Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebrating 50 years...

Whew! I survived... weeks of planning finally came together in one big celebration, celebrating two of my favorite people. Well worth the busyness, the tired feet and the need for a BIG nap. If you are just tuning in, then I will do a little recap. My in laws just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last week, so us kids put together a little shindig for the beloved couple. Since my hubby and I live in the same town as his parents, a lot of the party planning fell my direction, but if you know me well, you know I love that kind of thing. Anyway, I'm sure you would rather look at the picture album than read my rambling...

Fifty years ago

The anniversary couple.

The cake.

The table decor. (My mother-in-law used gladiolas and magnolia leaves at her wedding, so we used those in the center pieces on the tables.)

The food. Fruit with a fruit dip, a cheese ball, a hot chicken dip, mom-in-law's favorite punch and ice water were served.

The photo table. There were scrapbook "guestbook" pages made by yours truly, for the guests to sign, a box for cards from guests, beloved family photos, a bouquet for the couple from my brother-in-law and family, and her wedding dress, which she made. The wedding dress was pink, so that is where I got the color scheme for the party. I went with her dress and flower color rather than Las Vegas gold.

What's a party without a party favor. These were handmade by a friend for the big day. Cute, huh?

The family took pictures on Saturday. Here is my favorite of the anniversary couple.

Here's the whole gang.

This is my favorite. My hubby, being the student minister that he is, insisted we take a "silly" pose. I love it!

Well, it was a busy weekend for sure, but a lot of fun. There was a huge turnout and Grandma and Papa enjoyed their big day.

Hope you had a GREAT summer. My kiddos go back to school this Thursday, so summer is officially over. We've bought school supplies, signed up for the upcoming soccer season and shopped for first day of school outfits... YEP! Summer is over. :( Did I tell you my son is in middle school this year? 6th grade. A new kind of chaos is about to begin...

Have a great week, friends. I'm going to try and find the time to stop by and say "hello."


Bridget said...

What a great celebration of 50 years!! Everyone did a great job putting it together

He & Me + 3 said...

We celebrated 13 today. Happy Anniversary to your inlaws.

Kristin said...

That is just wonderful! I loved reading about their celebration and the photos were great!! My oldest is in 5th grade this year and I can't believe it!

Jules said...

I love the older anniversary parties. It is so special that they are still in love and together after 50 years.

Angel said...

How fun, I love planning parties!! Love that you used her dress, too cool!!

I absolutely love the silly picture, we always take silly pictures, they are the best!!

Have a super week!!

Love and Blessings

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Do you hire out? My parents will celebrate their 50th next year; I'm afraid I'm a bust at party planning! The cake looks delicious and very creative party favors!

My kids went back last week; we're already in the thick of it. In many ways, it was easier to have them home, but in many ways, I needed the break. They are still adjusting to a new school; Miss Amelia is having a particularly difficult time.

Hope you are now feeling much better and stay that way!


Kellie said...

That is great!! Glad it all went well. Her wedding dress was beautiful and the pink made for a beautiful 50th wedding anniversary color!

Amber said...

The party looks great! You did a great job!!
Love y'all's pictures, too! CUTE!

Love you muchly.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

It's just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love her wedding dress. What a sweet touch!