Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reflections from My Reclining Cell...

About now would be about the time that the "pity party planner" would start it's planning. I mean, feeling like you have to just stay in one place all day, because even getting up to go to the bathroom seems like a big ordeal, well it is hard not to feel a little down. However, as of right now, the pity party planner is on hold, I have too much to be thankful for. The bad news is I still have pain, the good news is that it only hurts when I move or put a lot of pressure on the tummy area. But "HEY!" it could have been so much worse...

Anyway during the prison term in the recliner I have had plenty of time to reflect on my situation. Here is the good, bad and ugly in a nutshell.

#1. Next time you plan on having surgery, especially in the tummy area, make sure you have exercised, strong abs like Jullian. I have a feeling the healing process would go much more smoothly. As it was, my flab is screaming out for mercy, since it has never been through much stress, since my childbearing days. Thinking when I get better, I might want to work on that just a little. Of course, since yours truly is allergic to exercise, I'm not sure how long that little goal will last.

#2. Although, I am not pretending as of today about the pain I am in, I still need to milk this with all I got. My hubby feels so bad for me, that I have pretty much had control of the flicker the last few days. Sunday the poor guy had to sit through the oldie but goodie "An Affair to Remember," last night was a showing of "Kate and Leopold" and tonight, well, I was given a whole bag of chick flicks by a friend, to lift my spirits and make me smile while hubby dearest squirms. FUN! I may just make him suffer through "Project Runway" Thursday night. :)

#3. Although I miss the cheeseburgers and pizzas, I have been on my low fat, no fried foods diet for a while now. Kev brought me my first burger in a month, yesterday. I was so excited, being the beef girl that I am. Hmmm... it wasn't as good as I remembered and I only ate half of a small french fry. Although being sick is not the best way to lose weight, I'm hoping that my tastes buds have changed enough to help me keep going in the losing weight department. I am up to a 25 pound weight loss. Small blessing.

#4. I enjoy the pampering that comes when mom is down and out and can't do a thing for herself. The hubby washed my hair for me last night and my daughter combed and blow dried it. Have i told you how much I love someone playing with my hair? Love it! Kayla even painted my toes, since yours truly can not bend over these days. Now there is a pretty pink color staring back at me, from the end of the recliner. Something to smile about. It is about the little things, people!

#5. I can feel the appreciation setting in... Hubby is having to juggle everyone from school (although he usually does the school route), soccer practice and getting dinner on the table. This morning the argument was that daddy didn't get baby girl up early enough to put her face on for school. I have the best hubby and kids, but sometimes they need moments like this to realize that mom does do something around here. Those little things add up. I could get use to this.

#6. When you are down and out, that is when you realize how people care. The dinners, the cards, phone calls, bloggy comments, etc... go a long way to making this gal feel better. I have felt the prayers though out this whole journey. What a blessing! Now I just have to write a billion and one thank you notes. Ugh! Everything comes with a price.

#7. Talking with God. I have been sleeping in the recliner, since laying in the bed makes me miserable these days. I am a side sleeper who can't sleep on her side right now. I can only sleep on my back for so long, before I wake up hurting. Last night, I was able to sleep in the recliner for seven hours before waking up, needing to visit the ladies room. Upon my return, there was a much needed conversation with the Lord, out loud. Don't get me wrong, I talk to God all the time, but with my hubby in the room, I am less likely to vent, praise and share for fear of waking him up and risk interruption on my date with God. As it has been, I have had one whole end of the house to myself every night during the sleeping hours and every morning while everyone is at school and work. This is defiantly a blessing.

#8. Although I can't wait to be up and running full force, I have to say I have enjoyed the "unrushed" moments with the kiddos. I have received more hugs in the last few days, then I think I have in the last few months added together. There has been no "rolling" of the eyes, and they have pretty much done anything I have asked of them. Being down and out can have its benefits. If I could only find a way to bottle this up for future use.

#9. Just call me pajama girl. Love having the excuse to stay in the comfy PJ's all day and not having a care whether the sink is full of dishes. Everyone knows this mom is on medical leave from daily duties. I even have a doctor's excuse. The silver lining of it all.

#10. Last but definitely not least, is remembering that I am my own person, made uniquely by God. It seems that when you tell someone what is going on they all have their own story to share. I never knew so many peoples have had gallbladder troubles. So far, I have done my own thing and haven't reacted like anyone I know. I have had to remember that during this healing process. I had to stop comparing myself to those who felt better and went to work after three days, I'm beginning to think they were probably younger and in better shape than mama belly here or they have super powers. Either way, this whole experience has been one of strength building, physically, mentally and spiritually. I also believe God has a plan. If He wants me to seem like a wus for a few days, then so be it. :) I'll play along and milk the attention.

Seriously? I am doing well. I still experience a little pain when getting up and down, but overall I feel better. I guess I will start the "thank you" notes here:

Thanks bloggy friends for your loving support and prayers during this time. You have all encouraged me more than you can know. Thank you and God bless!

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!


Kristin said...

I loved reading your post! I hope you are feeling better in no time, but it does sound like your family has been so wonderful and that is a great thing to hear! Still praying for your recovery!!

Terri said...

I hope you feel better soon!!!! Enjoy this rest... you will be up and at em before you know it!! Still praying for you my friend :)

Andrea said...

Thank you for your special posts, love, encouragement, and prayers!

Praying GOD fully restores you, soon.

Heart2Heart said...


Please take this time to listen to your body and do what it is telling you. As moms we have the tendency to want to hurry our healing up so we can jump right back into the swing of things even before we are ready. After having my hysterectomy back in March, my doctor kept telling me I should be good as new in two weeks, so you could imagine my horror when I still hurt and in pain.

The good thing is to remember we are all not the same and we need to listen to what our bodies are telling us. Use this time to heal rather than push through the pain and make it worse.

You remain in my prayers for healing and comfort.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Angel said...

You definitely had me at the hair thing, I too love to have my hair played with by anyone in any fashion!!

So glad you are feeling better and you still have a great sense of humor!!

Love and Blessings

Kellie said...

You are doing good taking it easy. I, on the other hand, tried to be "super woman" and went back to school on Tuesday after having the gallbladder out on Friday. IT WAS NOT FUN. It took me probably six months to get over the surgery simply because I didn't take the time to settle down and rest right after.

As others have stated... LISTEN to your body and when you need to rest, DO SO. OH... and the food will come in time, too, but low fat is always something that makes it happier. lol :)

Jo said...

So glad you are feeling a bit better. Hurting is not fun, but you will be A-ok soon, and feel like a new woman!

As for the movies...An Affair to Remember (the Cary Grant version) is my all-time fav-o-rite movie, EVAH (to steal an Amber word). Glad to know you like it too.

Love you muchly!
Aunt Jo

Kari said...

You sure can turn not so great times into a wonderful post and reminder! Sorry you are recliner prison. Twenty five pounds is a lot of weight. I have a feeling the cheeseburgers and fries won't have their appeal like they once did! May be a good thing!
Love how you see God in everything. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

1) My mom had surgery to remove bowel cancer after brain surgery (like a month) - she says she will never allow them to touch her tummy again - but she'd do the brain surgery over - it was that easy.
7) I so know what you mean! One night when I was rocking my little guy to sleep in his room, I forgot the monitor was on - and had a really prayerful time with God - outloud and EVERYTHING! When I went downstairs, he had the oddest expression on his face and I realized he'd heard me - not that I was saying anything to God about him, but, well, I was having a great time with God. LOL

Enjoy your TLC time! Oddly, parts sound quite delightful!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh sweet friend, how did I miss this about your surgery? I'm sorry. Trust me when I tell you that my recliner days are coming; heck, I'm even making hubby go buy me a small flat screen for the bedroom with a built in DVD. Pride and Prejudice will get a worthy workout, along with tons of episodes of "American Pickers" from the history channel. Oh, and maybe previous seasons of 24.

And pajamas.
And chocolate.
And lots of pampering.
And cuddling.
And talks with the Lord.
And faith.
And peace... always peace.

Love you; heal quickly, and never, never give up your healthy love of pajamas!


Amber said...

Definitely make him watch Project Runway. Ab.So.Lute.Ly.

Ok...so you're at home in the recliner...why exactly have I not talked to you??? Calling you tomorrow.

Love you.

He & Me + 3 said...

Glad you are doing well. I would love to be PJ girl...so comfy.
Great job on the weight loss. I sure wish I could lose some.

Angie said...

'An affair to remember' - So.Love.it!!
Hubby has watched that one with me, but runs in terror when I flip to 'Runway'.
Take your time recovering. This is the mountain top after the valley. Enjoy!!