Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally a Day Out!!!

Yesterday was my followup visit with the doctor after having my very sick gallbladder taken out. It would also be my first adventure out of the house in nine days. I was excited.

My appointment was at 1:45. We live about an hour and thirty minutes away from Little Rock, where my doctor and his wonderful hospital reside. (I think they are ALL wonderful for helping this very sick gal out. Oh, I feel so much better!) However, we left at 8:30 yesterday morning. You see, my hubby needed to "kill two birds with one stone" and needed to visit a young mom, having her third baby at the hospital that morning. (By the way, baby born healthy and a whopping 8 pounds 9 ounces.) Ministry calls.

But I didn't mind, 'cause the hubby promised me a very small shopping spree to Kohl's and Old Navy and a nice lunch, while we waited for my appointment time. Although very tired, with moments of pain (found out later, they are called muscle spasms) I enjoyed my day. Hey! The hubby was shopping with me without complaint, it was a good day.

It was so cute, for I was there to find the kids some school clothes. Since school started in the midst of my crazy ordeal, I hadn't really bought them much, just a new outfit for the first day, with a promise of more new things in the months ahead. So, here I was shopping for the kiddos with the hubby and guess what? We had fun.

All the summer stuff at Kohl's was on sale. Kevin liked that and proceeded to help me go through the racks, looking for "cute" stuff with an even "cuter" price tag. He loved shopping for Kayla, even picking out a shirt and cami outfit for her himself. (the fact that she wore it to school this morning made him beam.) I ended up getting her three shirts, with two matching camis off the sales rack, each piece costing two to six dollars. I also got a shirt/vest combo that was just a regular sale in their fall clothing and then...

And then we found it. I was hoping we would. I even told Kev that I would put all the other stuff back (although I didn't 'cause it was so cheap!) to get it. Kayla has been wanting a jacket. but not just any jacket, she has been wanting the army green type jacket that she has been seeing in all the magazines. You know, the kind you can wear with ANYTHING? I found the perfect one, for not only was it army green and she could wear it with layers of cute shirts, it had a mandarin collar, with a touch of Asian flare that my baby girl loves so much.

Here is a picture of the jacket in black. The color we bought Kay, was "bungee cord." It was cute, the picture doesn't give it justice. I even tried it on and loved it, although the hubby was right when he said, Kayla wouldn't want to be "matchy matchy" with her mom. So, needless to say we were excited. More expensive then all my other purchase put together but it was on sale for twenty dollars off, so I thought it was still a good buy. We both couldn't wait to see her when she saw it. In fact, Kev waited to put the groceries up, just to see her when I gave it to her. She did not disappoint. She LOVED it. She tried it on with two or three different things, mumbling along the way about wishing the weather "was cooler." I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of this green jacket come fall. Does the mommy (and daddy) heart good to see your kids excited.

After Kohl's we hit Old Navy. We were only there about ten minutes, but it was fun. You see, my son LOVES Old Navy jeans the best. He will wear other brands when he has to, but I end up seeing him wear his favorite pairs over and over. Only problem is, that it seems everyone else likes the same brand and size as my baby boy. I found ONE pair of the style and size he requested. ONE. And then the fun part was teaching my hubby the art of buying jeans. He was confused over the differences between "loose," "regular," "boot cut" and "slim." He would find Jordan's size, just for me to say "put it back." In the end, I did buy Jordan one pair of "regulars" even though he likes the "loose" fit, because they were two pairs for the price of one. AND HE NEED JEANS. May have to order him another pair online soon.

After our little shopping spree, Kevin took me to the "Purple Cow." Yummy burgers! Actually, it was only my second burger in a month and a half. I loved it! It felt good to be able to eat again. Well, that is until I got to the doctor's office...

I got the diet lecture. Evidently when the good 'ol doc was scoping out my belly, removing the nasty gallbladder, he discovered my liver was a little too "fatty" for his liking. With my frame, he wants me to lose weight and get healthy, before he has to see me in the future for other problems. He wants me to be 130 pounds. I haven't been 130, since before my kiddos. Although I understand what he is saying, I know I'm suppose to be smaller. I was after all 100 pounds when I graduated. I was 115 when I got married. Now I'm... Whoops! Almost let the cat out of the bag. Sorry friends, not telling that number until I've lost it. :)

Anyway, now doctors orders are to lose weight and get healthy and try to get my hubby healthy too. I'm going to try. After all, I haven't been eating bad in over month. Two burgers, one night of pizza and a few homemade meals since surgery are not enough damage to turn around what I already started in weight loss. I've already lost twenty five pounds since getting sick, so I guess I am already on my way. Say a pray for me...

Other than that, the good news kept coming. HE doesn't want me to drive or go to work for another week. These so called "muscle spasms" are still too painful and frequent for me to do much. So, I guess I'm left to do a few things around the house, since I can't go anywhere. Time to catch up on the laundry that stacked up again while I was down and out. Just not suppose to do much lifting or I'll pay for it later.

Finally, after coming home yesterday, we went to pick up the kids at school, they stayed late because Jordan was testing for band instruments. After that, Kev took me to the grocery store. By the end, I had to got sit on the bench and let him finish. I WAS WORN PLUM OUT! After we got home the hubby and kids waited on me, knowing I had reached my limit for the day. I fell asleep watching this old classic...

I hadn't seen this movie in FOREVER. It made me smile.
Anyhoo, friends, I had a good day out. the good news about the "no drive, no work" policy is that I slept two extra hours after the hubby and kids left this morning. Now, I'm fixing to reintroduce myself to Mr. and Mrs. Washer and Dryer.
Hope you are having a great week!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Own Lineage of Grace...

The other day, before heading off for surgery, I went to our little "mom & pop" Christian bookstore in town. It is a quaint little place, run by a sweet older lady, with her hubby's barbershop in the next room. They never have very much, just a small assortment of Bibles, Cd's and Christian reading material, but she does always manage to have a book that I have yet to read. That day would be no different. I remember spotting it right away, there in big bold type at the bottom of the cover was "Francine Rivers."

I was so excited, for at first I thought it might be the sequel to a book I had read this summer while on vacation, but quickly realized it wasn't. However, I didn't care, it was by Francine Rivers and I hadn't read it, and I needed some good reading material at hand for the days ahead. I paid for it and took it home, having no idea what a treasure the book truly would be.

I love a good work of fiction. When it has a happy ending and a bunch of "feel good moments" I like it even better. When it is fiction based on truth, well sometimes I come away smiling, KNOWING the book will be read again by me, and then sometimes I come away wishing I didn't know the truth, wishing for the "happily ever after" moments. This book just plum left me thinking, yearning and wanting MORE.

The fact that it was based on the Bible, well I think Mrs. Francine Rivers allowed God to use her in a special way, when writing this piece of work, even if it was just for me. I don't usually do book reviews, and I was certainly not asked to write this one, but I have felt the need to pass the title along, as well as share a few of my thoughts...

"A Lineage of Grace" took the stories five women and opened up their hearts for us to see. Yes, I know that it is only one woman's perspective, but by attempting to display "what might have happened," I was allowed a deeper look into the lives of five women, I might normal just skip over in a reading of the lineage of Christ.

I teach kindergarten Sunday School. I know Mary is the mother of Jesus, Bathsheba was the mother of Solomon, Ruth loved her mother-in-law and Rahab helped the Israelites. Tamar? Well, I'm not sure she ever fit in the kindergarten literature at all. I guess what I am saying is this; although I had studied a little about some of these women, outside my preschool teaching, I don't think I ever studied their lives with one thought in mind. THEY ALL WERE SINNERS AND WERE CHOSEN TO BE IN THE LINEAGE OF CHRIST.

Can I just say "WOW!?" I mean, when you dig really deep into the lives of these women and all they had to go through, to be recognized for who they were, you have to ask yourself "WHY DID THEY DO IT?" Many of them started out of different faiths. Many of them were not raised to have faith at all. Most of these women were not taught to have "hope." Yet, every single one of them did.

They were strong women in the sense that they gave everything they had to a god, they sometimes didn't understand or know on a personal level. They were hurt and shown great love, they messed up and were given grace, they expected nothing and were blessed and they were obedient till the end.

I am left thinking "what would I have done?" I mean, I was raised to know the one true God. I started hearing His name while I was still in the womb. I always knew about His forgiveness, even in those crazy teenage years, when I wanted to do what I wanted to do. I knew about His love and blessings, for I was raised with two Godly parents who reaped the rewards of His love over and over, even when things got tough. I married a minister, so being obedient to His message is a part of our daily lives.

Yet, where do I stand in my faith?

How many times have I got so caught up in myself, that I forget to view the BIGGER PICTURE?

How many times have I discarded what I knew in my heart was the right thing to do, yet didn't want to take the TIME to be obedient?

How many times have I NOT let the GRACE of the Lord wash over me, letting go of the past and moving forward?

How many times...

The last few months for me have not been easy ones. Sickness, missed pay checks, crazy schedules, frustration. Some days have been full of tears, even anger. Yet, when I look back over those days, I can see the hand of God. His love was shown to me through the sacrifices of my family and all they have done for me. I have been blessed by cards, phone calls, dinners and even money, when needed. Most of all, I have been graced with PEACE.

Now I may have had to come through the fire and take a look back to see some of the blessings. For that I am sad, wishing my faith had shown up stronger during certain moments. However, I can always aspire to do better. After reading this book, I was encouraged even more.

God doesn't expect us to be perfect people. He already knows there is NO WAY we can be. He NEVER said this life would be easy either. What He did promise is that HE WOULD BE THERE. It is up to us to just simply BELIEVE that...

Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday full of love, hope and faith.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Two of my FAVORITE People...

Aren't they just the cutest? Well, this mom thinks so anyway. I am so very proud of them.
Kayla is an 8Th grader this year. WOW!!! Where has the time gone. She has her teenage attitude moments every once in a while, but overall I am one blessed mom. She has helped "nurse" her mom back to health, when daddy couldn't, handled the first week of 8Th grade like a pro and even helped her brother with a few homework questions last night.
At the Anniversary bash, a few weeks ago, I received compliment after compliment on how "grownup" and sweet she was. She went around on her own accord, "thanking" my servers for helping, greeting her grandparent's guests with smiles and carrying a tray, in which she cleaned up, with no command from me. Does this mommy's heart good.
Jordan entered 6Th grade this year, all nerves. However, after the first day he realized it was like any other day of school and has settled in well. Now his days are full of homework, playing football at recess, with the guys and shadowing his dad after school. He is a good kid.
He is the one that underneath it all has seemed the most worried about his mommy. When I came home from the hospital, he asked me question upon question on what "they did to me." I don't think he rolled his eyes at me for at least four days, when I asked for help, and I received plenty of hugs from him the past week too. He is growing up to be a strong guy, but underneath it all is a little boy who loves his mommy. :)
Anyway, I have spent so much time talking about "me" lately. Which, by the way, I am still on the mend and doing well. Hurting only when I sit a certain way, bend over or get up too fast. Thanks for the prayers... SO, I just wanted to take a few moments today to talk about my two of my favorite people.
"Lord, continue to bless both my babies as they strive to do their best this school year. May they both be the best student, friend and child of God that they can be. May they continue to always stand up for what is right. May their dad and I always be supportive in all they do, showing them love, guidance and grace that can only come from the Lord. Thank you for these two precious blessings in my life... Amen."
Hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Day...

How am I doing? Better. Thanks for asking.

I woke up long enough to tell the hubby and kiddos goodbye and then decided some more snoozing was in order.

My sister dear called this morning. That is always a treat.

I was wearing my "snowmen" pjs, until a friend called and said she might drop by. I got up and combed my hair, changed my clothes, tried to look like I cared what I looked like today. She still asked if she had woke me up... I think that now that she is gone, I will go find my jammies...

Found my book that I had bought, before surgery. An older book by Francine Rivers, that for some reason had not made it to my reading list yet. I know it will be good. Love her!

I have decided that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to watch on TV during the daytime. Might have to check my chick flick bag from my friend. Or I could just take another nap...

I went in my kitchen today... UGH!!! I will let everyone off the hook, since yesterday is a FULL day with church activities, but the dishwasher getting unloaded and reloaded is a MUST today. I tried, believe me, I tried, but bending over still hurts like the dickens.

Did you know that all the "Minute Maid" juices, with the exception of the orange juice is all one dollar a carton at our store? The hubby was in charge of groceries last night after church. He LOVES a bargain. We are stock full of juice. :)

I finally had a craving for something NOT GOOD for me. I wanted a cinnamon roll. Have NO IDEA WHY, just thought they sounded good. The hubby was a sweetie and bought a can for me. I was good and only ate two. The old Mich wouldn't have told anyone about them and ate the whole can. He also rented "The Last Song" and watched it with me. I am one blessed gal.

Well it is a debate; movie or nap. I'll have to tell you later how it goes. Who knows, I might do a little of both.

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reflections from My Reclining Cell...

About now would be about the time that the "pity party planner" would start it's planning. I mean, feeling like you have to just stay in one place all day, because even getting up to go to the bathroom seems like a big ordeal, well it is hard not to feel a little down. However, as of right now, the pity party planner is on hold, I have too much to be thankful for. The bad news is I still have pain, the good news is that it only hurts when I move or put a lot of pressure on the tummy area. But "HEY!" it could have been so much worse...

Anyway during the prison term in the recliner I have had plenty of time to reflect on my situation. Here is the good, bad and ugly in a nutshell.

#1. Next time you plan on having surgery, especially in the tummy area, make sure you have exercised, strong abs like Jullian. I have a feeling the healing process would go much more smoothly. As it was, my flab is screaming out for mercy, since it has never been through much stress, since my childbearing days. Thinking when I get better, I might want to work on that just a little. Of course, since yours truly is allergic to exercise, I'm not sure how long that little goal will last.

#2. Although, I am not pretending as of today about the pain I am in, I still need to milk this with all I got. My hubby feels so bad for me, that I have pretty much had control of the flicker the last few days. Sunday the poor guy had to sit through the oldie but goodie "An Affair to Remember," last night was a showing of "Kate and Leopold" and tonight, well, I was given a whole bag of chick flicks by a friend, to lift my spirits and make me smile while hubby dearest squirms. FUN! I may just make him suffer through "Project Runway" Thursday night. :)

#3. Although I miss the cheeseburgers and pizzas, I have been on my low fat, no fried foods diet for a while now. Kev brought me my first burger in a month, yesterday. I was so excited, being the beef girl that I am. Hmmm... it wasn't as good as I remembered and I only ate half of a small french fry. Although being sick is not the best way to lose weight, I'm hoping that my tastes buds have changed enough to help me keep going in the losing weight department. I am up to a 25 pound weight loss. Small blessing.

#4. I enjoy the pampering that comes when mom is down and out and can't do a thing for herself. The hubby washed my hair for me last night and my daughter combed and blow dried it. Have i told you how much I love someone playing with my hair? Love it! Kayla even painted my toes, since yours truly can not bend over these days. Now there is a pretty pink color staring back at me, from the end of the recliner. Something to smile about. It is about the little things, people!

#5. I can feel the appreciation setting in... Hubby is having to juggle everyone from school (although he usually does the school route), soccer practice and getting dinner on the table. This morning the argument was that daddy didn't get baby girl up early enough to put her face on for school. I have the best hubby and kids, but sometimes they need moments like this to realize that mom does do something around here. Those little things add up. I could get use to this.

#6. When you are down and out, that is when you realize how people care. The dinners, the cards, phone calls, bloggy comments, etc... go a long way to making this gal feel better. I have felt the prayers though out this whole journey. What a blessing! Now I just have to write a billion and one thank you notes. Ugh! Everything comes with a price.

#7. Talking with God. I have been sleeping in the recliner, since laying in the bed makes me miserable these days. I am a side sleeper who can't sleep on her side right now. I can only sleep on my back for so long, before I wake up hurting. Last night, I was able to sleep in the recliner for seven hours before waking up, needing to visit the ladies room. Upon my return, there was a much needed conversation with the Lord, out loud. Don't get me wrong, I talk to God all the time, but with my hubby in the room, I am less likely to vent, praise and share for fear of waking him up and risk interruption on my date with God. As it has been, I have had one whole end of the house to myself every night during the sleeping hours and every morning while everyone is at school and work. This is defiantly a blessing.

#8. Although I can't wait to be up and running full force, I have to say I have enjoyed the "unrushed" moments with the kiddos. I have received more hugs in the last few days, then I think I have in the last few months added together. There has been no "rolling" of the eyes, and they have pretty much done anything I have asked of them. Being down and out can have its benefits. If I could only find a way to bottle this up for future use.

#9. Just call me pajama girl. Love having the excuse to stay in the comfy PJ's all day and not having a care whether the sink is full of dishes. Everyone knows this mom is on medical leave from daily duties. I even have a doctor's excuse. The silver lining of it all.

#10. Last but definitely not least, is remembering that I am my own person, made uniquely by God. It seems that when you tell someone what is going on they all have their own story to share. I never knew so many peoples have had gallbladder troubles. So far, I have done my own thing and haven't reacted like anyone I know. I have had to remember that during this healing process. I had to stop comparing myself to those who felt better and went to work after three days, I'm beginning to think they were probably younger and in better shape than mama belly here or they have super powers. Either way, this whole experience has been one of strength building, physically, mentally and spiritually. I also believe God has a plan. If He wants me to seem like a wus for a few days, then so be it. :) I'll play along and milk the attention.

Seriously? I am doing well. I still experience a little pain when getting up and down, but overall I feel better. I guess I will start the "thank you" notes here:

Thanks bloggy friends for your loving support and prayers during this time. You have all encouraged me more than you can know. Thank you and God bless!

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I feel like I've been run over by a train, BUT...

I survived.

There were a few moments that I wasn't sure about, but overall my afternoon spent in outpatient surgery went well.

The last time I was at the hospital, I was a VERY sick girl. I had a gallbladder full to the brim with stones, and it was swollen and infected. I ended up sick. Fever, chills, nausea and diarrhea, led to dehydration and a three day stay in the hospital hotel. I then went home with orders to rest for a week and follow a strict diet until my surgery date.

That being said, it was hard going in for surgery. Because I had been following the diet and I had some of my energy back, I have been feeling good. It is so much easier to check yourself into the hospital when you are hurting and feeling lousy. Checking yourself in knowing you will NOT feel good when you come out is hard. Remember, I'm the gal who HATES needles and hospitals.

But I went. The hubby didn't have to pull me in kicking and screaming either. Although Jim-Dad liked to tease me about the prospect of a chase. (Yep! I was one of those kids you heard screaming and a nurse had to chase around the room.)

After what seemed like ages of waiting in the waiting room, they finally called me back. The hardest part is when they kept trying to find a vein for my IV. HELP! After about three sticks, they finally found a GOOD vein, that was ready and willing. So much so, that blood ran everywhere. (I did mention before how I HATE needles, didn't I?!!!)

After a few more visits with family, the nurse wheeled me back. Believe it or not, everyone was so nice in the operating room. Before I was down for the count, I felt babied. They certainly knew how to make me feel comfortable and safe. PEACE.

I woke up, with a pain in my tummy and the need for toothpicks to hold the eyelids open. I was the last surgery for the day at the outpatient clinic. Two nurses, the last two still working again babied me. The good news is that the diet did work and I had the easy surgery.

Wait a minute, did I say EASY? What I meant to say was easier. It sure wasn't easy!!! I am now siting in my couch recliner, where I have been most of the day. I feel good, except for the feeling of being majorly punched in the gut. So sore. Sorry now that I didn't have those tummy muscles in better shape.

But, I am enjoying being waited on by the hubby and kiddos. (I have a hard time sitting down and getting up, so help is needed. ) I am surround by magazines, gifts from the mom-in-law and chick flicks, borrowed from the hubby's secretary. I also have felt the prayers.

I'm hurting, the pain meds make me feel like I'm in a fog, and I'm tired of not being able to do anything, but overall I think I have been a good little patient. I pray that this surgery, when I am back on my feet will have done a uhaul on my energy level and that overall I will just plum feel better. I've told everyone I will hopefully be a new woman in September.

Thanks for the prayers.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Please say a prayer...

Tomorrow is a BIG day for our family.

My father-in-law starts chemo.

I have surgery scheduled for 1:00 p.m. (a little nervous about that!)

And my kiddos will be enduring their second day of school. (6th and 8th grade, what a hard age.)

UGH! Please pray that our family doesn't go crazy with the timing of it all. As I told my hubby last night, through a few tears, "there is too much going on, I can't focus on ANYTHING!"

Overall, I am doing well. I have stuck with the doctor diet the last few weeks. I have done my best to prepare for this day. I have even kept busy so as not to dwell on it all (I have told you all before about my fear of doctors, needles and hospitals, right?!). Anyway, today is filled with a little bill paying (doctors want their money upfront these days, it seems...), laundry washing (last time I visited the hospital hotel we were caught off guard and Kev had to go shopping for underwear and a change of clothes) and stocking the refrigerator with the basics (so of course dad doesn't have to do last minute shopping to feed the tribe upon our return).

I am not sure when I will return, but I am sure to have plenty recovery time to play catch up here in blogland. Thanks for all the support and prayers.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebrating 50 years...

Whew! I survived... weeks of planning finally came together in one big celebration, celebrating two of my favorite people. Well worth the busyness, the tired feet and the need for a BIG nap. If you are just tuning in, then I will do a little recap. My in laws just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last week, so us kids put together a little shindig for the beloved couple. Since my hubby and I live in the same town as his parents, a lot of the party planning fell my direction, but if you know me well, you know I love that kind of thing. Anyway, I'm sure you would rather look at the picture album than read my rambling...

Fifty years ago

The anniversary couple.

The cake.

The table decor. (My mother-in-law used gladiolas and magnolia leaves at her wedding, so we used those in the center pieces on the tables.)

The food. Fruit with a fruit dip, a cheese ball, a hot chicken dip, mom-in-law's favorite punch and ice water were served.

The photo table. There were scrapbook "guestbook" pages made by yours truly, for the guests to sign, a box for cards from guests, beloved family photos, a bouquet for the couple from my brother-in-law and family, and her wedding dress, which she made. The wedding dress was pink, so that is where I got the color scheme for the party. I went with her dress and flower color rather than Las Vegas gold.

What's a party without a party favor. These were handmade by a friend for the big day. Cute, huh?

The family took pictures on Saturday. Here is my favorite of the anniversary couple.

Here's the whole gang.

This is my favorite. My hubby, being the student minister that he is, insisted we take a "silly" pose. I love it!

Well, it was a busy weekend for sure, but a lot of fun. There was a huge turnout and Grandma and Papa enjoyed their big day.

Hope you had a GREAT summer. My kiddos go back to school this Thursday, so summer is officially over. We've bought school supplies, signed up for the upcoming soccer season and shopped for first day of school outfits... YEP! Summer is over. :( Did I tell you my son is in middle school this year? 6th grade. A new kind of chaos is about to begin...

Have a great week, friends. I'm going to try and find the time to stop by and say "hello."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celebrating BIG...

I'm still here. Still puttering around nonstop. Oh the busyness of it all.

I've missed my bloggy world and all the encouragement I find here, but family, health and work do come first.

This is a week of celebration for my family.

This week, on my side of the family my dear great Aunt Fay turns 100.

Oh the things she has seen and lived through with stories to tell. She really is a special person and very loved by her family.

This past weekend, my family had a big shindig in her honor. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Keeping pretty close to home these days until my surgery. But according to my mom, she enjoyed the day, surrounded by those that love her.

Just so you could see how beautiful 100 can be, I swiped a picture from my sister's album from the party.

And if that wasn't grand enough, I mean how many people can say they have an aunt who is 100? Not many, I am guessing. Anyhow, my in-laws are celebrating their wedding anniversary this week, and it is a BIG one. Drum roll please.....

50 YEARS!!!

I'm just thinking that in today's world, that is something to celebrate. I can only pray that God sees fit to allow me the blessing of being with my honey that long and more.

Happy Anniversary, Grandma and Papa! Love you guys oodles and oodles!

I know I have been scarce these days, but life has been on the busy side. There is work, church, getting the kiddos ready to start school next week, preparing for surgery next week and planning an anniversary reception for my in-laws. Hopefully, in the days ahead I can find time to "catch up."
Hope you are having a wonderful week...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Up to my Elbows in Bleach, Rooms get a New Look and Prayer for a Special Man.

Whew! How did you like that for a heading? Lots going on around here and I never know when I'm going to get a chance at the computer, so I felt the need to pile it all in.


Well, got to work this morning and realized that one of the babies that had a very infected bug bite yesterday, is in the hospital today with the good possibility of staph. Fun. Anyway, I spent my morning bleaching toys, wiping down changing tables and highchairs and mopping floors. The best part? I still smell like the lovely aroma of BLEACH. Well, at least I SMELL clean. :)
By the way, baby is going to be OK.

Prayer request?

See these men?

I love them both to pieces. That is of course my hubby and his favorite man in the world, his dad. Papa has been having a rough go of it lately. He has cancer and has had it for a good long while. In fact for years, I forgot he even had it, for it didn't cause him pain and it was the very slow moving kind. Fast forward a few years and it isn't so forgotten. Now hormone treatments aren't enough. There has even been talk of radiation. Yet, what I know for sure is that he WILL HAVE TO START CHEMO AT THE END OF AUGUST. Please pray for him. He hasn't been feeling too well lately and...

In case you are wondering, you didn't remember wrong or misread. Yes, my mother-in-law is just getting over and healing from her own radiation treatments. She is being watched closely right now as well. So, if you don't mind, say a prayer for her too while you are at it.

And then there is my dear, sweet hubby. He is having to deal with us all... including my sick gallbladder. He is a trooper for us all. Pray for continued strength as he continues to juggle it all, as well as all the emotions that come with it.
Thanks friends.
God is good and I totally believe He will see us through all of this.
And now, can I have a drum roll please...

Here are pictures of my hard work. Please forgive the blurriness, my camera was losing charge so I snapped real fast...

I forgot before pictures, but you will just have to trust me that you COULD NOT see the floor. Three trash bags later, she was a very happy camper.

Now for the little man's "Man Cave..."

What do you think? My son and I didn't do too bad on our own without daddy, did we? He LOVES it and that is totally what really matters.
Well, got to run for now. I know I am so behind on my reading too. I will try to catch up real soon. Have a great week! Oh, by the way, it is WEDNESDAY! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So Random...

My hubby and baby girl are back from camp and had a GREAT experience. There were decisions made for Christ in our group which we are very excited about. In fact the hubby baptized two teenagers tonight at church. God is good!

Jordan and I finished his "man cave." He LOVES it. I am so thankful for the time with him this week and that he has such a sense of accomplishment with his room. He is proud. Truth is, I had to tease my hubby a little bit, 'cause Jor said I yell a lost less at him than his daddy or papa when showing him how to do something. Of course I had to tell the truth to my son... I didn't know what I was doing either. :) I promise pictures to come.

Yes, Aunt Jo, I know about the "photobucket" block in the middle of my blog. Don't know where it came from or when. It was there when I came back from my stay at the hospital hotel. In fact I had to change the colors of my blog because that was messed up too. The hubby has tried to get it off. I have tried to get it off. So far, as you can tell, neither of us have been successful. Any suggestions? I don't want to lose my blog or erase anything... Does everyone see it?

Still on the diet. Haven't lost any more weight, but I do have my energy back which is exciting. Still plugging along...

I have, since my illness, rediscovered the "Gilmore Girls" reruns. Something about those two just plain makes me smile.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. NOT too happy about that. I really have enjoyed the time off. Maybe one day again I can be a stay at home mommy.

Did I tell you Kayla LOVED her CLEAN, ORGANIZED room? Well, she did. Of course I don't know what she was happiest about, her clean room or me finding the lost Ipod? Either way it was a win win situation for ME. I might show you a picture of her cleanliness in a later post...

Can you believe it is already AUGUST?!!! Where did my summer go. Bought school supplies the other day. This is in my "I don't get it file..." If it is on the school supply list and every kid in middle school and high school is going to need at least one composition notebook (Jordan needs three.), why wouldn't our Walmart have them? Seriously. Oh, I take it back, they had one box, but my SON was not interested in an "Alice in Wonderland" composition notebook.

Well, I have laundry to do, two suitcases in fact, so I think I will grab me a quick bite to eat and go attack it.

Have a great week friends.