Monday, June 21, 2010

To be a good father...

Well, I wasn't a good mother, 'cause I forgot to get the camera out and take a good Father's Day picture. Oh well, I will have to be sure and make up for it during vacation with lots of pictures of family togetherness.

Anyway, we had a good day. It was a great day of reflection for me, 'cause I realize in this crazy world how blessed I really am. I have a great dad, who taught me from a very young age what is really important in this world. He and my mom led totally by example and their sacrifices for the Lord and family through the years have been HUGE. Love ya, Jim-Dad!

Before they passed on, I was blessed with some pretty terrific grandpas too. Oh how I miss them...

I married and acquired a second "Papa" who I adore. He is a man with a great big servant's heart and has raised a son of the same. Yeah, I'm pretty blessed.

However, the true blessing came when I married the love of my life seventeen years ago and on October 1, 1996, saw him hold his baby girl for the first time. I just thought I was in love with him, up to that point. Nothing prepared me for the tenderness this big guy could have and how much he loves his kiddos. I thank God everyday for him and how blessed my children are to call him "dad." I love ya, Kev.

Most of all, though, I realize that the blessings overflow in my life because of the love of the Heavenly Father. I was raised surrounded by people who knew and understood a love so much bigger than anything I could imagine. Have our lives been perfect? "NO!!!" Yet, we have been graced with the knowledge that God the Father, sent His son, and sacrificially allowed Him to die for me. Why? Because He loved me and you. It is that simple. Such a gift deserves my praise, everyday, and not just on Father's Day! Yes, I am blessed.

Hope you all enjoyed a day of praising the Lord for His goodness and thanking Him for the wonderful men in your life.


On a side note, which I thought was funny, my preacher yesterday had a message for all the fathers. Big surprise, right? Anyway, he had several points of what a good father should be. After the service, Kevin looks over at Kayla and asked her how he rated, after hearing the sermon. She looked back at him and said "Dad, you will have to figure that one out for yourself."

Teenagers! Gotta love them!


Andrea said...

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and support. I really appreciate you!

Heart2Heart said...


What a great tribute to both of your fathers in your life! I know that you are truly blessed by the impact they have had in your life!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kellie said...

Great thoughts. Too cute what Kayla said!

Jim said...

Thanks for the great thoughts! I love you!

Bridget said...

A great Father's Day tribute!