Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, My Achy Breaky Bones...

I probably could say "heart." My baby girl called me tonight from camp and chattered on for 45 minutes. I think she kind of misses me. That always does the mommy heart good. I think she held EVERYTHING in for three days and then had to let it all out to mom first chance she got. I am thankful. She seems to be having a good time. The hubby says camp is going well and that is a blessing.

No, the reason I am singing the achy breaky blues is that I finally finished painting my son's room. Can I say that I honestly don't want to see a paint brush, blue painter's tape or black plastic again anytime soon? Now, I know several of my bloggy buddies have spent the summer remodeling and painting up a storm, but I have decided I don't like it. Missed the hubby on this project BIG TIME. First of all, my partner was my eleven and a half years old son. Second, I just don't think we are that great at it. Third, I am too much of a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like this, that I KNOW we didn't do a great job. But you know what?

My son worked hard for three days. He didn't complain and didn't say he was bored once. He is a workhorse when he sets his mind to something. Sometimes I went to bed and he would still be fiddling with something concerning the room redo. I am proud of him and I told him so. Actually the truth is, for his age, he paints pretty good. In fact I didn't do much better. And after all, it is HIS ROOM and there is a sense of accomplishment in that. He likes it and tha tis what really matters.

The best part of the last few days, was when he stated that "Yes, he would of liked to have gone and stayed with his aunt and hung out with his cousins for the week..." (That was what he was going to do if I went to camp.) "but, I really have enjoyed spending time with you, Mom." And there you have it people. Yes, I was totally devastated when I heard I couldn't go to camp, after all I've been going for the last umpteen years. But I wouldn't trade this week with my son for anything.

Moms of sons have to sometimes take what we can get, especially the older our little boys become. When they are young, that can be totally mama's boy, and mine was, but the older they become, they become daddy's shadow, their little man. Frankly, that is the way it should be, the way God planned for it to be. So, when the son gives you a piece of them, their time, conversation and hugs, you grab it for all it's worth, 'cause you don't know when the next go around might be.

It has been a good week...


As my daughter was saying goodbye on the phone tonight, after her "I love you and miss you, mom!" she casually states "Tell Jor I love him." HELLO?!!! Did I actually hear her right? I did, 'cause her dad when he got on the phone verified it. I know my kids love each other, but to verbally say the words? They communicate their love in more of a "your such a moron" kind of love language that teens love so much.

Wow! That camp is GOOD. :)

Well, peeps, my bones are weary and my head is calling for the pillow. This old lady has put in a day. But it felt good, to have my energy back and do something besides laying around watching TV all day.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. Spend time with the kiddos. What a blessing that can be!


Kristin said...

I don't like to paint either! And neither does my husband. I think if we move, it will be up to me and the girls to tackle their rooms. :D

That is so awesome about getting to have a special week with your son! We just never know what God is up to, huh? It's always nice when these things happen and we can see what He was planning all along.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Jo said...

Glad you're having a good week with Jor, even though it's tiring you out. Better rest got somethin' important to do soon. I'll keep you in my prayers.

BTW, ever since you changed your blog colors, etc, there's been a little "photobucket thingy" floating around. One has to scroll around it to read your blog. Has anyone mentioned this besides me?

Love and hugs,
Aunt Jo

Angela said...

Randy and I were just commenting the other night about how our children have been getting along lately. It's been really nice seeing them hang out together lately instead of squabbling.

I asked others to pray for you dear sis on my Fearless Friday post.

Kellie said...

I had to laugh at the painting comment... I understand how you feel but in an opposite way I found I didn't mind it... just not all at once like I decided to do. lol

What wonderful time you spent with Jordan. You are right about boys and how they change as they get older. I cherish all of the time I can get with mine!!

(I am with your Aunt Jo about the photobucket thing but I thought it was just something where my computer wasn't accepting your background the whole way or something....)

Glad you had energy to get that room accomplished!

Amber said...

Pictures, please.

And we've missed Jor this week. But I'm so glad that you guys have had some great time together.

Sounds like you're feeling better, too. GOOD NEWS!!

Angie said...

Nothing better than one-on-one with the kiddos! Glad you had a good week.
I'd love to see pics!!

Bridget said...

Glad you had this week with Jordan. Can't wait to see pictures of the room...hint hint...;)

Anonymous said...

OH - I need to send my boys to that camp! LOL - I love how you say he becomes "Daddy's Shadow" - My 12 year old told me he loved me but to enjoy it because he might not show it when he turns 13. I think he's really preparing himself for these changes! I love that one on one time - at any age - it is always amazing! Congrats on your great mom-moments!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a sweet girl you have. Can't wait to see the room. So glad you had a nice week with your son. Those are special times.

Anonymous said...

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