Thursday, March 8, 2012

My New Adventure with "Gluten"

This year I tried to do several things differently. I wouldn't really call them "New Year's Resolutions," because I really don't like that word anymore. Sadly, I associate it with failure. No, I have tried hard to make "life changes."

Some are trivial, some are meaningful, spiritual and some are just for my health. My diet is one of them. I started out the year, thinking once again that I needed to lose weight, I needed to exercise, I needed to get healthy. However, since nothing worked for me in the past, I proceeded to do a little research for a new plan to tackle my weight issues, something super duper fun and extraordinary, where you lose an obscene amount of fat in little time.

I hate to tell you this, friends, but I really truly don't think that kind of plan really exists. Weight loss comes with WORK. You have to give up the bad stuff and get to moving. Have I done it yet? No, 'cause somewhere along the way, I got a little sidetracked. I found this book;

and realized that her story matched mine. My health issues, my problems with foods, the pain and frustration... I am there. For the first time, I thought I might have an answer to the "nervous stomach," "the problems that still existed after gallbladder removal," "the allergies," etc...etc...etc...

I didn't go to the doctor, but decided to just give the "gluten free" thing a try, just to see if any of my problems went away. And they did.

Am I pain free 100% of the time? No.
Am I experiencing total freedom to eat anything I want? No.
Are all my tummy troubles totally gone? No.
Do I feel better? YES!!!

It has made a difference. In fact I think it is just a work in progress. I think my tummy troubles will never go away 100% because I am still a nervous person, I still have high stress in my life at times, I am still learning what thousands of products have "Gluten" in them, and I risk contamination every time I put a fork in my mouth.

It is not easy. In fact just the other day I craved something so bad, and even found the gluten free version in this book;

but our little town didn't have it in the store. Shopping has become a whole new adventure. No longer am I able to just run to the store. I have to check labels, make lists of brands, plan ahead. Eating out is even harder. The bread basket is no longer my friend. I am limited to what I can even eat at restaurants. Always having a backup plan is a must. Some days I want to give up.

But then I realize how much better I feel overall. I love that I can now eat a meal without pain. I get to enjoy a snack without having to run to the ladies room 30 min later. I feel better overall. I even lost 10 pounds.

I am calling this stage in my life "My Adventure with Gluten" because that is what it adventure. It is a roller coaster ride of good, bad and sometimes even ugly. I have had to give up some of my favorite BREAD. However, I have learned that I LOVE Wendy's chili. I have found substitutes for some bread and pasta cravings, but overall have found that I can live without them. It is hard, but I can.

Overall, it has taught me not to just run to the kitchen when the stress comes. (I am a stress eater!!!) I can't eat a lot of the junk that is easy to grab. Although, I have found just enough junk food items to keep me sane. :)

Most important, I have found myself crying to the Lord even more, whether in joy or frustration, it doesn't matter... I just know He is there. I am so thankful He is on this journey with me. I could not do this alone.

So, if you see me ramble about gluten or post a "gluten free" recipe, you will know why. That is just where I am right now. I am on this crazy ride. Truthfully, it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. God is good.

If you want to know more about gluten, let me know, I will share what I know so far.
If you want to just be a pal and pray for me, then "THANKS!" I need all I can get.
If you are going through the same adventure, I would love any advice you can send my way.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

"Be strong in the GRACE that is Christ Jesus!!!" 2 Timothy 2:1


Sarah said...

Excited to watch your gluten free world ... as its something I have been working towards as well.

Thanks for splashing around with me today. Now, if only I can create a gluten free pancake?

Happy day,

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I am trying to reduce the amount of carbs in my diet.

Thank you for your prayers. I so appreciate it. Please don't stop, we are not even close to being done with this trial. I believe it is just getting started. But I know that if we obey, God will shine His amazing glory on this situation.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm with you in the battle, sister. It's so hard to lose weight!!! I am hindered by my hurting feet as it pertains to exercise. I used to be a runner. No more; at least not now. So, where I was able to manage my eating by exercising, well, let's just say it's a lot harder now.

I hope you have huge success with this new approach and that you continue to feel better! So much to think about as we grow older.


Kristin said...

I have thought about trying to go gluten free. I struggle with anxiety because when I get nervous I have horrible tummy issues and now I get nervous because of those tummy issues which is just a vicious cycle. I am just exhausted over these issues. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. :)

Kellie said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling better. The Lord will give you the strength you need as you go on this new adventure. I am so thankful for His leading as I know you are as well. That is great about the 10 pounds! You can do it! :)