Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My new friend the AT&T lady

Let me start by saying that, like everyone else, we have had our "crunch time" moments. What I mean by that is that we crunch the numbers and sometimes they don't add up the way we would like them to. With the gas prices, milk prices, "summer fun" prices all adding up, many times my checkbook doesn't look too good...

That being said, I forgot to pay a bill that was already late!!! I happened to be working at the church office, filling in for the receptionist, when my husband comes through the door and quietly says, "I need to see you for a moment... now!" Like I said, he said it quietly, but after being married for fifteen years, his whole expression told me I had better have a good explanation for whatever it was that I had done!

"My cell phone will not work!" he states, still "quietly." My immediate response was, "oops!" Well, "oops!" never worked for my parents or my teachers, so it probably wasn't going to work here either. I told him I would figure it all out and fast...

I got home and went straight to my desk, found my bill and grabbed the phone. After waiting for 10 minutes, I finally heard a "real person" voice. The voice on the other line was low and very tired sounding. I thought, "Oh no, I got a cranky person! What am I going to do now?" ( I slipped in a quick prayer for help.)

After getting all my information, making sure I was who I said I was, I found myself asking her if she was tired. What? Where did that come from? Let me explain, I am not someone who usually makes conversation with strangers on the phone, especially people taking my money for bills! (even if it isn't their fault... that is of course beside the point!)

The Lady surprised me by answering me. Before I knew it we had a who;e conversation about lunch, what she had eaten and our desire to take a nap, before I had even told her what my problem was. by the time I had explained about what had happen, she simply told me that she liked me and had already turned my phones back on while we had been talking.

Our conversation went further, but it would take too long for me to write about it all. I will say this, that by the time I got off the phone, my cell phones were both back up and running and she had taken care of my problem. Our call ended with her thanking me for being honest and friendly with her.

I realized something in that moment... she was just doing her job. How many times have I been impatient with someone on the phone because I had to "hold for hours" or they couldn't fix things the way I wanted them to be fixed? This lady may have started off a little tired, yet when I took the time to acknowledge her as a person, she perked up and even went out of her way to help me!

I was telling my husband the story later, he said it sounded like something my dad would have done. I can't tell you through the years, how many times I've watched my father talk to strangers, asking them about their day, while checking out at the store or ordering his food at a restaurant. As a teenager, I would be impatient or a little embarrassed while he did it. As an adult, I've always been amused. Today, I was thankful. He has through the years, been an example.

Today, God whispered in my ear "Ask her if she is tired!" and then HE took care of the rest.
My dad would have been proud...


Amber said...

I just read your post from, what? last Saturday? Not sure where I missed that one...anyway, I wrote you some sassy comment about making Dad cry...and then I read this one.

Geez...two in a row? Are you tryin' to become his favorite or what?

Just kidding! :) Love you and your stories! I'm just glad you finally caved and went to the sappy sentimental side!

Poohpa said...

Well, you have done it again! Get the hanky out! You and Am are blogging and I'm both sappy, humble and proud. Don't be surprised if someday, someone blogs you or tells you about something they heard you did from a sermon I delivered. Both of you are great "heart-grabbers" when I need affirmation or need to help others understand some good principles.

Oops! There I go with the hanky again! Both of you are my favorites!

Love Ya,