Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm so excited!

My anniversary is at the end of the month. Did I tell you that my hubby is officiating a wedding ceremony on MY anniversary at the end of this month? Did I tell you that my sister is celebrating her December anniversary on MY anniversary this year by going to Mexico? Excuse me? Something a little wrong with all of this don't you think?

Anyway, what do I decide to do? I decide to take some vacation time myself, pack up the family to go watch the wedding and then go to my mom's house and spend time with the grandparents and the kids my sweet sister left behind. And the truth is I am excited about it too. Love and miss my parents like no body's business, so time with them is always precious. As for the kiddos... I love those three little boys like my own. We are going to have a grand time. My own kids are excited.

My parents live only about thirty miles south of Branson, so we have plenty of fun planned already. How do you entertain a 6 year old all the way up to grandpa? Go to Silver Dollar City, of course. And if you are in Branson, taking in a show is a must. I'm really excited about this one, in fact I think I am more excited than the kids. We are going to see...

So, tag on some quality family time, a little shopping and of course my mom's cooking and who needs Mexico anyway? Love ya, sis. I expect a present. :)

Yeah, I'm excited! Where are you going on vacation this year?

Happy Monday!


Kellie said...

We are leaving in a little over 2 weeks for Boston and Bar Harbor, Maine. We're driving so we'll get to see lots of "side road" attractions. My camera can hardly wait.

I bet the Noah production will be awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

Jules said...

I've always wanted to go to Branson. I've heard so much about it. Enjoy your week with your parents...every minute of it.

Angel said...

Oh how I love going to Branson! It is only about 4 hours from us so we go as often as possible. Who know maybe someday we will be there at the same time, how cool would that be!! Have a great time!!

Love and Blessings

Terri said...

I have heard that Branson is so fun! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!!!!
Family time is the best anyway :)

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

You will love "Noah" at Sight & Sound in Branson! :) We have a Sight & Sound here in PA. Awesome Biblical theatrical productions!

We will be going to Camp of the Woods -- Christian Family camp in the Adirondaks.

Anonymous said...

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Bridget said...

Have fun with those nephews!!!

Jim said...

You'all come on now - we're just awaiting fer yew ta come up.peer ta see us.ens and NOAH! Love yew bunches and oodles!


Anonymous said...

Have a WONDERFUL time with your family! We're going to the beach with all our nephews and their wives who have children our children's age, Nanny, my SIL - about 30 people all together. All,except my oldest son and his wife. It's just not the same without them, but we have to trudge on - maybe they'll miss us one day!

BTW - Happy Anniversary!

Amber said...

I am excited...but I'm a smidge jealous of all your Branson family togetherness.

But I'll bring you a sombrero or something. ;)

Love you muchly.