Friday, July 2, 2010

Eureka!!! Someone got married...

My hubby and I were at our previous church for eight years, before moving to our current home. When we had moved to "B-town" my kids were three and one years of age. In other words, we had made that small Arkansas town our home. It is the place where both kids had their first day of kindergarten. Jordan played his first game of baseball. Both kids learned to love the game of soccer there. We had a church family we loved and still miss terribly. Although we love our new home (of three years), we will always remember B-town.

Because Kevin was the student minister at B-town for eight years, he saw a lot of kids grow up. One special group of youngsters were in 6Th grade when we arrived and he had the honor of seeing them all graduate. They were a strong group of kids. They were his kids, all of them holding a special place in his heart, and they still do. That same group of kids are now graduating from college and getting married and having babies. Wow, how the time flies.
Our family headed to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, last Friday. Two of those teenagers from that special group of kids had grown up and fell in love with each other. They wanted Kevin to be a part of the wedding. He officiated and sang. It was wonderful watching him with his "kids." It was a blessing to see them all grown up, and how well they all turned out, knowing you had a part in that.

Besides it being hot, the wedding was simple and beautiful. It was a great two days of seeing old friends and hanging out as a family.

The hotel where the wedding was held. We stayed there one night.

My son "practicing." His dad has been teaching him the guitar. The wedding was held outside in front of this fountain.

A photo moment. The grounds of the hotel were beautiful, with lots of great places to take a picture or two.

Me and my baby boy, the night of the rehearsal.

And with my baby doll.

Kevin with "the gang."
Her dress was beautiful.

17 years together. We celebrated our anniversary, watching two special young people get married. Not the best of pictures, but in our defense, the sun was bright and it was HOT.

Acting like tourists, we went and saw the "glass" chapel.

We also did some shopping downtown.

Hope you are having a great summer, friends.


Kristin said...

That is such a great story of being able to marry them! I love it! You got some great pictures too! I hope you are having a great Summer!!

Angel said...

How fun!! With Dan being a children's pastor, I know what you mean about seeing these kids grow up. We were at one church for 11 years and miss those kids terribly. Most of them have found me on facebook and it is such a JOY to see what God is doing in their lives!! You guys are so blessed to have been a part of this wedding, it says a lot for you!!

Love the pictures, we love Eureka Springs, just don't get there very often any more!!

Have a great weekend!!

Love and Blessings

Bridget said...

What a beautiful place for the wedding to be held. So neat that your family got to be a part of it.

Jim said...

Great photos and story - especially that you all were close enough to come spend a few days with us, too!

Love you!

Steph T. said... crazy! I was just there at that hotel yesterday!! My niece is getting married there next June & my husband is doing the wedding! How fun!!

I know they joy you speak of when you get to see the youth kids get husband performs weddings for them a lot too and every time I just love watching this union happen in Jesus name.
We are in Arkansas this weekend btw at Beaver lake!!
Happy Anniversary!! We just celebrated 17 years on June 5th.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...