain drop" for the design on the leaves.

"Arabella" or "Bella" for short. It is Dutch for beautiful. These little red roses were her Valentine's day gift.

Of course she is already saving for more...

When I think of Kayla's little potted garden, and all the love she gives each plant, it reminds me of how loving my Heavenly Father is. He too, calls me by name, provides daily what I need to grow and watches me with hopeful eyes to see if I bloom where He has planted me.

And that makes me smile...


Bridget said...

I love her plants!! Sigh...I have a black thumb, too :(

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

So glad for God's green thumb! He always gets his garden just right.


He & Me + 3 said...

Good for her already taking such good care of things. She must be one responsible girl to keep them alive. I too have a black thumb.

Kellie said...

That is so sweet! I love your analogy to the Lord's care for us. I have a black thumb, too... thank goodness for my hubby who doesn't! lol ;)