Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Day...

How am I doing? Better. Thanks for asking.

I woke up long enough to tell the hubby and kiddos goodbye and then decided some more snoozing was in order.

My sister dear called this morning. That is always a treat.

I was wearing my "snowmen" pjs, until a friend called and said she might drop by. I got up and combed my hair, changed my clothes, tried to look like I cared what I looked like today. She still asked if she had woke me up... I think that now that she is gone, I will go find my jammies...

Found my book that I had bought, before surgery. An older book by Francine Rivers, that for some reason had not made it to my reading list yet. I know it will be good. Love her!

I have decided that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to watch on TV during the daytime. Might have to check my chick flick bag from my friend. Or I could just take another nap...

I went in my kitchen today... UGH!!! I will let everyone off the hook, since yesterday is a FULL day with church activities, but the dishwasher getting unloaded and reloaded is a MUST today. I tried, believe me, I tried, but bending over still hurts like the dickens.

Did you know that all the "Minute Maid" juices, with the exception of the orange juice is all one dollar a carton at our store? The hubby was in charge of groceries last night after church. He LOVES a bargain. We are stock full of juice. :)

I finally had a craving for something NOT GOOD for me. I wanted a cinnamon roll. Have NO IDEA WHY, just thought they sounded good. The hubby was a sweetie and bought a can for me. I was good and only ate two. The old Mich wouldn't have told anyone about them and ate the whole can. He also rented "The Last Song" and watched it with me. I am one blessed gal.

Well it is a debate; movie or nap. I'll have to tell you later how it goes. Who knows, I might do a little of both.

Happy Thursday!



Kari said...

How was the movie? I'm sure you'll be glad when you are able to move without pain! I need to be moving all the time, so I'm not sure how well I'd do being in recliner prison! Have a good day. Nap or movie or whatever you decide to do!

Heart2Heart said...


Bet it just feels good to eat something sweet and not have to worry about having a gallstone attack.

Praising God that each day you will grow stronger and heal that much more.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Jim said...

Just caught up on your last two blogs. I've been thinking about you lots, just not able to get to all the computor arenas lately, what with wrapping up my 50th High School Reunion, just a month away and I've still got mountains of material to scan and type.

I hope the week is going well and you are gaining strength each day.
We'd pamper you big time if you were here, too!

Love you,

P.S.-Still can't figure out how to get that "bucket" off the screen, right?

Angie said...

Thinking about you lots today. So glad the family is giving you the princess treatment!
Praying the pain goes away SOON!
Love you, cuz:)

Angel said...

Those cinnamon rolls should go a long way in helping you feel better. I would bring you a cupcake if I could!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Love and Blessings