Monday, April 4, 2011

All Tangled up...

Happy Monday, everyone!

It has looked like this

all day today. The kind of weather, where you are suppose to stay in bed and read a good book all day long! Can I get an "Amen?" But no, it was a Monday, back to work and school we all must go. The weekend, unfortuately ALWAYS goes by so very fast.

What did I do this weekend?

Well let me just tell you...

I cleaned on my office/scrapbook room/ workout room, aka the "junk room." No pictures yet, for I want to wait until I can show off the finished product with the before shots. Somebody, like my sister, might turn me into this

if I don't show that I have managed to get it all under control. :) Pictures soon, I promise.

I also enjoyed "movie night" with the fam, Saturday night. We watched this;

which I think is an ADORABLE movie. I think it is my new favorite cartoon flick. Kayla was all excited since it was a "blond princess." Haven't had one in recent years. Without giving too much away, at the very end she turns into a brunette, much to Kay's frustration. However, I think she has forgiven the writers, because she was rewatching it after school today. :)

We also had pizza with the movie. Hmm...dangerous territory for the new eating plan. But that is the point, I am tired of "changing" how we live for me to lose a few pounds. I have to be able to survive any situation, or it will never work. I ended up eating a salad FIRST and then instead of GORGING myself, I ate two smaller slices of cheese pizza. I even felt satisfied. So, a little pat on the back for moi. I had also eaten real well that whole day, so the two slices didn't even hurt me.

I have lost about 8 pounds now. My muffin top is slowly shrinking. Emphasis on "SLOW." But I hope. :)

Well, I hate to say "bye" so soon, but I have a kitchen to clean, a "healthy" dinner to prepare and a child that has piano lessons. A mom's work is never ending...

Have a GREAT week.

God bless!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I can't wait to see Tangled!

Also, just watched my first episode of "Hoarders". Oh it was so sad. I just feel so sorry for people who are enslaved to their stuff.

He & Me + 3 said...

We loved Tangled. Such a great movie. Happy monday to you too!

Angie said...

Ditto on the stormy skies! We were in Books-A-Million when the lights went out. Not fun!
Congrats on the will power, by the way! Praying for you!!

Kristin said...

I got my girls that movie this past week and they keep telling me I just have to watch it! :) Good job on losing 8 pounds....that's awesome!

Bridget said...

The kids that made the Honor Roll had a sundae party at school today, and another secretary and I got to go shopping for the goodies...smack in the middle of the torrential downpour. There were four buggies to load into the vehicle when we were done YIKES!

Congratulations on the weight loss, you're doing great!!!

Pilar said...

We watched Tangle for movie night on friday also. My girls have asked to watch it again everyday since :).
I could use some inspiration with the office. It is the only room that always looks like a mess because I don't have any inspiration (without having to go out and buy new furniture) to fix it up nicely. It is also my scrapbooking room, fitness room, and piano practice room... and it is a pretty small room! :)

Kellie said...

I love the movie Tangled. It is so cute and we all enjoyed it. :) Good job on your eating and losing weight. You are doing great!